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Sooo... whats up with HIPPA laws? Here's the thing. The

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Sooo... whats up with HIPPA laws?

Here's the thing. The night of my bachelor party my buddy hired two strippers off craigslist at like one in the morning. I didn't even ask for it. They show up, at this point I'm blasted drunk out of my mind.

Well, apparently the fucking guy hired hookers. They ask me to go in a private room for a 'special dance.' I'm wasted, I go, and they tell me to pull my pants down. I do it, they kind of dance for a second, and then one starts sucking on it.

My dick is flaccid. I definitely let it go with the flow, but after maybe ten seconds the weight of what's going on hits me. I tell them to stop, shake my head, and leave. I go to my room and pass out.

Now I feel ultra guilty. I talked to my therapist about it, and she told me that it was nothing. I wasn't hard, I wasn't trying to cheat, I shouldn't even mention it.

But I was so nervous because they were hookers I went to the doctor's office. I lied and told them I had sex with a girl I knew who told me she had chlamydia. I just wanted to get the Z-pack and clear my system, JUST in case, since the girl who sucked my dick for a sec was a goddamn hooker.

After a few sessions, my therapist convinced me that I really didn't do anything wrong. But I've been married now for a five months and we combined insurance. Are they gonna send us, like, updates on what we both did? What if I get in an accident, are they gonna send something about the time I CLAIMED to bang a girl?

I just feel like an idiot for putting it in writing.
Huh? No you idiot, what stays with the therapist won't leave the room. You did nothing wrong because you were drunk out of your mind.

Move on.

No, I'm nervous that the fact that I asked for a Z-pack and STD test will show up in some sort of record someday.
No that shits sealed

>tfw worse thing about being an army medic was knowing all the people that had fucked up std shit going on
>couldn't tell anyone
>see these people every day and work with them

Or, you know, you COULD talk to your wife about it and say, "Hey, I was fucked up drunk and something almost happened." I mean, between the therapy bills and the stories from your friends, it's pretty obvious it wasn't anything serious. Your marriage should be able to support something like that. Plus, it's a good chance to clear your consience and not have to keep paying medical bills.
Honestly it's more fucked up you lied to the doctor. You shouldn't be taking antibiotics unless you need them, 20,000 people already die a year from antibiotic resistant infections you stupid fucking shithead.

Yeah that'd work great Anon

>"H-Hey hun, uh, I got head from a hooker but I wasn't hard I promise."

>"Okay I'm glad we got that huge fight out of the way. So then the next day I went and ago an STD test an antibiotics because I claimed to have unprotected sex. BUT I DIDN'T YOU BELIEVE ME RIGHT!?"
They can't release your records unless you specifically authorize it- not even to your wife.

Just in case, though: You had the STD test before the marriage "just to be sure," and got the Z-pac for a sinus infection.
And FWIW: I have never gotten a summary from an insurance company describing past events. All I've ever gotten is current bills, and even then it just says what the total bill was and how much of it they paid.
Your insurance might eventually send a summary of benefits which includes adjustments made to the cost of the doctor's visit. (Costs which you probably never saw yourself because they were adjusted and you just pay a co-pay.) There will be the name of the practice and the code for services on that summary. The visit itself would be suspicious but the code would be self-evident with a little Googling. Also if you filled a prescription under the policy's drug plan, that could appear as well.

That having been said I don't believe (or at least support) the whole therapist thing anyway. Plus simply getting the antibiotics makes no difference. They wouldn't clear you out fast enough; your wife would still contract the STD. Then you'd just catch it back.

I say this because the insurance is irrelevant. You need to come clean voluntarily before your wife risks infertility. You and your supposed therapist are risking her health here.

And for everyone in this thread who isn't trolling like OP: this is why cheating is a no-no.
You may never have received one because virtually all insurers do it "paperless" these days, but they're mandated by law to furnish subscribers with summaries. It's waiting for you online if you go check.
Thread posts: 11
Thread images: 3

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