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Can you hear me think?

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Sometimes i think that some people can hear what i'm thinking.

It's creepy. I know it doesn't make sense but sometimes the odds are totally fucked.

Example, i use a certain word in my thoughts and later on another person says they don't like that word.

Anyone else around here with this problem?
Any suggestions, solutions?
It's a paranoid delusion OP. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to get there, but this is a sign of developing something more sinister. Not to scare you or anything, sometimes people can have this and it doesn't develop further but you need to be aware.

But no, people cannot hear your thoughts, if people had this ability they wouldn't bother with phones, communicating through the internet, using lie detectors etc.
I'm kinda scared of this to, not to the level of OP but a lot of the time I maybe think something inappropriate, think "oh no what if the people around me, just this small group or something, can read minds" then I start thinking other thoughts to cover it up, just to be on the safe side. Sometimes it feels like the people get a little irritated with me which kinda reinforces it.
Don't be retarded?

Something more sinister? Like what?

Covering thoughts up with other thoughts: i'm doing this to.

It doesn't occur every day. So i'm not going full retard yet.
>Like what?
schizophrenia, dementia etc
Do not smoke weed.
Reading someone's mind is absolutely impossible, let me assure you of that. I am a hundred percent sure, because one of the best neuroscientists and expert in this field once thought that when I was talking to him.
I have something similar, sometimes when I'm thinking about stuff I'm afraid I'm actually saying it out loud. No idea why.
The essence of paranoia is not "They're out to get me" but "everything is connected in some giant way".

Put another way, paranoids can't believe in coincidence and accident.

You think of a few million words a day. 99.99% of them do NOT lead to someone else saying them, and you don't notice that.

Maybe one or two a day will coincidentally be echoed by what someone says, and you do notice them.

The normal person thinks "Oh how amusing. That one word out of millions got echoed"

The paranoid thinks "Someone heard that word I was thinking. They must hear all the others too."

I knew someone who thought car license plates were talking to her because she wouldn't notice 99% of the cars that passed, but if the 100th had a number that was close to her address, it had to be part of some great plot.
OP, you, like myself, are neurotic with paranoid delusions. Arrest control of your thoughts, because you don't cross the threshold of schitzo until you blow your windows out with a shotgun because La Chupacabra is trying to steal your cornbread. You're in the same bout as millions of others that were raised in this emotionally exhausting and abusive culture we live in. Watch everything you say because some photo-negative might get offended. Watch how you act because if you aren't constantly out to impress the opposite sex you'll never get any. And don't have the wrong beliefs because if you do some idiot named HACKHHHHHHHH might blow up a hyundai in your driveway. And don't trust anyone because they all just want your money.

You have some reasonable assumptions, and some unreasonable ones. Next time you have a reasonable assumption focus on it, and remember it. And the one after. Force yourself to be positive by paying attention to good things.
Can you post a recording of yourself narrating an occasion when this occurred?
Thread posts: 12
Thread images: 1

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