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Why is suicide a bad thing?

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Why does everyone think suicide is bad? Im sad and want to die, why wont peeps be nice and just let me? Euthanasia and all? Just want to hear /adv/ opinions
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Because they are afraid since you have nothing to lose.
You can kill yourself any time you want to. There are thousands of ways to die. Why do you need sombody else to be there with you when it happens (euthanasia) as if theyre going to give a shit.

Well, OP?
i dont need people to be there. I mean, if i did kill myself people would be sad. But why cant they be happy for me and let me, why do doctors try to stop you rather than let you
Uuh, because that would make us weak, every time someone got sad they would just kill themselves. And the human race would go extinct.
How long have you been sad for? Why are you sad?

If you truly want to die, by all means, you have my blessing, OP. But don't throw this one life you'll ever get away if it's over something that can be fixed. Let people help you.
Killing yourself isn't always a bad thing. If you literally have no better option it's a solid escape IMO. Say you're in a burning building with no way out and you're going to ABSOLUTELY burn to death.

You happen to have a gun on you.
A) Burn to death (no mercy)
B) Shoot yourself (merciful)

Choosing B here is alright.
Not saying I'd have the balls to, I'd be too pussy most likely, but this is an acceptable situation for someone to kill them self.

With that said, being sad or depressed is never a good reason to kill yourself. You may be a worthless bum who is a burden to your friends & family or whatever but the thing is, you can change. You CAN beat the depression. It may take a long time or even years, but one day things will get better and you'll be happy. Even if your life sucks, it's worth putting up with the bullshit just for the few happy moments and the chance at a better future.

Someone I barely knew (sort of a mutual friend of a friend thing) jumped off a building not too long ago. I barely knew the guy yet it still shocked me. He was a pretty nice guy, unfortunately he was depressed and was apparently going to lose his house and had nobody. Had he reached out to me and let me know how hard it was hitting him, I'd have probably let him stay at my place until he got his life back on track.

Now what exactly is it that you're sad about?
Why do you want to die?
Have you thought about how people might actually feel if you did do it?
Why don't you see an alternative?
You're fucking retarded. Because doctors are alive like you and being alive is the only thing we know how to deal with. If you want to kill yor self go ahead but fuck if anyone's going to help you do something so detrimental to the rest of ours' goals. You can go out the same way everyone else does - alone. If you don't want to be part of the human race anymore fuck off and leave it, we don't need your weak willed ass.
Why do you want to die? To stop feeling sad?

If that's the case, then you don't actually want to die. You just want to stop feeling sad.

Suicide would be a poor choice because your sadness is temporary. Killing yourself would be like turning off the TV and vowing never to watch another episode of your favorite show because you don't want to sit through the rest of the commercial break.

That's a very general reason why suicide is bad. I obviously don't know the details of your situation, but I can guarantee that you can feel better.

Now, this is more of a side-note, but I think euthanasia is reasonable only when you're dealing with an untreatable condition like Alzheimer's.

Depression is treatable.
I think that YOU own your life. Nobody else. If you want to end it that is your buisiness alone. But do it in such a matter that nobody else is endangered in the process. ie dont jump in front of a train or walk on the highway..
If you have terminal cancer or something, I can get that.
If you're depressed - it gets better. It almost always heals itself within a year or two even without medication, and with medication, it's even faster.
if its any condolence the funeral place probably gets kick out of early unexpected deaths. but in all seriousness its a pretty lame mentality. i had a family member whos life was so fucked beyond repair offing was literally his only way out. people look down on it because it truly is the ONLY gift you can only get once. he'll you can become a millionaire, lose it all, and do it again if youre clever enough, or even pull two threesomes in your lifetime. but once youre dead youre dead. thats it. even worse you did it to yourself. are you truely hopeless? is youre situation such shit that you have no reasonable expectancy of pleasure, joy or happiness, or you have to endure tremendous amounts of pain just to experience a slight amount of joy? then sure go the fuck ahead. if youre just stuck in a rut you gotta grab your balls and do something about it
Because people spend too much time talking about it when they could just do it

Not every one wants to kill themselves. I've struggle with depression most of my life. Never thought "oh man, I should off myself" the human race would be just fine if ppl went through it. In fact I wish ppl would go through it. Be a form of population control.
>Do it in such a way that it doesn't hurt anyone else.

The very act of suicide can inspire others to kill themselves, especially mourning friends and family. And it typically does, actually. Pretty sure it's called the Werther Effect.
Presumably because you're young and haven't paid society back for ensuring your survival for some +18 years or whenever you got a job. If it weren't for that it'd be fine since you'd be lowering the wealth distribution by a miniscule amount.
This OP: >>16579613
I was suicidal earlier this year, because I was depressed and felt like life had no meaning. But I pulled myself out of it and got back on track. I have to say I don't like the idea of "treatment", to me that would say I'm "sick" and need to be "cured", which would only worsen my already low mood. You can treat yourself by just finding good things in life instead of focusing on negativity (which there may be a lot of, but it's certainly not all-encompassing).

tl;dr just because you're sad NOW doesn't mean you'll be sad forever. By killing yourself you're removing any possibility for things to get better, so in that regard it's actually a pretty shit solution. Don't give up, fight it.
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