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ITT. Meditation

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So whats the deal with meditation and how does one actually get results (whatever this means) with it?

Whenever I actually tried I only felt bored and sleepy.

So, what makes it so good?
Guided meditation is really good for beginners. Look on youtube
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Meditation significantly strengthens your willpower and focus. It's a natural adderall.
Meditation is medication without the t. Focus on breathing or even have some white noise in background. It takes practice.

For how long do I need to do it considering that I am the kind of person that cant stay for more than 10 minutes away from a fucking computer or a distraction?
11 minutes.

For real senpai?
No you idiot. the whole point of meditation is to not having anything in mind. If you meditate with the goal of reaching a certain mindset and are bored or bothered when you can't reach it then it'll do you no good. Focus solely on your breath. Visualize your breath going in and out of your body. When you have a thought just let it pass without thinking anything of it or passing judgment on it. Focus on your breath and let your thoughts flow freely without acknowledging them and eventually it will come easy. It has to be part of your daily routine. With long term practice it will be very beneficial
>For real senpai?
No. 10 minutes is totally fine. I usually start to fell "on the zone" within 3-`4 minutes of meditating.
Meditation is proven to improve brain healing and something about grey matter regeneration.
Basically whenever you are in a heightened state where you can do anything, meditation hones this state so it's more achievable in command. Why monks always pull amazing stunts.

Did you just called me an idiot?
>Did you just called
Does that answer your question?

I am smarter than you dumbass so fuck off with your bullshit
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Sure you are buddy. So smart that you need to tell anonymous image board posters how smart you are, and get angry the second someone calls you an idiot. So smart you can't even meditate. Checks out. Sorry I didn't know I was in the presence of a genius.

>I am smarter than you dumbass so fuck off with your bullshit.

I am smarter than you, dumbass. So fuck off with your bullshit.

Please see me after class.

lmao shitty comeback kiddow ith your shitty smug loli anime face

I am smarter than you I am an engineer.
> I am an engineer therefore I am smarter than you
Gee, you sure did a good job of sounding like a complete idiot. You seem really insecure about your stupidity. Also way to lie about what you do just to seem smarter to strangers on the internet. The only thing you're engineering is shitposts.
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Lo man the amount of smug anime loli faces lmao you are trying too hard sonny

I am an egineer and you are not, that certainly makes me better than you lol

stay jelly and mad kiddo!
Who are you trying to convince. Me or you? Because it sounds like you're incredibly insecure about yourself, and trying to convince yourself that you aren't completely worthless by claiming to be an engineer. No matter what you say or do you will never be better or smarter than anyone. If you died right now nobody would bat an eye. You are the epitome of worthless and your attempts to convince yourself otherwise are laughable. Invest in a toaster and a bathtub.
Why so mad?
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LAMAO ANON you are just projecting all of that shit

Engineer here and you are clearly jealous

and the same thing applies to you lmao if you died nobody would even care lemao
But why are you so mad?

I am not mad you are lolmao
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>The only thing you're engineering is shitposts.
Nigga, you made me laugh

OP is a faggot.

But on a serious note, whenever I meditate (generally for about 10-20 minutes) I leave them feeling especially sleepy. Don't know how normal this is.

I usually do them an hour after I've woken up and eaten breakfast.

Did you just called me a faggot for what that unintelligent non engineer idiot said?

Fuck you
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Hi /adv/,

Long story short, I just got recently laid off from a 'real' job and am doing some enjoyable side projects (not sustainable just enough to keep me afloat for now). However, I have saved up a lot of money and would like to do something adventurous like backpacking in a foreign country, do something in a small village in Africa/other 3rd world area for 6ish months.

I never cared about society's rat race expectations (YOU NEED A REAL JOB! YOU NEED TO BE MARRIED BY NOW!!! etcetcetc) I am in my 20's, naturally optimistic and charismatic, meditate almost daily, and have the classic loner personality but I don't know anybody who has done something like this.

So I was wondering if anybody here has this experience and could give me some start up advice?

Well memed friend!
But why so mad?
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 12

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