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Jesus Freak Yandere 2; The Followup

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Thank you 4chan. I was hesitant at first, but I can safely say that 4chan helped me make the best decision of my life. That's a sentence I thought I'd never say, but it's true.

For those who need to be brought up to speed: https://archive.4plebs.org/adv/thread/16393471/

I spent Thanksgiving at her house (my family sucks). I asked her to make me the happiest man in the world, and marry me, which she agreed. The wedding is in January

I was apprehensive at first, but I started going to church with her as well. I'm not sure if I totally believe in God, but I definitely believe in helping people, which seems to be a major theme at her church.

To justify the existence of this thread, I will ask for one more piece of advice: what should I get her for Christmas? I asked, and she said "You've already given me what I want."

That's nice, but total BS. A giftless Christmas is a TERRIBLE start to a marriage.

TL;DR the yandere won, and needs presents. Dear anon, who art in 4chan, what do?
Women are like crows, they like small shiny thing. Find small shiny things, Lome a ring or a neckless.

You idiot, you will regret this but whatever what is done is done.

Jewelry is your best best, make it over $150 bucks and jesus.

Dude you are insane to go through with this.

>She starts telling everyone we're engaged.
>Somehow gets in my house and tells parents, and Facebook (through my computer) this.
>In college now, people still ask daily when the wedding is. Hard to explain, I tell them.
>Says if I take the engaged status off of Facebook, she'll say I cheated on her, and everyone will hate me.

Why are not running for the hills m8
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I found out her mom did the exact same thing to get her dad. Apparently, it's an effective way of getting the guy of your dreams, according to her.

So no, I'm not bitter, it just makes me feel like I was worth it for her to consider me the "man of her dreams."

Are you happy?

No, honestly... are you happy with your decision? Would you spend your WHOLE life with her?

If yes, congratulations.
If no, it's a recipe for disaster and you're going to hate yourself.
Part of what made me realize I loved her was because of how offended I was to some of 4chans more *ahem* abrasive comments. I was just being emotionally retarded and not realizing my love for her.

The only problem is how I have black hair and pale skin. Everytime she watches an anime where there's a character with black hair and pale skin, she compares them to me, especially if they have blue eyes.

You know how many animes have a pale skinned, black haired character? ALL OF THEM. I've been compared to: Yukki, Eren Jaeger, Kaneki, Amon, Shinji, and now Roy Mustang (She Started FMA brohood).

Being compared to that bitch Yukki is a small price to pay for true love. You guys are either jealous, or unwilling to commit in a relationship.

Yukki, Eren and Shinji have brown hair and non pale skin.

Wtf are you talking about?
I'm the guy from >>16578491; I was engaged until a year ago, when I broke up.

Today, I talked with her once again. And the only thing I could think is, "Thankfully I didn't marry this crazy imbecile!!!".

That's why I'm asking if you see yourself spending a whole life with her. Because if you do, it'll be wonderful... but if you don't, you'll ask yourself every single day "why did I fuck with my life that way?".
This is like a Lifetime movie, if Lifetime didn't have a radical feminist bias.
You are my hero. I saw the first thread, thought it was great, and was talking about it yesterday. I decided to check 4chan today and got the best sequel I could ask for. You are the senpai she deserves, and the one she needs right now.

10/10 yandere love is truest love.

oh my god man, you've got your work cut out for you. i'm not saying she's a good or a bad person, but seriously, she has problems with the way she handled shit. and i hope she's ready for you to, and you are ready to help her mature out of them. and don't buy into a religion, but fully accept faith in a source energy, and the afterlife and other dimensions. get her to realize that it's about your own connection with that stuff as an individual, and the whole belonging to a group with strict beliefs things makes no sense compared to letting source, or god, express themselves to you. it's actually a disgrace to buy into some writings from the past and from other humans instead of taking the expressions of source, or god from the direct source.

and as far as a gift, never give an object. give an experience. for example, i'm giving a drawing pad and bean boozled for christmas (yet to decide if i'm going to make designs in the pad for her to color and/or add onto)
>OP gets woman to uncomfortabIy agree to what wiII sureIy end horribIy

And that's just based off the IittIe you were honest here about.

>This is going to be a shit show

Keep us posted!
>tfw you will never be this anon
Goodbye cruel world
Self-pity will lead you nowhere.
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Thanks? Hey man, any support I can get. I recognize that the level of faith people on 4chan have for women is... lacking. But her mother is a nurse, and a wonderful person, and are an exception to how most couples (including my own parents) wind up divorcing.

They're happy, successful, and feel like more of a family to me than my own. How ironic that my in-laws are going to be better parents to me than the people who actually ARE MY PARENTS.

Sorry for the rant, but thank you. I feel bad calling her a "Jesus Freak Yandere". How rude was that? Putting that kind of label on an innocent girl? I cringe at myself in the past.

you need to tell her you have a problem with this, not us. you can tell us too though :). you're relationship will never work out if you're not open and honest about every single thing no matter how small. it starts out with not saying something about this black haired anime character, then it ends up being about not getting an explanation for why she went out with a friend instead of stayed at home (random example). or on the other hand she wants to go to a movie with you, you have a hard time finding a time around her work, she says go with your friends (but doesnt mean it and you can't know), you go and she holds onto it and gets upset but doesnt say anything. seriously, i'm not here to add onto what others have said because i can see what you are or aren't listening to. but not saying something that bothers you to her is supporting a dysfunctional relationship. if you don't stop yourself and her from letting that happen (she has to put in the effort too) it's like a slippery slope. 99% of relationships (platonic or not) are fucked up because people don't express themselves when something small or large bothers them
Well, then looks like you're set.

Dude, the anime thing isn't even a slightly big deal. I got compared to Amon, who is badass enough that I am totally not salty. Plus, I compared her to the Elrics from FMA due to her yellow eyes. Well, they're more like a golden brown/amber color, and she got them from her mom, just like ed/al did from their dad.

She is the spitting image of her mom, in looks and action. Her mom has led a successful marriage for 20+ years. Therefore, my chances of something similar are pretty good, if genetics are to be believed. I would not complain if I got the same result as her parents.

Before I met her, I had no real plans for my life. Now, I have something I care about and am willing to devote my life to. 10/10 best girlfriend imaginable. Maybe there is a God that planned all of this.
All your posts are bait
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>You guys are either jealous, or unwilling to commit in a relationship.
Nigger she was willing to make up lies if you refuted her claims of engagement.

This isnt about commitement
uh oh

a liar is no good bruh no good

Just don't open that door on your way back and everything will be ok.
January? How are you going to plan a non-shitty wedding in <1 month?
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He's about to stick dick in crazy, which you should never do. Also, about this happy family shit, how do you know the mother doesn't just blackmail the father into keeping up a happy facade, just like your gf blackmailed you?
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I wouldn't listen to these people, OP. (I was around your previous thread.) She's not that crazy, it is more that her priorities are heavily biased towards you.

She wants to make you happy, but she really wants you to want her to be happy as much as she does to you.
She... wants you to want her to be happy.
And wants you to understand her and show her that you know this.

So, something very special and heartfelt/romantic that would impress her.

You can buy pre-1964 quarters off Ebay for abotut $20 a pair, these were made of silver, and look up a tutorial on how to make them into rings. One of a kind matching rings that YOU MADE YOURSELF. Think about that.

GL OP, you're living my dream.

Pic related, I assume she is only the top kind.
4chan now has the same ideaology about marriage as tattoos and piercings, and both of those are less taboo than marriage.
You're likely just as mentally fucked as your *fiance*. Good luck at couples' counseling!
Dibs on your pc after she turbo rapes you with a gorillium knife
You make absolutely no sense, as per usual, please leave.
I was going to call dibs on his will but she'll take everything anyways.
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>mfw when a autistic weeaboo makes a retarded bait thread twice and /adv/ bite it both times.

I've lost the hope on you guys.
R3fL3ktoR here.

When she say.. she get everything for Karácsony what she want..
Accept that..
reach to everyday in her life be the most happiest day.. every day in her life give her all love of you.. be the sacrefice for her when it needed.. be the man who give her freedom.. be the man who just love her that way on which no one else could it..

Thought in church married.
Dont do it man.
The church take your soul and your freedom when take on that place a promise.
I advice you.. dont do that.
Just please someone who both of you love enough to trust in and pleased him or her to say some words from her/him hearth.. kind of word what mean for him you two.. what think of your love.. what think of your life.. what think of your marriage..
Then when he say that words pleased he to both of you placed each other finger the ring.. or maybe not neceserry a ring.. maybe it's enough to you to make a tatoo.. or wear a necklance..
Ring is just old.. and boring.
And kind of this way.. i think in all of three you.. just created a real trinity.
You have word salad, I would get checked for early onset schizophrenia/psychosis if I were you.

Unlike most of 4chan, I have no need of being a master baiter anymore.

Dear god, I'm already making dad jokes.
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Thread images: 8

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