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How can I have a happier view of the future?

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I am a freshman in uni. I took a gap year. I had three jobs during my gap year. Two were terrible for self-explanatory reasons.
I can't help but feel like my quality of life will just become lower and lower. It's not like I am poor (I'm in the upper-middle class), but going to work is inevitably and because of my experiences, I think that work will always suck. When I was a kid, I believed in finding a job that you love but it seems like such jobs do not exist. Really, every job has someone who will make you miserable for the day and its own terrible aspects.
>inb4 welcome to real life
bum again
bump again
Why no responses?
It seems like your problem is that you can't seem to picture anything but work.
Hmmm... but work is a big aspect of an adult's life. Adults spend a lot of their time at work. Obviously other aspects of life will stay around the same (hopefully).
Should they stay the same? Do you really want to spend you off time doing the same shit you are doing now in five years?
Sorry I don't get what you are trying to say.
>I think that work will always suck.
stop making stories or judgements about things that havent happened. its impossible tho thats what the mind does .learn some Buddhists skills to make life bearable or even enjoyable .
Jon kabat-zinn has written some good books .
read a few and meditate .
Working for other people will always suck OP, no matter what it is that you do, or how much money you make.

You're just realizing now what most people don't realize until they're 55. You're goal should be focusing your studies and efforts on not having to work for other people. Simple as that.
I did some part-time work and it sucked
Are you telling me to open up my own business?

>tfw the literal first precept of Buddhism is "life is suffering."
Jk, OP, Buddhism has a lot of good in it.

NOT that guy but, yea. Building your own business is about the only way to be totally in control of your own life IMO, but I don't know, I work in commercial pest control, it sucks but for the first time in my life I've topped 50k a year, which is a lot for me and my location.

The point is if you don't build your business, someone else will pay you to help them build theirs.
Building your business is so risky though. I've seen people closed down their business.
One of the previous bosses I worked for was grumpy all day due to bad business.
What're you, dense? Of course it's risky, everything outside of being a NEET is risky, and from a health, finance and social rapport standpoint, even that has major risks.

You and I have many options: complacency, you get a job you hate but makes enough money to support your hobbies. Risk, you find what you love, figure out if you can sell it and attempt to do so. Wait and hope, that a job in a field you enjoy that pays enough and works with your personal life will some how open up that fits your preferences, etc.
90% of new businesses fail - it is VERY risky.
And if your business fails, you have to work for others to get cash anyway.
IT is better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all. Whenever you refuse to make an attempt, you have already failed. And if you do fail, you may lose a lot but if you review the mistakes, you can learn what you can do to avoid them again, that's literally what life is about. You don't fall off a bike once and think "naaah, not for me" if it's something you want to do.

And when opening a business, you don't just go to a bank and say "I want 70k, to
Produce gaming keyboards lel" you approach them with a plan, an outlook, likely locations if you're brick and mortar, revenue projections, client base and even then the loan officer holds every right to say no, and tell you why. You ever asked your boss why he's so begrudged with his failed business?
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