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Low BMI?

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I've got a REALLY low BMI, and reading about it is starting to scare me. I had a fucking growth spurt recently, and that's dropped my BMI from 16.2 to 15.8.

Is it possible for somebody to have an anorexic BMI and not have all the awful shit that supposedly goes with it? If what I've read is true, my fucking nerves and kidneys and heart should be taking damage.

I don't feel like anything's wrong, but I've always been way fucking skinny, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. It's just that this shit makes me paranoid as all hell, especially when I'm stoned.

I've heard that BMI isn't a good indicator of actual healthy weight, but I don't know if that applies to the low end as well as the high end like it does with really muscular, heavy people.


Pic is me for reference. I don't even think I look too skinny, but again, I'm paranoid that my sense of that might be skewed.
have something similar. Will lurk
There's nothing wrong with you.
dude you're kinda dumb. that isn't that low. go look at bmi charts. my bmi is 11% and I'm not even completely shredded. you're perfectly fine, there is nothing wrong with you.
me too, and i forgot how fucked up i would feel when i used to get high and look at myself like you are doing now anon. even if you're okay, if you get that feeling when you're high it means somewhere inside you know you should put on another 10 lbs. dont let the paranoia get out of control though, being 10 lbs underweight can't be insanely terrible like you're worried it is, especially if you dont stay that way perpetually
borderline skinnyfat

i am more esqueleto + more athletic than you

you're fine but exercise more and eat lots of fruit
But why are you so skinny?
do you exercise a lot? forget to eat? parasites,problems to absorb nutrients,etc?

Because if you eat well,then theres your answer.
OP does not have a BMI that low. You can barely even see the outline of his ribs. I look about the same as him and I have a BMI of like 19.
>Anonymous 12/18/15(Fri)22:55:02 No.1658
BMI means body mass index. your bmi can't be 11% if you don't specify of what. did you mean percentile? they are not the same thing. i think you mean body fat %
>after forgetting that fat, muscle and bone weigh different amounts and that human beings have various body compositions, i eyeballed his bmi which is calculated thru a formula using exact figures, and therefore OP is a liar

you're fucking delusional
I eat fine, I think. I make a point of eating three meals a day, I typically get like 2-3 plates of food at each meal with 1-2 pieces of fruit and a bowl of fruit salad, plus dessert, and I can't imagine that I'm deficient in anything. As for exercise, I box a few times a week and walk a lot, but that's about it.

>absorption problems
That's the kind of shit that makes me paranoid.

I'm 5'11" and 114 pounds, man. It is weird that you can't see my ribs, though.

That's what I was hoping. Seriously feels good just to read it.

Is there any way I can just deal with the paranoia, though? Aside from staying away from reading about this shit?

Fruit is fucking amazing and I eat like 10 pieces a day. Love that shit.
>That's the kind of shit that makes me paranoid.
Go get yourself checked if youre worried.
But first try tracking everything you eat in some app like myfitnesspal and make sure if youre eating enough for your height,age and sex.Plus tracking your level of exercise in some other app (because myfitnesspal sucks at that).

Remember that in the odd chance you have some medical issue you can probably fix it very easily.its 2015 after all.
Thread posts: 13
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