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Dumb shit our parents did while raising us

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you're a child who is X years old. a child who is X years old should do this, so i'm going to force or guilt trip him to do this. 24 years later tell them i have a personality and how fucking terrible it has been with them disregarding it before making decisions and influencing every big decision. if you go through this, tell your parents to fuck off (even if its just in your head) and be true to yourself
Yeah, parents should never make decisions for their kids. Kids should do exactly what they want all the time.

As long as they pay the bills, you get as much or little say as they let you have. If it's sooo rough move out.
I'm alone all the time. My friends only wanna hangout with me when they wanna smoke me up which is barely ever. I'm a college drop out. I just skate play with rubiks cube type puzzles and scroll my facebook newsfeed all day every day. I plan on getting into a paid electrician apprenticeship. But I basically dont have friends at the moment its just my mom and my 2 year old niece. I'm 22 and have never had a steady job. I'm just so lonely and i dont know who to go to. Just some one to hangout with i dont care about sex or drugs i just want some friends. I'm completely empty inside. I'm not sure i even know how to socialize at this point.
Same here.
My mom tried to be the best friend mom. I turned out alright. My two sisters are sluts and my brother only dates women that could be his mother's age.
Mother tried way to hard to give me independence.
At like 10 she put me in the basement room because I needed my own space. Absolutely, hated it..told her this..always ignored the fact that I never slept because in basement. Never helped me with (and if she did it was limited to..oh wow sorry cant help you than I just did(the minimum))..never really mediated any growing up issues I had...etc etc could go on forever...She gets frustrated when I cant or have difficultly doing some things now ..and im like...you never taught me anything.
if it's hard to make friends in public try the strictly platonic section of craigslist to get going. good luck anon. i'm without friends too and having a terrible time. they're a necessity, not a luxury
My father didnt know how to raise me. So he basically disappeared until I was 15 by his own admission. He still doesnt understand why things are awkward with him.

I can't criticize my mother too much anyways.
How do you know you turned out all right?
>custody battles
>horrible life advice

Dad became a very abusive drunk. After their divorce my dad dangled carrots (gifts, money) infront of my siblings if they lied about my mom to people. I'd return gifts and sided with my mom. Visits became awful since my dad slowly hated me for it.

There eventually was a stressful custody battle where both siblings lied to a crazy degree. I still won't forget age 12, being too scared to go into a courtroom so I went into the judge's chambers instead. I blew her away with not only my testimony but evidence I had gathered that proved my siblings and father were full of shit. It felt great and I never had to see that bastard posing as a father again.
Just let it out anon
Good job
Meh, my parents did a decent job of trying to teach me right and wrong and all that. I still have very high moral expectations for myself. Still, my dad became a bit of a prick once he made a bit of coin for himself and basically tried to indoctrinate me from a young age to discern all poor people with condescending pity. Which is kinda fucked up. Like, we'd see someone scrubbing floors or something and he would invent a whole little depressing life diatribefor this person on the spot; embellishing on how sad and miserable they were and how they just wished they made better choices. I believed it all too.

Worst part is that my dad didn't even really care about these people. He just used these stories to project his own condescending ego. I started to notice this as a teenager thankfully.
My mother is my single greatest cause of stress. She's mid forties but is as emotionally mature as a 14 year old. She doesn't do her own laundry, clean her own dishes, doesn't cook half her own food. She certainly doesn't do any of that for anyone else. She brings home a new kitten every couple of years. Right now we're sitting at eight cats that we can't afford to take to the vet routinely, or for shots. Of the nine, three of them are fixed (the boys) and of those three I paid for two of them. Of course none of them get flea and tick medicine. Don't let me forget the other two dogs.

When I moved back in with them I was told they couldn't afford to pay their bills due to a bankruptcy, so my grandparents were helping. A week later she got a package in the mail that contained a tattoo gun. But a gun isn't enough. To use the gun she needed more needles, more ink, tracing paper, markers, gloves, alcohol, and eventually got a light board. She called my brother and asked for money to pay bills and used it to buy a kayak. She's spent hundreds of dollars in kayaking/camping equipment ever since. She's inconvenienced the rest of the family by going on these trips on the weekends when I needed to get to and from work. One of those shifts starting at 4 am. Had to ask grandma for rides. Before the kayak it was nail polish, Before that it was shoes. She stole my identity and spent $1000 in credit cards in my name. Never paid them back. Hasn't even apologized
Shes generally difficult to deal with. Sometimes I think the only part of our parent-child relationship she cares about is the part where she gets to hold her "I'm the mom" and "It's my house" authority over me. She always had her priorities fucked up and been generally disinterested in me, the things I care about, and the things I'm interested in. Just now I caught her eavesdropping on a conversation I had with my dad (about re caulking the bathroom) and I told her that was rude. She responded with "It's my house so I can do whatever I want including being a bitch." She's twisted every fight I've had with her so that she's a victim. She posts this victim hood on her Facebook where her friends all back her up.

Where was my dad in this all these years? At work. Always at work. Sleeping when he's not. Though recently he's been complaining about her not contributing anything. It's because of that, her immaturity, and her narcissism that I've started to worry that she might kill me in my sleep. I keep telling myself it's just anxiety, but I'm thinking about getting some locks on my bedroom doors.
Great job.
What sort of lies did he want you to tell?
Did your siblings resent you for not doing what your dad wanted?
Do you ever get to talk to your dad privately?
Maybe you and him can leave her together
Stole things my grandma bought me. Gave my TV to my siblings, "lost" my N64, also from grandma. I also see pictures on facebook of them with the blanket she bought me.
Plenty other stuff. I've written stuff before and had 4chan say my mom was terrible.
Thread posts: 21
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