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Okay so here's the thing. I got a job this summer in a

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Okay so here's the thing.

I got a job this summer in a local restaurant as an assistant cook. I'm very new to all that as I literally got off school for that shit and I've hoped to get experience while helping other cooks out. I was also promised I was never going to be left alone to lead the entire kitchen by myself. However, it turns out my boss expected much more from me than I imagined: he expected me to learn how to make everything he has on the menu in literally a few days and often left me alone without no one helping me, and often it would end in a massive disaster. Because of this he literally put so much pressure and anger into me that I would come home from work extremely depressed. I've also had no free day since july up until a few days ago, and the working time are insane (up to 12 hours per day, 9 hours average)
To top it off, I've been promised a paycheck of approximately 440$, but was only given 280$ every month. He had temporarily closed the place down due to lack of tourists, and also didn't pay my last 2 paychecks because he claims he's indebted and can't pay it all off.

Should I leave this place and look for a job somewhere else? Or should I be patient and wait it out because he promises "I will prosper" if I stay at his restaurant once he reopens. I don't know, all this pressure, it's too much for me.

>got a job as an assistant cook
>boss expected me to be a professional in 2 days
>pressures me to insanity
>makes me work an insane amount of hours
>doesn't pay as much as he promised
>wants me to continue working at this place in these conditions

wat do?
What fucking country are you living in? I'm from Europe and there'd be a bloody scandal if someone worked under such conditions
I'm also European. But this is not a country-wise problem, because usually when I tell this to other people, they can't believe under which conditions I work in. The place is privately owned, so the boss does with it - and his employees - how he pleases. If he orders us to cook for his wife and kids at home - you better fucking do it or you'll get fired.
And yeah, this shit happens a lot.
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If the details of your pay are not written down and signed by both of you on some kind of contract, you are fucked and a fucking retard.

Unless you are working under the table, you need this shit in writing. If he fails, you take him to court and fuck him.

As it is now, it sounds like you are not going to make it whether you want to or not. There is no "prosperity" to be found in being an assistant cook unless you are working for some really upscale place.

That "indebted" shit is just a very convenient excuse that appeals to moralfags like you. His debts are not you're fucking concern. You do the work, he pays you however he can. If he can't pay you, it's because the place is going out of business or he knows you're a sucker.

Use your brain for a minute. Do you think a restaurant can prosper with an owner who is so fucking retarded at his financial book keeping that he can't pay his employees due to debts? Wages are part of the financial formula you use when you do business. The fact that he can't pay you means he's retarded.

You will burn yourself out if you stay. My advice? You stay and get as much training as you can from this guy. Learn some nice dishes, whatever, then bail the fuck out with the knowledge because you definitely ain't going to be leaving with much of a paycheck.
The thing is, there is a contract I sign every month. On it, it says clear in black and white how much money he agrees to pay me. But he always pays me at least 40% less.

I've wanted to get a job as an assistant cook and get experience, but under these conditions, there's no experience, only fear and pressure, ad at the end of the day I learn nothing.
So leave. Either you fight for the missing money, or you never look back. But leave.
I would probably feel really bad. I'm literally one of 4 members of the staff and before I came there the other guy literally worked for 12 hours per fucking day, every day, and the boss never bothered looking for anyone else.
Not your problem. You should all quit.
In a way, you're right. Still gonna wait and see if anyone has any other advice.
Leave, dude. I'm a cook myself, and it sounds like you're on a sinking ship.
The last time I stayed in a sinking restaurant, my boss filed for bankruptcy, and she still owes me $12,983 to this day. Find a place that treats cooks with a modicum of respect.
But where can I go where they can treat me with respect? Before I got this job I've been to 2 hotels where I was "taught" (actually used to clean fridges and do stupid shit not even meant for cooks), and was also not treated properly. Do I go to a restaurant or a hotel? There's much choice here, it's a famous tourist destination, but I don't know where I'd go where assholes aren't around.
I'm in a similar situation but a different line of work and I blame myself for it, because it was a bit longer than a couple days and I failed to stop it prematurely. I was expected to get my shit together in a few months, but on the level from a complete newbie intern to a $100k salary marketing professional. My boss is a maddening eccentric who doesn't understand the work involved and I find very hard to say no to. I'm working same hours, rarely eat lunch because I am too worried about my work, just got 3 days off the whole year, etc.

You should leave, like I am planning to do early next year. If you are like me, then what keeps you there is the inability to say no and take action against someone. Doesn't matter what nice words your boss says, you have to just put your foot down, otherwise you'll quite literally end up killing yourself. I can say that after a year of this, my health is nothing like it was. This nonsense is why smaller businesses can be dangerous.
Now that you mention, he does try and sound nice and promising, but he almost never delivers. This is probably why I can never say no to him. But he's been ravaging my private life and shit, unlike on your level. Once I saw one of his kids in a bus but I was too tired and sleepy to say hi, and you know what he did? He fucking went up to his dad and told him I dared not to say hi to my employer's son, and got scolded in front of the whole staff for it.
Yeah, my boss isn't like that — and he has done a few favors for me. Which is why I feel a little guilty about wanting to leave. But your situation sounds worse. You should definitely squash any reluctant feelings and just get the fuck out of there pronto. You were hired, it was a mutual agreement, you don't owe them anything beyond when and where that agreement ends.

IMO unless you're getting your next job from someone you know, the chance of the next job being crappy as well is about 50%, but it's a chance you have to take. Working multiple places will also probably build up your confidence and resistance level to this crap. Working at one shambles of a job for too long is liable to just mess you up, like mine has slowly with me.
Thanks for the advice. It really helps me out in these tough times. Best of luck to you too.
bump? bump.
LEAVE! I worked at some fucking place for three fucking years part time and it was hell. Same as you I needed to know how to do everything in a short amount of time, not a single day passes where I wasn't yelled at or scolded at. My boss literally said I was the stupidest person he ever met. He said shit like I had no brain, dumb ass, stupid, I should work on a farm. I fucking HATED every minute of it. He wouldn't give advice so much as make remarks like ''use your brain'', ''think smart'' or some half assed shit like that. I was seriously depressed and thought all that was true the whole time I was there. I was saving money and once I heard my friend needed a roommate across town I took that chance. He never thanked me once but then my friend started working for him and it was the same situation. Except my friend has a very bad and short temper, where as I absolutely do not like getting mad and am a pushover. He told my friend I was the best worker he ever had, only thing was he NEVER said that to me. I showed up everyday and only had 2 days out of 3 years that I couldn't show up. I did the most I could do but damned if I made a tiny mistake then I became the worst person. It was more personal too since it was just me and him the whole time. I became self employed immediately after moving and I know I wouldn't put up with that shit again. It's not good mentally and once your mindset is fucked your health will go too. I'm a goddamn person not a fucking robot, and you are too OP. On one hand I regret ever walking up to that place and asking for the job, and the other I wouldn't be self employed if I didn't save up that money and meet some friends on Sundays.

I hate that I put up with that for so damn long, I regret the time I lost there to an unappreciative old man. Don't feel bad if you leave, I thought I'd feel that too but my well-being isn't anyone elses priority but to myself. He'll find someone else to hound and demean right after you leave.
I don't mean this in the pejorative sense, but I think you may have some kind of mental disability. You're working for 280$ a month, doing 9-12 hour shifts, for which your boss is short changing you. And you ask if you should quit? Not only is what your boss is doing more than likely illegal, the fact that you are still working there baffles the mind.
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