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how get adderall prescription

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yo /adv/

as a guy who's in school with a previous medical history of depression and anxiety would it be difficult to obtain an adderall prescription from a psychiatrist? I did manage to flunk a class my last quarter if that counts for anything, was just curious if anyone's had experience obtaining a prescription for otherwise unrelated reasons
Psychiatrists hand that shit out like candy, it's how they make money. Just don't mention "adderall" when you're talking to your psych, they'll then just have to prescribe you something else.

so lay it on em like "man I flunked a class last quarter and I really can't focus on stuff in real life either ya know"?
Adderall is medication *strictly* for ADD, which is essentially a word for a cluster of symptoms: inability to focus for a prolonged period of time, if at all, excessive energy/can't sit still, etc.

You can't go to the doctor's office to tell them that you flunked a class and are expecting to get an addy prescription from them. They want to give you the drug-- it's how they get paid-- provided that you show them the symptoms.

So, look up the symptoms of ADD. If you have trouble focusing, etc. then go tell the doctor the truth. If you don't actually feel like you have any of the symptoms, then you might reconsider taking the drug. Addy isn't some miracle drug that is going to magically fix your depression and grades. The anxiety and paranoia that amphetamines are so notorious for might just exacerbate your depression, or, the speedy high might just act as an antidepressant, but not necessarily a focus aid.

Not trying to be your dad, just trying to give you some honest advice as an experienced user of the drug.
As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD and given the highest dose of Adderall (30mg and instant release) and Vyvanse (70mg) after a 15 minute appointment where I was only asked 10 simple yes/no questions such as "Do you struggle with focusing?" despite my mom scheduling the appointment because I had told her I had a lot of anxiety, I can attest to the fact that you don't even have to know what adderall is to have your life sold away to the perils of amphetamine addiction. I was a good kid, doing well with high aspirations, had great friends and never touched a drug or even drank. even though my friends started to. I didn't want to get hooked on drugs so I stayed away from the dangerous schedule 1 drugs my friends were using such as Cannabis, and thank god I did because instead I ended up being drugged by the pharmaceutical company that paid Dr. Nustack to get me hooked on the much safer drug speed. With my low weight, family history of bipolar disorder/addiction, zero tolerance and not even aware of the surprise that awaited me, I had a great experience that left me uncomfortable without the drug after only 3 days. Wanting to relive it every single waking moment that I've been alive since I was drugged against my will, I did not eat or sleep for 3 days, went from underweight at 120lb to 105 in 3 days, I couldn't stop talking and people had to actually leave the room and I would continue to talk till they were no longer in ear shot. Sent everyone my friends on facebook and my family a 25,000 word essay about my life as I felt waves of euphoria move up and down my body which I did not understand. Thankfully, Adderall also blessed me with the debilitating mental disease of Bipolar disorder after the severe mental crisis I experienced left me unable to think rationally, hold a conversation or behave correctly. Hope I answered your question!
No, you tell them you have problems focusing. And that's only if you actually have problems focusing in a way that you cannot control. As this anon said >>16619974 look up the symptoms for ADD/ADHD and make sure you actually fit. Being unable to concentrate on something you find boring is NOT the same as ADD/ADHD.

As others have pointed out, Adderall is not some miracle drug. It has side effects (although >>16620990 is a bit melodramatic). Out of the people I know who have used it, all of them have trouble focusing without it now. Some of them have behavioral problems if they go into withdrawal. Most of them wish they had never used it and now feel dependent on it. Others have moved on to harder drugs.

Also, to answer your original question, your history of depression and anxiety will actually point towards a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. However, if you bring up school they will correctly infer that you are trying to get Adderall for studying purposes and will not prescribe you Adderall.
>tfw you remember Ritalin
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