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I want revenge

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Back track 2-3 years ago

>Friend-Zoned from Oneitis
>occupied myself to her most of my days/beta orbit to the max
>We were cool until she became bitter about life
>starts to treat me like shit
>I still stayed even when she hurt me
>had enough of it and ask her out with a love note
>she rejects me
>later on, we go separate ways

I don't think there was any other person who made me feel like shit like her. Fuck, in my childhood my father use to beat me with sticks and belts.

Flash forward 2 days ago
>See old oneitis' sister on the same bus
>Sit down and try to pretend I don't recognize her
>She recognizes me
>I just look at me phone
>slightly see her and fat ugly boyfriend making out in front of me
>eyes still glued to my phone
>trying to keep my anger bottle up
>moves to a seat right next to me
>takes out her phone and takes pics/records me on her phone while laughing
>Still wasn't trying look her
>Had enough so I try to subtly use my phone to record them
>everyone gets off the bus
>I watch my video
>They were recording me and stopped acting like they did nothing

I want pain to be inflicted. I'm tired of being treat like shit and no justice happens to them. "Be the bigger person and just ignore" was always told to me when I was younger, but what good is that when people look at you like you're a bitch? I was mostly afraid of confrontation. I wanted to punch her fat ugly boyfriend in the face and take away her Iphone. But I was afraid they'll put the fault on me and call the cops on me. I want something to be down. ANYTHING. Better than nothing. As long as it doesn't get me in jail or sued.

Can you give me suggestions, /adv/?

Also, she lives a block away from me

The way they treat you is ALL your fault, you let it happen being a beta orbiter and her sister knows that you are pathetic
Improve yourself for YOU! not to other pathetic people, stop thinking about it
Being successful is the best way to laugh at people who you despise
First of all, you acted like a fucking autist. It was probably obvious to them that you were trying your hardest not to notice her so that's why they decided to fuck with you. If you meet someone you know don't try to "not recognize" them, it will only lead to a more awkward situation. I don't know how obnoxious they were while making out, but I guess it wasn't that bad since no one else told them to fuck off, so ignoring them was fine (I guess), but the moment they moved next to you in order to record you or take pictures you should've confront them and ask what the fuck are they doing.

Onto the revenge part, there's probably nothing you can do, at least nothing legal. If you suspect they're doing anything that can get them into troubles with the law or at their jobs you can try looking into that, but it's a long shot. Otherwise, just deal with it.
Or, if you really are so petty that you can't let this "go unpunished", then you can always fuck with her house/car and hope you won't get caught. But I'd advise against this, as nothing good will possibly come out of it.
Honestly? SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

I'm sick and tired of male shame. All that happened was 2-3 years ago. I wasn't the same person. I'm trying my best to be a socially adjustable person, but it's a hard fucking road. All I know is I shouldn't be a push-over.

>Don't be successful for other people

>Being successful is the best revenge

Way to contradict yourself. This isn't a fucking coming of age movie. This is REAL LIFE pathetic people don't become successful. People who don't take shit from people do! People who aren't afraid push down other people for them. I'm simply asking for revenge on HER. Not her sister.

I already felt like shit after the whole thing and learned my lesson about love. Doesn't mean I deserved to be bullied some more.

This is just pathetic.
You're causing your own problems and trying to get revenge for an insignificant event.
Break yourself away and try and develop as an actual person. Not whatever this is.
>First of all, you acted like a fucking autist.

Against what? Yelling at them like a sperg? Im not used to confronting people. I want to be though. I knew what the fuck they're doing so why should I ask? But whilst taking it, I felt like the situation would end good for either of us. That or she'll just deny she was recording me and the boyfriend will try to back me off. I don't wanna give a fuck anymore.

Im an adult. I can't "just deal with it" anymore.


>This is REAL LIFE pathetic people don't become successful


So much cringe reading that, you're lost cause

pls kill yourself now, pathetic faggot

Also, i didn't said to you become successful just for revenge, becoming successful is already the best method of revenge in life, no matter the reason

Trying to get revenge at her sister will not improve your life in any way

At the end of the day, you will still being a pathetic bitter orbiter
>Break yourself away and try and develop as an actual person. Not whatever this is.

Holy shit.....

Holy shit you can't READ?????

READ " Im trying to be a socially adjustable person" . Normal people don't/shouldn't take shit from other people. Just minding their own business god sakes. Im of my life now. I don't want people treating me life shit. I want people to know I don't want to be bothered. I'll talk to people who treat me with respect. But anyone that's trying to push my limit should recognize what consequences can happen.
What you should do is not be obsessed over it. So what people heckled you? Do you really think you can be big scary Mr. Corleone? You're not! You're a real human being! Just get over it.
>I knew what the fuck they're doing so why should I ask?
Of course you knew, the point wasn't to find that out, it was just to confront them. Didn't really matter what you said as long as the message was "fuck off, cunt, I'm not putting up with your shit". You bitch about being bullied, you say you don't want to take it anymore, but when it happens you just stay there, do nothing and let them laugh at your expense, you fucking faggot. That's why people say you deserve it.

>Im an adult
No, you're not. At least you're not acting like one.
>At the end of the day, you will still being a pathetic bitter orbiter

I don't care how many fucking times you got laid. You want to measure how many times you stick your crotch in someone elses ' fine by me. But that's not me. People to respect who I am and what I do for others. I can't accept bullshit from other people. And as I said before, Im not the person I was 3 YEARS AGO. I'm not beta orbiting no girl. Im trying not get into any relationship. Even if I want to. I've asked out many women after the my 1st oneitis. Looking back, I've became more "normal" with interacting with girls.
I just don't want to be treated like shit anymore. This is what normal people want
>I don't wanna be treated like shit anymore
Just deal with it, do you honestly believe Steve Jobs wasn't treated like shit by people? You're acting like a saint who should never EVER be shit talked. Everyone has been hurt by another person. You're no exception, and you never will be.
And where did >>16582825 EVER mention his own sex life? My god, is this what it would feel like arguing with Chris Chan?

>I can't accept bullshit from people

But you did. They were laughing at you (allegedly) and you just sat there like a little beta bitch and took it like a champ. You ARE the same person you were 3 years ago. The same beta loser with no self respect, no spine, and no hope.

Honestly, I doubt they were even laughing at you. I bet you are just so self absorbed that two people laughing together on a bus triggered your poor self esteem so bad that they MUST have been laughing at you. Get over yourself and stop plotting revenge because a girl rejected you years ago. Pathetic.
>I just don't want to be treated like shit anymore
Then start working on your insecurity instead of plotting some petty revenge that will only make people want to bully you more.
>You bitch about being bullied, you say you don't want to take it anymore, but when it happens you just stay there, do nothing and let them laugh at your expense, you fucking faggot.

How Is this a contradiction? I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN ANYMORE! Im putting my feet down. I'm tired of people not taking me serious. That's an adult. Adults is a grown person. Im 21. I was talking about age, not the construct on people (7 billion people mind you) have their own opinion on what an "adult" is. All I know is this

An "adult" stands up for themselves
An "adult" doesn't get bullied
An "adult" should know to treat with with respect get it
An "adult" makes themselves know they don't have time to play games and be clear about their intentions
An "adult" doesn't treat people with more respect than they actually should
An "adult" has is confident in themselves.

That's what I want! Me getting revenge can be a significant step for me to grow as a person I want to be. I want to be a tough person.

>thinks revenge is the first step to being an 'adult'

Wow, you are deluded. You wanna know what the first step to being an adult is? Knowing when to let go and be the bigger person. Thats it.

Most autistic OP in a while.

GTFO now faggot
Yes, there are seven BILLION people on this planet. And you feel obliged to become obsessed and attack one of of SEVEN BILLION people! Why is your revenge so important?
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Don't you understand? A girl REJECTED him! Obviously the only logical course of action is to plot some petty revenge. Obviously.

Pic related: its OP
Honestly, just go away. I know "normalfags" get their fun from teasing losers on 4chan, but come on, Im on /adv/. not /r9k/ "REEE"ing at people. Im not the person I was three 3 years ago Im not beta orbiting and I'm learning to become like a normal person. But it's still hard for me. I don't want to be nice to shitty people anymore

the key word is , guess what,....guess......ANYMORE.

>Get over yourself and stop plotting revenge because a girl rejected you years ago.

This is how I know you didn't read the thread and rather make fun of losers. Im not taking revenge on the girl rejecting me. I understand. Im want revenge on the girl making fun of me and recording me. I have a video to PROVE IT.

I'm not a beta orbiter anymore. a beta orbiter goes around women praising the floor they walk on. I don't do that anymore. I maybe a loser, but Im not beta orbiting. Look up what it really is.
Ignore them op. The only way they will treat you seriously is at gun point. You know what to do.

Don't say that, OP is fucked up in the head, he might take this seriously and be "Elliot Rodger The Return"
Where did I ever say I want revenge on the girl rejecting me, you illiterate? She's making fun of me because I was a beta orbiter and got rejected. That's the whole point. So many times I see the girl that reject me and you know what she does???

N-O-T-H-I-N-G !!!!!

She just looks at me in disgust and looks away from me. I feel bad about, that's something I have to deal with.

I wanna learn not to give a fuck about other people. I wanna stop being pushed down. Fuck what other people might feel. This is now for me. Im tired of people treating me like shit. I can't take this anymore.
Ok, I'm going to try and stop being a smug asshole and give you an actual advice. It may sound condescending, at to some extent it is, but it will improve your life dramatically if you follow it.

You're really insecure. You get very defensive about shit like this for (apparently) no reason. This is part of what makes people want to fuck with you, even if they're usually doing this in order to deal with their own insecurities. One of the biggest human desires is to feel important and some people get this feeling from putting others down. And this is also why you're so upset when people treat you like this, it makes you feel small and unimportant. Because you are, or rather, you think that you are small and unimportant. If your life was perfect this kind of bullying wouldn't affect you in the slightest. But if your life was perfect people wouldn't be doing this to begin with. You can't "bully" a millionaire by calling him poor.

This is why people keep saying that the best way to deal with bullies is to improve yourself. Because a great man can't be bullied. It's not that he has to stand up against it, he simply won't be affected by it.

You should focus on working on your insecurity. Of course, you can't just stop being insecure, but improving your life and your person helps it. You're a scrawny man who can get beat up by a little girl? Start lifting, boxing, playing sports, whatever. You're poor and can't even afford a decent living? Go study a field that pays off well. People always seem to dislike you? Start reading about social interaction and practice it. The list goes on. It's a hard road, but it's the only way to make it and simply working towards this kind of goal will make you feel better and more confident. Getting petty revenges will only give you a temporary feeling of euphoria, just to be back to your miserable self the next day. It will also make you look petty and sad to other people.
Im not trying to throw my life away by killing people. Elliot Rodgers had a mental illness to convince he was a "supreme gentleman" and shoot up girls because they rejected him.
I just feel like a loser. But I want to grow as a tougher person.

>calling others illiterate when you can't even put together a coherent grammatically correct sentence
>wanting revenge because a girl laughed at you
>calling anyone that criticizes you a 'normalfag'

Let me guess, from your inability to communicate with other humans, your disjointed and emphatic patterns of typing, your obsession with 'revenge', and your victim complex all tell me you have legitimate autism. I suggest you grow a pair and stop being a little beta faggot.

>implying you don't have a mental illness when you're obsessed with getting revenge on a girl that laughed at you on the bus

Stop OP, I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt.
You know what?

THANK YOU. Thank you for not going all memes on me and being smug. You level with me? That what I want other people to treat me. Not higher or less.


>You get very defensive about shit like this for (apparently) no reason.

I don't have any right upset to offended? Why? For other people pleasure? If people don't care for me, why should I?

>One of the biggest human desires is to feel important and some people get this feeling from putting others down.

I wanna put people that messed with me down. That makes more sense than people treating other people (i.e: people who've never treated you like shit before) down. Is me getting revenge more wrong? I never want to hurt other people. But honestly, people should get what they deserve. Let the good live.

> But if your life was perfect people wouldn't be doing this to begin with.

I don't to be "perfect" I want to be treated like a person. a respectable person. These people don't get bullied.
At all. Im not even looking fowrad to be rich, I don't care if people suddenly want to suck my dick because Im successful. I just want to live nicely. With my own home, money, job, and to be respected. To inspire. That doesn't happen to people that had to "just deal with people teasing them. It's not right.

Im trying to improve myself with studies and stuff like that. It's hard. Im not saying Im not trying. I am , everyday but school really bust my ass. I want to be successful in the field I want. If I can't I see myself either a bum, in jail, or finding out a way to kill myself in a less painful way. I'm also poor. Its tough to get by anywhere if you have no money. That includes school and getting /fit/.
4Chan is for people 18+. You want to be 12 years old and give name calling instead of actual advice like this guy >>16583015 , Im not replying to you. You have no points and no valid arguments. Just insults, strawmans and ad-hominems .
This OP is the maddest OP I've seen in some time

Yes 4chan is 18+, not for children that are obsessed with revenge fantasies because they got laughed at on the bus.

>I'm not replying to you

You just did, autismo.
People like that are fucking shitters.

Low class people who are dead inside.

You can choose if you want to enact revenges. I'm not endorsing it but if it's how you really feel at this moment then do what ya want.

I tend to stay away from revenge because it brings you down to their shitty level.

Try to be a better person than those who wrong you.
is punching him and taking away her iphone going to make you happy? really, is it going to make you happy? if you think so, you're wrong. even if you think it would, trust me and don't do something. having to life with a memory of not controlling your anger is embarrassing and hard to deal with emotionally
>Try to be a better person than those who wrong you.

But what good is that when people see you like soft loser? I just ended my friendship with guys I thought were my bros but all they did was made fun of me.

>inb4 I can't handle bantz

I can. But both were laughing at me with each other. I didn't the joke. They kept making gay jokes about me and threw stuff at the back of my head. If you wanna make fun of me, make sure Im laughing with you. I don't wanna be laughed at.
op, I think you just need to find a good middle ground.
Don't allow people to disrespect you, but don't do anything illegal or violent.

You don't need "revenge"- passive agressive "after the fact" acts do not do anything to help the core of the problem- people will still continue to disrespect you.

Next time, speak up.
You can go anywhere from polite "hey, I'd appreciate it if you could stop taking pictures of me." To a little more offensive "Don't you have anything better to do? Get a fucking life"

This confrontation is enough to either evolve or dissolve a situation. Most people would stop after being called out like that, but If they taunt you back, turn it up a notch but still don't do anything violent.
"Hey cunt, I said to stop that. control your bitch, dude (to her bf)" <- she might not respect you or care how you feel about her actions, but she does care how her bf feels about her actions.

Bottom line op- you need to work on sticking up for yourself in the moment. That doesn't mean physically try to fight people because you will get in trouble and you will also likely get your ass kicked. Fuck people over in the moment with your words and actions. There's nothing more satisfying that roasting someone in the moment when they're acting like a dick.
>is punching him and taking away her iphone going to make you happy?

I want to be the person people dont want to bothered. I don't want people giving me bullshit ANYMORE . To enter the real world, it's something I gotta do. It's not really about making me feel good. It's like redemption
>I don't have any right upset to offended? Why? For other people pleasure? If people don't care for me, why should I?
That's the problem, you do care and you show it. When you get defensive about something people will automatically assume you care about that and you feel insulted. And usually they're right. To put it more cynically, when you get defensive about something you show weakness and people will exploit it.

>Is me getting revenge more wrong?
You're looking at this problem from the wrong angle. It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. What matters is the result. What do you have to gain from getting revenge. You'll feel better for a short period of time. That's it. You most certainly won't get any kind of respect, I can guarantee you that. But you also have a lot to loose. Time, resources, it will create more problems and more often than not it will make you feel worse in the long run. It's just not worth it.

>But honestly, people should get what they deserve.
They just don't, that's life. Anyways, you should worry more about you getting what you want rather than others getting what they deserve.

>I just want to live nicely. With my own home, money, job, and to be respected. To inspire. I want to be treated like a person. a respectable person.
Yes, that's what most of us want. But you don't get this by dedicating your time and resources to getting revenge for this kind of stuff. People aren't respected for getting revenge on people who mess with them. Yes, most people do like guys who stand up to bullies. But standing up to someone doesn't mean taking revenge. If the shy kid gets pushed around by his classmate, but he decides to stop it by fighting back he's seen as courageous and inspiring. If he puts up with it and then burns the classmate's houses he's seen as a coward and a sociopath.

You should stand up to this kind of behavior. But once it passed you should move on and focus on your life.
people will get what they deserve when their actions come to bite them in the ass. the girl is an immature bitch. is she not going to get fucked over because of it some day? she IS going to. by getting denied a job or something, not by having her phone taken away. you have to trust that people's faults affect them, no one gets away scratch free. it's not your place to try and force it to happen sooner. she wouldn't learn her lesson anyway. you have a right to be upset about this, but what the problem is you had too high expectations for humans. most humans are very immature. be glad you're not one of them. but don't stoop down to being nearly as immature to get revenge. i wanna be treated respectably too, and granted i havent lived through your situation i've been made fun of. we all have. i even had to pretend it didn't bother me sometimes when it did. i knew it shouldn't and i held onto that as a means of maintaining self-control and acting out of character. the person you are is someone who has always known better than to get revenge on someone cause it serves no purpose. you've just been pushed absurdly far and don't know how to deal with being past your limit. accept that you've been pushed past your limit and do something nice for yourself. you deserve it for dealing with this level of bullshit. treat yourself to a nice dinner or movie or whatever your hobby is - buy a nice drawing set. something that will help you unwind. when you get pulled down by people who mean less than the shit beneath your feet, find a way to pick yourself up instead of going down to their level. trust me, faults always affect us. she'll get what she has coming and should and will in a very justifiable manner, rather than revenge which would teach her nothing and probably cause her to act out and be mean to more people like you. we don't want that, and you don't either.

p.s. i'm not that guy you responded to, i just wanted to make that clear
This is very good advice. Listen to this anon
i support this idea but want to emphasize that if they ever want to take it to a confrontation, you explain they're not worth the energy. if they say are you afraid you're going to lose or get beat up? explain it wouldn't matter because you're not going to fight due to them not being worth the energy. there's nothing worth having a physical altercation over in this world, unless you see someone trying to kidnap someone else or some shit
to enter the real world like other people have said man, you gotta suck up your anger. many of us i am sure have been picked on. i have before, and all the other people want is a reaction out of you. you react, they win. what's going to happen if you ignore them? they'll move on with their lives and search for other people to pick on until they grow up. if you don't, theyll probably catch the same bus looking for you because they got their satisfaction and were able to manipulate you. its hard to grasp at first but if someone can push your buttons, they have control over you. beat them up after, and you still let them control you. that's the problem here. standing up for yourself means finding a way to not let it bother you by tomorrow or next week. everyone would be bothered at first, so accept it's natural that you would be too and do what you can to move on. if you were to beat her bf up, sure maybe they wouldnt fuck with you again. what about the next person who picks on you? where do you draw the line? or do you beat up every person who takes it too far? i hope looking at it that way helps put it into perspective. if it's not something worth doing in response every time, it's not worth doing once - no matter how extreme
Revenge is gay.
>If he puts up with it and then burns the classmate's houses he's seen as a coward and a sociopath.

Im not looking forward to harm people physically. Who said I want to kill someone or burn someone's home? Not me.

>You'll feel better for a short period of time. That's it
So? They did when they were making fun of me? Isn't recording people without their permission illegal?

Fine to make it more clear: I want revenge where I don't physically harm people or valuables and I don't want to be caught.
I want to feel like a tougher person that doesn't take shit from people. Looking back at that revenge will tell me that I don't have take shit from people anymore. That can be my step .

>To put it more cynically, when you get defensive about something you show weakness and people will exploit it.

People treat me like shit even when I do nothing. I wanna do something that out measures so they won't bother or talk to me again. I can't take this shit anymore, Anon.
a tough person who doesn't take shit from people is the person who doesn't get revenge. the person who takes every immature action like this as a growing lesson, a means to practice getting upset about it for only a week to only 3 days to only 1 to only an hour to not getting upset over someone who isn't worth being upset over at all is the person who doesn't take shit from people. you may not realize that now but some day you will. until then, don't get revenge and trust me, or do it if you need the first-hand experience before you can understand. it's your call and no one's here to stop you or force you to do something. we've only been here to suggest what have had to learn by ourselves is best
Move on. You should've done that ever since she friendzoned you.
I can't , or feel like I can't, grow as a person if people continue to treat me like shit . So many times I let it slide. But as I said many times before, I can't take it anymore. No adult get treated in such a way. Fuck.
Frankly you sound like an easy target and loser through and through. At that point, I think, whenever you'll try to hard and manly, people will find you funny and won't take you seriously. You remind me a guy from my work, he's a total beta. He doesn't do anything but he's just so easy to upset and has some kind of quality about him that people never take him seriously and always shit on him. He's 38 too, so I guess you just sometimes don't grow out from being a loser.




In college now, people treat me like shit in class. Now I had enough.
I didn't say you want to hurt people, it was an example to make my point. But the same goes if that kid managed to somehow get the bully in jail, or any other kind of revenge. The point is that people don't appreciate those who take revenge.

I get your point, but it's not doable. You getting revenge on someone won't make you somehow immune to these things. Focusing your attention on other matters will help, though. Also, I think you're overreacting. I mean, at the end of the day she just recorded you sitting in the bus and laughed at you. To be honest if this happened to me I wouldn't even consider it worthy of my anger. In some areas kids get their ass beaten and their money stolen on a daily basis.
Unless there's more to this story my only advice is to forget about it, move on and work on improving yourself. And next time someone treats you like shit tell them to fuck off.
i still need someone to vent to about this stuff or else i cant help from bottling it up, but the most i have is a journal so i write in that while i'm all mad and every time i'm mad until i cool down a little and realize as i read on paper just how worthless those pieces of shit are and how they're absolutely not worth my time. then i feel stupid for wanting to get revenge until i get mad again after they fuck with me. i hate my parents, and just had to say that so you weren't lost as to why i deal with people who fuck with me on a normal basis
That's not any better. They were stupid yes, they were acting like children. Revenge is how children deal with other children.
If you want to be strong and confident, take the role of an adult. Let them be children.
>People on 4chan act like real life

I don't sperg out on people in real life. I just try to ignore it or pretend it doesn't phase me.
But I don't to be the dude that accepts it anymore. I don't want to be that 38 year old dude YOU CHOOSE to pick on. A person may be a beta but you rather make fun of him than ignore or friend him. There was no obligation to do anything to him. You choose to. Don't blame the McDouble Whopper for making you fat
well you allowed you oneitis' sister to poke fun at you, that's spergy. People pick on weak and/or stupid ones because they are mean or bored, it's not exclusive for humans either, in animal kingdom weak ones are taunted too. If people really mock you in college, well... I can only feel sorry for you.
Wanna be like an animal? Go roll around you're own filth like a pig. I don't wanna be weak anymore. Thats why I made this thread.
To be honest OP, I used to be like you.

Always serving everyone elses needs, getting treated like shit.

Every time people would look at me and cringe because of my long curly hair.

I became a very angry person because my whole life I catered to other peoples wants and desires and I forgot about myself.

Also every friend I've ever had has stolen from me and used me.

Eventually, like you I couldn't take it anymore.

I dropped out of school and was a very angry person, I felt like a victim(I guess I was) I pushed all the friends I had left away with my anger and cringy behaviours.(I have asbergers so I fuck up socially a lot)

I sat alone in my house for 4 fucking years dude. I missed out on highschool pretty much.

I couldn't let it go and it would just eat me up

It always popped in my mind it was like torture

I wanted to just end the suffering, the terrible memories, the bullying, their fucking smug faces.

The best way I knew how was to kill myself.

I got on /b/ and started streaming my living room. I had my last meal and then tied a scarf to a doorknob and wrapped the other side around my neck.

I started choking , I couldn't breathe. I could feel my head getting hot from the lack of blood flow. Everything started turning black (the outside of my vision)
Then I heard someone shout "NO DONT DONT DO IT" and I was just fading. When he started saying the last rights, I got really scared. I knew this was the end.

I realised I wanted to live(or maybe I was afraid if dying) my arms weakly clawed at the scarf. And i managed to take it off.

People on the live stream where of course trolling and talking shit that I didn't kill myself.

The next day I came to a breaking point. I knew I couldn't do it on my own. I reached out to councelors and started working through my anger and letting go of the past.

Don't get me wrong, every day is still a struggle. I always imagine that scarf around my neck choking me wishing I would have died.

someone needs to say this to you because everything under the sun has been said except this:

go kick the guy's ass. feel like shit for it afterwords and realize how immature and worthless it was but go kick his ass because you feel you need to do it.

don't break the phone and get the cops called on you for something that stupid

you're willing to listen and have a conversation with those who disagree with this perspective but you're too mad to find it in yourself to hear them out to a point where you bow down and accept their objective rationale
>every day is still a struggle. I always imagine that scarf around my neck choking me wishing I would have died.
Then do it again. This time in a way that won't let you turn back when your body realizes you're dying and survival instincts kick in. Go in the middle of nowhere and take some poison, or something like that.
How kicking that guy's ass less illegal than taking someone's Iphone?

Im real sorry this has happened to you. Really. But what are you going to do if shitty people keep fucking with you? Where's the action?
I started watching self help videos and got some anti depressants.

I'm still alone, but once a week I go out of my hikikomori lair and venture out into the world, just to walk around, and try and get my mind off of things.

Sometimes I would have a positive social interaction and I would feel wonderful. Some human compassion! Something I never really felt.

There are always the times where I still fuck up though, and I try my best not to think about it over and over, but it does end up happening

I started telling myself I will only be mad at myself for 10 minutes and then I would push it out of my mind. (This doesn't work a lot of the time, but its helped a little.

I really thought I was going to kill myself yesterday, I went to a Friday night meetup for a church, and we watched Elf.

When we were watching the movie I couldn't help but have some tears. I wiped them away hoping no one will notice. I was thinking about my ex.. Something that usually drives me to suicidal thoughts.

After the movie we ended up playing a dancing game and we ended up having a lot of fun although I had a few cringy moments.

After I left I felt warm and happy. It was the first time I laughed in years.

I'm not really sure if you will get anything out of this story because its not exactly the same.

I'm not even sure if anyone here can help you.

Basically what I'm saying is I took responsibility for my emotions and things I did in the past.

Change came only when I looked within myself and tried and didn't give up.

My advice to you is find some one, anyone in real life that can give you some support. You said you go to school so maybe you can find a councelor there.

Honestly OP, the only one that can change you is you.

You want to grow into a man right? Someone who is tough And strong and no one talks shit to.

Then it's time to put these things behind you dude! You live in the past every time you think of something like that.

TL:DR it wasn't until I learned to live in the moment, forgive myself and those people who were fucked up to me that I started getting better.

You're 21 now, although it might not feel like it, you are an adult.

This is the real world now, no one will fix your life for you. Only you can do it, but I guess you have to hit rock bottom to have the willpower to change, sounds like you are getting pretty close to that point.

Live is a journey, everyone has their own. It's up to you to forge your path, you will fight tooth and nail, but in the end you will be happy because you became the man you want to be.
File: 1438990037692.png (137KB, 1130x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 1130x900px
I'm getting pretty tired of your shit, OP. You have received great advice, it was even explained to you why the advice is great. But you're still too mad and upset about this petty incident that you can't accept it and are just switching between whining and talking shit about some petty revenge. For what, for fucking recording you? Grow up and deal, you fucking faggot, that's nothing. You have no idea what real pain and suffering is. Be thankful that you have 2 arms, 2 legs, a semi-functional brain and a fucking internet connection so you can bitch about how people are mean on 4chan. Take our advice and do something with your life or keep being bitter and sad about pointless things, you're just getting annoying now.
Shit like this is gonna happen, dude. Rather than igniting some flame of revenge and releasing it on some dumb chick that recorded you, grow some dignity and move on. You say you're in college. If you want to man up, now's the time. Life sucks at times, and it's not really in out control, but what IS in our control is our development and how we steer ourselves.
Suppose you get revenge on that chick. What good will come out of that? You don't even have to think about it. No good whatsoever will come out of participating in child's play. Let children be children, but by contemplating a scheme in which you seek revenge over petty shit, you sound like the child here.
Wait, what?

>You're 21 now, although it might not feel like it, you are an adult.

Who said I wasn't? I've stated in this thread. PLEASE READ.

>This is the real world now, no one will fix your life for you.
I"m not leaving my life at someone elses hands. I was asking how to get someone back. That's all.

>but I guess you have to hit rock bottom to have the willpower to change, sounds like you are getting pretty close to that point.

I don't want to change. I do. I want to change to a person that cannot be bothered. At least if they do, they'll regret if I do something to show them I don't accept bullshit.

>How dare you get mad people want to treat you like shit? At least you're not starving in AFIKKA!
>I don't want to change.
>I do.
>I want to change to a person that cannot be bothered

Watching OP descend into madness is pretty funny. Anyway m8 you sound like a huge whiner and beta king, especially given that people gave you advice and you're still whinge and moam about how you want to be taken seriously. It makes you look fucking childlish, that's what it does
never change OP, your faggotry made my day
>that freudian slip
You don't want to change anon. Deep down you don't. You want your life to change, you want to receive the rewards without putting in the effort.

Fine, get mad about people being mean. Get angry, scream, bitch, moan, seek revenge. That won't get you anywhere though. You don't even know what you want to do with that revenge. You want something to happen but you have no idea what. I actually hope that you will do something and have your petty revenge, not because it will change anything but because it has a small chance of making you realize how pointless it is. Because words won't convince you of anything, that much is obvious. Maybe personal experience will, but I highly doubt it, seeing how stubborn to cling to your dumb ideas you are.
>Shit like this is gonna happen, dude.

Not that much to tougher stronger people. That's what I want to be.

Revenge could be something I can look back on. Something that can tell me I can do something about people treat me like shit
what should i get
Yes by age, you are an adult, but how you have presented yourself in this thread suggest that your emotional health is still child-like.

You say you want to change, I remember when I said that, but I grew accustomed to my hikikomori lifestyle. Change was hard and scary(coming out of being alone for 4 years to being around people) but in the end it comes down to if you can adapt or not.

People in this thread (this is 4chan) are gonna talk shit because you don't really seem to take the information to heart, instead you lash out and get extremely defencive.

I don't blame you, its a natural reaction when you are treated like shit for so long,

but asking for advice and completely disregarding is wasting not only everyone elses time but also your own.

All you do is shout and talk in all caps. And as you can see people got frustrated and started talking shit even more.

Maybe what you need is to learn to be empethetic, maybe you just need a wanting hand, maybe you need to see a psychologist.

I don't know but I just spent an hour telling you my story in hopes to help you because I saw myself in you.

I hope you get better, I really do, but maybe what you wanted by posting this thread was something more than just plotting revenge.

Anyways, my heart goes out to you bro. Stay strong, and I hope you learn to adapt to this new ever changing world.
>You want something to happen but you have no idea what.
That's why Im asking here. I wanted advice on what to do to make that bitch pay.

So Im not taken seriously I don't do anything at all and Im not going to be taken seriously if I do something. If that makes sense to you, why not get revenge? Why is that so bad? I don't about her or your fun.

And yes, I do in fact want to change. As I said a billion times before (because people can't read) into a tougher stronger person. Those kinds of people don't get bothered. People see them. They get intimidated and leave them alone or talk to them as a human being. You could give me advice on how to be that person instead of calling me names. One things for sure, grown people don't get continues bullying and be push-overs. I don't wanna "be the better" and ignore them. I've did that before and it's not helping my self respect. Revenge maybe short...but memories can last. I can laugh at that moment I took a stand.
Kid, if you really wanted to change you wouldn't let that lil bich steep all over you while you sat there and did nothing. You are kidding yourself if you think 'revenge' will somehow change you into a 'stronger' person. It's really pathetic that you couldn't grow a pair back then, but plotting a 'revenge' over petty shit like that and thinking that it will be your moment of glory that will turn your life around you and make you a tough guy is utterly pathetic

>i let some bitch mock me and did nothing
>oh wait now i'll get my revenge and then i'll taste the victory!

pure autism
>As I said a billion times before (because people can't read) into a tougher stronger person.
And people have said a billion times that getting revenge on someone won't make you stronger. That's what you refuse to understand.
File: 1450057523910.gif (2MB, 356x319px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 356x319px
I understand completely where you are coming from.
A very similar thing happened to me.
Don't expect anyone to care. That's the hardest pill to swallow. No one cares about you.
You should do something to make enough money to go to the gym and eat at a caloric surplus. It's not hard to get some extra money if you put in the work. Look on Craigslist.
Also, learn to distinguish between people who are giving you advice and people who are talking down to you.
No matter what you do, you need to be more confident in the moment. There's a lot to be said for being able to lean back and tell someone to go fuck themselves.
I agree with what another anon said ITT. You expect too much from people. I do the same thing.
The best things you can do are working on your body and your education, because you have complete and total control over those two things.
OP, I really understand where you're coming from and this whole thread is full of shit advice. Here's the deal, listen good. When people dislike you, it's 50% your fault MOST of the time. The other 50% is theirs. You are perceived as undesireable in terms of personality for some reason. You need to find that reason and fix it. Let it slide this time, those guys are pricks, fuck revenge for now. Listen to this, memorize this for the rest of your life. In order to get someone to like you as a person, you need to assume they're going to like you BEFORE you met them. This way, you will treat that person nicely, because there is no need to be mean for them. Now, if anything goes wrong with this method in the first encounter, just distance yourself from that person and do not communicate with such person at all. Act indifferent. If the person gets in your face, warn them and then if they continue, bash their face in. Rememer, OP. Be a positive person, assume you're gonna get along with people and be nice. But don't be a faggot and get stomped over if people are naturally pricks. Laugh with peope too, the more you laugh innocently and positively, the better people will perceive you. This includes smiling. Remember, OP. Stay strong and if you couldn't handle shit at the moment when someone was a prick, the revenge wasn't meant to be. Trust me, it worked for me.
OP aII of this happened because of your initiaI actions.

You fucked up. You're a faggot OP and you're sociaIIy retarded. You aren't fit for pIaces that are not your basement. Go back to your basement.
Those "petty shits" haven't done anything in my life than made me feel worse about myself than I already do. I want to see them feel the same way. That's all.

Ive already been told im my life that "you just need to ignore bullies" "they're insecure " or "be the better person" but I don't see it. When I see dude like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson or Daniel Craig , those are the kind of guys people most likely won't fuck with IRL.

If I do nothing, Im a pushover.

If I do something, Im being a over sensitive faggot.

Where's the middle ground? Where can I see people treating me as a person?




Calm down, stand up straight, put on some weight/muscle, keep a sensible hair cut, wear simple and fitting clothes, smile when you talk to people.
We're not saying you should do nothing. Stand up for yourself when someone gives you shit. But that's not what you want to do. You want to take revenge after they talked shit and you did nothing. That's not standing up for yourself.
Focus on the present and the future, not the past.
15 year old name calling. Fuck off my thread please.

that anon >>16583672 is partly right, if you weren't such a beta back then with your oneitis, none of this would happen
I don't wear autismo clothing and I am nice to people. I may not be /fit/ but Im not out of shape. Anymore neckbeard stereotypes you like to throw?
>If I do nothing, Im a pushover.
>If I do something, Im being a over sensitive faggot.
>Where's the middle ground? Where can I see people treating me as a person?

Welcome to the world. Different people have different standards, so it's hard to find a middle ground. Some people will say you're insecure if you punch someone for talking back to you, some people will say you're insecure if you don't. Some people are absolutely certain everyone thinks the same way as they do.
There are people who will always be bullies, no matter what, and not treat you like a person. For them to stop, they would have to want to change their behavior. What you sound like you want to do is be the biggest bully on the playground so the other bullies are scared of you. No one ever messing with you doesn't mean they respect you or see you as a person, it means they're scared of you.
Uhg I'm out of this thread.

OP didn't want advice, he just wanted to Bitch and whine about some shitty thing that happened to him.

Most of the people who gave you advice you percieved to be talking shit and when you reacted negatively then they started talking shit for real.
No shit retard.

Back to that girl that rejected me was a whole nother story. To understand why I acted the way I did, you have to understand what I came from. I've already felt like shit during and after orbiting her. I learned that I can't be a beta orbiter and put pussy on a pedestal. Now I feel like I can't let others be happy take shits at me. Especially from assholes taunting about what happened 3 years ago.

That's why it's not good advice. People don't crash their car on purpose and get told by their insurance, "well you shouldn't get into car accident or else YOUR car will be ruined."

People like you or the girl is the reason why I hate the world. If a beta decides to get shit done for himself, you get into a hissy fit. Why? Karma is a bitch for everyone.
Welcome to the real world.

Sounds like you are going to be butt hurt forever because you can't let this shit go dude.

People actually have real problems. My mom neglected me my whole life. I'm not going to "seek revenge" I've learned to forgive her although I still hate her if that makes sense.

I also have crohns disease and I often shit my pants in school and in stores. Don't you think that is the pinnacle of embarrassment?

People used to make fun of me all the time for shitting my pants. Feels bad man. But I'm not going to continue to feel that shitty feeling over and over.

(Lol shitty feeling)

You have a chance to change dude. What's holding you back?

I'm bedridden with a chronic disease, but I don't let it get to me. I talk to online friends and try and make the best of my situation.

You seem to be an able bodied individual. Don't waste that potential feeling sorry for yourself!

It's like you are reading a book and you keep reading the same chapter over and over.

You say you want to change? Now's your chance! Go on to the next chapter.
>Most of the people who gave you advice you percieved to be talking shit and when you reacted negatively then they started talking shit for real.

This is why is I hate coming to /adv/. Beta are the ones who need help to grow into functional people. Instead of REEEEEEing on /r9k/ or shitposting on /b/, There's a beta that will come to /adv/ , admit his mistakes, be personal, and ask for what he intends to receives something from this board, advice. No, you rather insult him and look down on him when he already is.

The only decent advice are these


But I wasn't saying it's bad advice. Im just asking more question to get an understanding
I hope you internalize what you have read here today. I suggest saving the thread
>Butthurt: The Thread
Pro tip: don't rely on the validation of others. You will be disappointed every time
>No one ever messing with you doesn't mean they respect you or see you as a person, it means they're scared of you.

What's wrong with being feared?


I want to change into a person who won't get stepped on.
>don't rely on the validation of others.

How do I fit in with others without validation?
Keep proper hygine ie shower brush teeth get hair cut; don't wear the same clothes everyday; stand up straight; look ahead of you instead of looking down; dont have a monotone voice, or at least learn to smile when you dont feel like it; and talk at a loud confidant voice, dont mumble; learn to stand up for yourself, have a little courage.

I don't doubt you will say "I do those things!" But actually take what you have learned and do something about it.

It seems that you are the type of person who complains about a problem instead of acting to fix it.

You don't need to become a super villian or Elliot Rodgers to not get stepped on.

There was points in my life where I was worried I'd be a serial killer because of how bleak my outlook was and hatred for everyone.

I don't want other people to feel this way.

Please do yourself a favor and work on yourself.

It's not your fault those people made fun of you, you were just inexperienced in life. People like that don't understand or empathize with people like us.
>What's wrong with being feared?
Well you said you wanted to be treated like a person, not a safety hazard. If that's what you want, get buff and look like you're ready to kill anyone who looks at you the wrong way.
You need to learn to validate yourself.

You don't fit in with others by conforming to what they want you to be. You just become a "satalite" or "beta"

You fit in with others by learning to be an interesting person that people want to be around.

If you want to fit in, its going to take work. .Research body language,
.Work out just do 5 situps a day.
.Find an interesting hobby that you are passionate about (besides video games :P)
.Make sure you eat healthy! Its been proven that eating a balanced diet helps you be more positive and have more energy
.Practice talking to people
.don't give in to cynasism, trust me its a dark path
.DRINK WATER 8 CUPS A DAY I usually drink about 5 or 6 I need to work on this too lol

Look for opportunities to talk to people. Like someone sitting alone in the lunch room or on a bus.

Idk dude, as you get older and have more experiences you will learn, but you have to make an effort.
I just spent 3 hours trying to help you man, I wish you the best.

maybe if your father hit you harder you wouldn't be such a beta
but actually what you could do is set their house on fire, just buy a pretty cool strong laser like arctic and point it through their window
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