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Approaching/dating a transgirl

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Been straight my whole life, except at one point being attracted to my /fit/ roommate 9 years ago (nothing happened).

>inb4 I just want the D
I've had a 8 year LTR, I've fucked 10 women in total (5 this year, 2 of them for 2 months each.) I absolutely love women, and there's nothing I like more than eating a girl out and fucking her for hours.

However, I just sent a message on a dating app to a transgender, because recently I've been thinking about it, and basically I've figured out that traps don't repell me, only masculinity. There's no way I would get into bed with someone manly. By the looks of it she's most likely bottom, and I'll admit I might want a bit of the D, but not as much as I'd like to fuck someone feminine in the ass, so it doesn't really matter. I generally gravitate towards skinny/fit girls, and beautiful faces. She's nine years younger than me, and I think that helps as well. I think it would be fun to try at least, but I'm not going to go looking for another one if this one isn't interested.
>inb4 her/she
For the sake of convo, let's just call her a she.

I was straight-forward in my message, although she said in her description she wasn't interested in chatting or hookups only, I asked if she was pre-/post-op and bottom/switch, and told her that I was curious for the first time in my life, only been with cis-girls previously.

She checked out my profile. I might get a reply, and I might not. Seeing that I'm used to talking to women, and I know how to hold a conversation as a man, I can't help to think that other rules apply when one talks to and treat someone born male. Are there things I could just skip in the seduction process? Personally I don't believe that trans people can ever fully become the gender they identify as, since chromosomes. Is there something I should consider doing different to how I would approach girls?

>TL;DR how to date traps

Enlighten me ITT, family

Pic related
I don't think it's a good idea OP, but... I mean, it's your life. If you ever plan on wanting to start a family with her, you won't be able to have children of your own, so keep that in mind. If you are okay with that then, well by all means go ahead and date her. Just remember that people's minds change over time, and you might end up hurting her... :(
You're homosexual. Just find a guy who's willing to wear a dress.
Thanks for your concern, but with the way I'm lining up my life atm, children and a future together isn't of any concern of mine. Also, I tend to be very honest with women. I'm not interested in monogamy at this stage in life, and that's something I would bring up with someone I was dating after a few dates, unless I was going to end it before feelings started to develop in either of us.

I'm sort of just asking advice on how to approach and date a transgirl, and if /adv think it's any different.
A dress wouldn't do it, now would it?

She has to identify as a girl. Act like one, dress like one, sure, and look the part, cock or no cock.
she/he has long horse face
Jesus, don't call her "a transgender". She's a transgirl if you ever need to specify, but mostly just call her a girl. Don't out her to everyone you know before you talk to her. You don't want your sperg friend to say, "SO YOURE THE CHICK WHO USED TO BE A DUDE?? DO YOU STILL HAVE A DICK??" the first time he meets her.

People will act differently so don't pretend your friends/family are the exception. She has dealt with and will continue to deal with how to come out to people for the rest of her life. She has a method. Wait for it to come up.

Though you probably shouldn't bother this poor girl. She wants to be a girl and you don't agree. You disagree with her fundamental identity. Plus you are already the sperg friend by asking her if she has a dick in the first goddamn message. And you open with how bizarre she is to you and that you basically want to take her on a test run.

On second thought, is this bait?

Just be honest. Call her a woman, use she & her pronouns to refer to her, and don't put scare quotes around them. She is a woman, even if she has a penis.

If you don't want to date/hook up with someone with a penis, that's totally fair. If you're up for it, though, there's no reason not to. It doesn't "make you gay" and that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

The only tips I can give you are:

a) Don't call her a "trap," call her a woman.
b) Talk to her exactly as you would any other human being.
c) If you end up having sex, ask her what makes her feel good, what she likes and doesn't like, and tell her the same things about yourself.

Like you would anyone else you have sex with, hopefully.
Also this guy has pretty good advice.
Thanks a bunch, anons. This is exactly the kind of answers I was after.

To elaborate, this dating app only allows me to send two messages before she answers, and then we can chat as much as we want. If she doesn't asnswer, I can't send her anything more, no pokes or likes or anything.

I didn't read the description, only looked at images, before I sent the first message. My first message was "Top?", because I wasn't sure wether cis or transgirl. Right after, I went back to her profile and saw that she had written
>"Transgirl looking for more than just chat and sex."

I went back to chat (mind you i only had one message left, so I wanted to clarify,) and wrote
>...or bottom, or switch? Hopeless way to open, I know, but I didn't read that you were trans before the first one was sent, but what's done is done. Thought it was a good idea to open in code, since I wasn't sure... Might as well ask if you're pre- or post op, since I got nothing to lose. Anyway, I tend to be open and honest about stuff like that, and I'm curious for the first time in my life... Only ever been interesten in cis girls previously, but perhaps you're different...

I think this shows that I'm both attracted to her, I'm telling her that she stands out from the crowd in a positive way, I'm telling her that I wasn't even sure, since I thought that she might be a cis. I'm offering sincerity, and I'm not beating about the bush. Furthermore, I'm showing her that I'm aware of the expression cis, which to be fair, not everyone have heard of.

Also, a lot of my friends are feminists, and /LGBT, some of which are trans, and although I'm forward with asking what who I'm talking to got between their legs, I do respect everyone's wish to be called boy/girl at their own terms.

Still, I'm not convinced a trans person will have the same reaction to the same treatment. Should I be MORE carefull with transgirls due to the challenges they've gone through?
>She wants to be a girl and you don't agree. You disagree with her fundamental identity.

Her identity I got no issue with whatsoever. It's genes you can't change, no matter how many treatments you get.
Insofar as she'll never have a menstrual period, she can't ever identify with that part of being a woman, so I won't pretend that it's the same exact thing. I think this is liberating way of facing it, not a boundry.

To stress my point even further, men and women statistically fall victim to different deseases. Further down the line, I think the medical community should acknowledge this in their drug research, and specify different drugs to men and women. It's not like XX and XY chromosomes respectively only occur in the genitals, they're part of every single cell nuculus, and so trans people will unfortunately never be able to change this aspect of themselves. It's ALL to do with identity, and obviously appearance is part of this.

There is a difference between men and women, and I want to celebrate this fact, I believe it's a credit to our race if we can recognize this, and use us as a strenght in how we build societies. So, what I'm asking is somewhat based in biology. Does biology make a difference in the identity-as-woman when it comes to cis and trans, and are you absolutely sure the best thing to do is to treat the girl in question as just any other girl?
>She is a woman, even if she has a penis.

That makes no sense. A man has a penis. A woman has a vagina. Hermaprodite has both.
OP here, and I am aware of this way of differentiate. The person in question will however be offended, because
>doesn't know about transsexuality

If she feels like a lady, acts like a lady, give head like a lady and talk like a lady, I will treat her like a lady, even it it involves me talking a bit if cock in my mouth. I guess in all intents and purposes, you may call me bisexual, but as I said, I wouldn't sleep with someone that identified as a man, perhaps with the exception that they were born female and still got a female body, but that's stretching it, since all feminine demeanours would most likely have escaped such a person.
Well. When it comes to dating traps or any other oddly specific preference or niche or fetish, the first rule is usually don't treat them as that fetish or even mention it, e.g. don't tell a trap that you have a huge lady boner for traps. It's usually a surefire way to get trashed.

Pro-Tip: Honesty is the worst policy when it comes to interpersonal communication.

Source: I asked around and personal experience with fetishes.
Cheers, I made a mistake. One thing led to another. Next time I'm not sure about gender, I'll remember to check description before I write, and I'll talk to her on her terms. Check.

Honesty, I don't agree. I never lie, and I don't intend to start. I'd rather get rejected.
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Thread images: 1

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