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Complete lack of energy

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24 f here, I have such shitty energy, i'm not overweight or anything but I can barely last 6 hours without needing a nap

Coffee barely helps and my bf gets mad that i am asleep half the day

any advice?
What's your diet like?
Work out.

You can start easy, just a walk/run routine for the first month 3 days a week until you can run 5 miles uninterrupted, then get into weights. The physical training will give you energy and help you stay more than awake during the day.

Like you said, it's not like you are overweight, but lazy people tend to have lazy muscles which means low energy levels. Work out and you will see results.
I Jog daily but get sleepy after 2 miles

pretty bad i'm poor
You must eat healthy. Take some multivitamins whenever possible.

Also be sure to follow anon's advice here >>16637985
>pretty bad i'm poor
Then stop buying readied food, learn how to cook. It's cheaper and healthier.
You can supplement a poor diet with a multivitamin. Getting some B should help a great deal.

Exercise will help in the long-term.

See your doc to rule out anemia.
any vitamin brands i should go for?
Don't take multi mistaking. Majority of them do not work and are extremely unhealthy. Talk to an actual doctor and get real actual doctor vitamins. The ones you buy in stores are extremely bad for you and a huge scam.
Do you find yourself falling asleep during the day if you're sitting quietly? Do you find yourself feeling weakness or paralysis during laughter or various parts of the day? Do you not get much sleep at night?

If any of these things might apply, see a sleep doctor for a sleep study. Also, try a trial of CBT for Insomnia (google it).

How's your mood? When was the last time you had your thyroid checked?

Basically this could be secondary to mood but excessive daytime sleepiness has plenty of straight up biological causes and it's worth ruling those out or treating them. Good luck!
Not entirely true. Formula wise, as long as you're in the US, over the counter vitamins aren't going to vary too much vs prescription vitamins except for the dose. The issue is that most health problems are rarely the cause of a straight up vitamin deficiency, so it's a big ol' waste of time and money. I agree with you otherwise. Pursuing the "vitamin deficiency" route doesn't match up with this presentation.
Mood i was told i am overly sexual and zone out alot

I get sleepy all the time not just during the day
Also 24 F with shit energy levels.

>awake at 8AM, asleep at 9PM
>good diet, lift 3x week, cardio often
>no energy or will to do anything
>hard to even get dressed before 11 AM
>days and even weeks pass where I do nothing

>hung out with people for about 4 hours yesterday
>came home and fell asleep at 7
>especially sleepy after showers or going out (uni, stores, etc.)

Been suggested anemia, but it doesn't help even if I eat iron-rich foods. Sleeping 11 hours a day kills me, I wish I slept less but I don't know what to do. I get so tired by 9 that I'm a walking zombie and I can't do anything at all in that state. Should I just wake up earlier?
See a doctor for a psych eval and basic labs.

Those aren't... aspects of mood. See a doctor, get a sleep study.

You know I pop up on on /adv/ every few weeks and it's funny how many problems could be addressed with either "see a doctor" or "see a psychiatrist". 'Course availability is variable and the quality of professionals is also variable. Unfortunately. Good luck!
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hi OP. Im 30 and had the same problem as you do.Severe lack of energy levels despite good diet,exercise and sleep. My Gf left me because i was lazy, got fired,etcetcetc.
I went to several therapists that didnt do shit.
Finally one told me my lack of energy might be organical, as in your brain doesnt produce enough neurotransmitters to keep you awake.
She gave me a pill name modafinil.
And my life changed completely

there's your problem.

A proper diet should be mostly fruit and veg, with some whole grains, and some quality meats/seafood.

you also may be stuck in a rut.

you may want to talk to a doctor and a therapist.
I'm poor, and I eat well.

Being poor is no excuse to a bad diet.

Want a good meal? Grab a sack of basmati rice, some on sale veggies and eggs.

Now you can make veggie egg fried rice, and spice it up how you like. It's cheap as fuck.
this is why you see a good medical doctor in addition to a psychiatrist instead of jumping straight to psychological treatemtn
i am a doctor!!!
and i was very reluctant to start taking medication
but as it turns out some brains are just unable to function properly without stimulants.
in my case i just believed i was lazy and stupid or slowthinking. Thougt i was depressed or something. Antidepressive didnt help at all.
In fact what I have is a neurobiological disorder much like diabetes. Your brain cannot generate the fuel you need to stay awake so:
You wear out faster than other people
you cannot concentrate on things for too long before spacing out aka daydreaming . Spacing out is the only way your brain can rest without putting you to sleep
you avoid doing tasks that require mental effort but you are still capable of doing physical effort
main difference with depression which is why i got diagnosed is that depressed people whine about not wanting to do X thing and people like me whine about not having the energy (mistaken for unwillingness) to do the things you WANT to do
So OP: some of the above ring a bell??
have you been sleepy,drowsy or slow all your life??
you find social situations exausting ( not social anxiety) but just talking to other people make you sleepy?
Chronic headaches or migraines?
Familiy or self history of : migraines,drug and alcohol abuse, suicides?
unable to drive a car or motorcycle or finding that driving gets you so tired that you avoid doing it when you can??
Tell me OP. Perhaps it can help
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alcholism yes, i'm also a chronic gambler both card and life

crazy runs through my family line

as for see a dr
>live in america
>can't afford a good dr
>cheap drs give no shit
>my expensive psych stop taking my calls and now ignores me
Work out. (Do research on PROPER workout, however. It's more complicated than you think.)
Take cold showers.
Stop drinking caffeine and sodas.
Most importantly, don't feel ashamed of taking naps despite all that. It's natural and the way our ancestors used to live.
lol so if you are a physician as well, then you should understand as well as anyone that the differential diagnosis for this presentation is rather broad! I know it's exciting to try to share what has helped for you with others, but there's really nothing to replace a thorough history taking and workup. Attempting to do this over the internet... I don't agree with such an approach.
Hey op, fellow femanon here also 24, same exact thing has been happening to me-though I had thyroid surgery a couple years ago to remove a tumour that had been causing my calcium levels to be weird.

So couple things-definitely try to go to the doctor first to rule out any obvious things. If no obvious things are found, maybe ask them to test your thyroid levels.

Could try excersising during different parts of the day and making sure to get enough sunlight. I find that if I get myself up before 10 and do some heavy excersise it helps me wake up and feel a little better throughout the day. I also try to eat some lean protein right after that workout, like a cup of mixed nits or some eggs. Then I try to stick to fruits and veggies throughout the day, and waiting till dinner to have anything heavy like meats or starches.

These things have helped me a lot, but I am still tired more than normal and am going to the doctor in a couple days.
Couldnt agree more. Nothing safer than a clinical examination and analysis. Problem is very few people are able to diagnose it . In fact in my country there is a whole body of academics who doesnt believe the spectrum even exists so they just ignore it
when i got diagnosed my shrink told me not to tell anyone she was the one that did the diagnosis because she was afraid her superiors would notice
Tell your bf he can use you sexually while you sleep. Problem solved.
what i cant deny is the effect of the meds even when they dont fully agree what exactly is wrong with people in the spectrum
i know its wrong but i have already diagnosed 3 people this way and it really is a life changer. If you dont have it you dont know what is like to live this way
and once you are awakened so to speak you dont want anyone to live the same, Going from shrink to shrink spending a lot of money and time in therapy and depression meds, CT scans RNM ,etc. Been a doctor i had them all done and they found nothing
so after 7 years on therapy, meds and whatnot i wasnt any better . Then i got to Carla, My actual shrink, just fresh from college , That told me in 2 one hour sessions that i wasnt depressed,sad, or lacked motivation, Just frustration that my energy levels dont allow me to do all the things i wanted to do.
THATS IT . i jumped from the chair because it was the first time someone described exactly how i felt. And I have the feeling OP might be in the same boat. Or then again perhaps im wrong but its worth checking
and keep in mind this is not a personality trait or a way of life. You wouldnt say a guy in a wheelchair that he is not walking anymore because he doesnt eats his veggies or doesnt workout, or he lacks the will to walk. Thats ridiculous.
Then again my mind is crippled or was at least. And i realized at the age of 30 what was like to be fully awake.The only diferrence with normal people is that i need meds to keep me awake. Ever sine i started taking the meds I accomplished more in one year than the last 10 in my life.
and modafinil doesnt do shit to normal people, perhaps a light enhance on focus and it gives the false idea of alertness at the expense of oversleeping after the effect is over.
People like me actually start sleeping better and as time passes you need less time sleeping to become rested. when you get rested and aware you start doing all the things you had left behind .I got mi gf back, my job back, my friends and familiy back and finally im happy with my life. Just for one pill.
After a while i became ashamed and disgusted i needed it and stopped taking it. After a week i started with the same lack of energy and initiative as before, my gf and brothers told me i was fading, i spaced out, and such.I started again and poof problem solved, I hate to admit it but it is what it is
Thread posts: 35
Thread images: 3

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