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My country sucks. I just wish there was not so much corruption.

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My country sucks.
I just wish there was not so much corruption.

> People are very futile and influenced by the media

> Country without technological advancement, delayed education

> Rude people, who dirty the streets and have little notion of civility

> Politicians seem impressively only have one goal: to fuck you

> Absurdly It's unbelievable how the government sucks money from the population and it is not translated into improvements, and the people only know swear on the internet, nothing changes.

> Shitty music (not that I care too much about it, but nothing good is produced here)

> Idols shit (no major military or major political)

> Inverted values

> Value the bad

> A country where if you are not "trickster" and not knowing take advantage of everything, you are "stupid"

> Many drug traffickers.

> Just wanted to grow up in a different environment

> I am poor, although I have many ambitions in life. I just do not want to accept this vicious cycle of a sick society ...

Just wanted to maybe get out of here, or achieve success, take advantage of capitalism, and be successful financially and in all areas of a nice life ..

> What the Europeans and Americans is that almost all are different from Latin and African? Why their countries are so civilized? What is the secret of progress?

> Why they are polite and do not like to interfere in others' lives, unlike these backward societies with late minds?

> How would you live in a country of this? What do you think of corrupt nations and with a rude and foolish people?

> How to get out of this vicious cycle of mediocrity?

note: do not live in Africa, and I'm not nigga

I thank those who respond. Thank you anon's. I am grateful to 4chan for many things !! That's it!

Europe/the West plundered the gold and natural resources of Latin and North America for hundreds of years. Therefore, they became extremely wealthy. Therefore, they had the Industrial Revolution (technological improvement and economic growth) before everyone else did. And they figured out how to manage this tech improvement and economy before everyone else did. So that's why they're "civilized". Also "civilized" Britain/France/Spain fucked up and murdered/tortured millions of people in Latin America and Africa, so . . . those societies lost their wealth and resources/were massacred and fucked up = of course they're having trouble now. It takes a long time to undo the shit things the assholes in England/France/Spain perpetuated in Latin America and Africa.

So how to understand the development of the United States?

Yes, these countries were screwed. But today there is no breakthrough in people's minds, basically. I understand that these countries could try to create a new story, at least evolve as a society. Exploitation and failure is no excuse for a sick society, see Japan after so many disasters and wars ..
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Tell me the country, just curious
Are you from SEA? Are your Prime Minister involved in a huge money scandal recently?

USA is the child of England and follows the same path Europe follows. It developed as part of this exploitation/technological innovation process that France/England/Spain embarked upon in Africa and the New World. Furthermore, the USA continues to take resources and wealth from other countries to develop itself, although somewhat less brutally now.

Japan had millions of dollars poured into it to rebuild the society and restart the economy after their defeat in WW2.
Ok, but what about all the above reported problems
Because there are so many problems? It is not possible that all this is due only to the economic factor.
>Europe/the West plundered the gold and natural resources of Latin and North America for hundreds of years.
They were still using stone weapons when they came in with plate armor and firearms. At a certain point you need to admit a country is just stunted on a fundamental level.

I agree

They stole firearms from the Chinese and inherited metallurgy from the Middle East.

Do you really think they had a right to massacre entire civilizations and steal all their resources without enumeration just because they had guns?
a lot of it is cultural, America has no history of autocracy and has no primary culture, anyone who comes here and loves America is just as american as someone who can trace their heritage back hundreds of years.

This has created a system that values merit and ability rather than family ties or ethnic groups. While its true the rich are better off because of their connections we have no endemic corruption. I've often wondered what can be done to root out something like that, when I was in China I was stunned at how open everyone was about corruption, how can they be ok with that? How has that nation not descended into revolution?

Unfortunately OP I'm afraid I don't really have an easy answer for you. Are you in a position to get a university education, do you have connections in any western nation? Perhaps there could be ways for you to improve your lot and eventually find a better country to live in. Is that what you wish to do?
>they stole firearms from the chinese
wtf kind of argument is that

they were first exposed to gunpowder by the mongols who merely used it for seige weapons, and through centuries of experimentation developed ever more effective handheld firearms, like pic related a hand cannon from the Hussite wars of the early 15th century, a uniquely European invention.

Yes, maybe that's the best choice. And her story was very interesting.

The truth is that I want is exactly what you talked about the United States, just leave all this mediocrity and trace a new destination, a new story. I think about going to the United States or perhaps to Canada.
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Are you talking about Mexico?

Yeah, I meant to type "gunpowder", not "firearms".

The point is, the French/English/Spaniards had opportunities (ie access to gunpowder) that the indigenous inhabitants of the Americas did not have.
well where do you live now?

I hate to say it but unfortunately its very difficult to immigrate to America unless you have family here, have an education and years of experience, or are a member of the elite and can afford to come here to get educated.
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human sacrifice.jpg
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yes I think we can all agree that what the Spanish did to the meso-americans was fucked up but lets be real here, the Aztecs had a really shitty civilization


i'm talking about brazil

I am an American. I think that immigrants to our country enrich our society, and I welcome them! However, I am really disgusted by a comment like "do not live in Africa, and I'm not nigga". Don't come to the US if you think this way.
well isn't Dilma getting the axe soon, things should improve after that, no?

Man can believe I'll do anything to be integrated healthily in society
I do not want to be another Brazilian or nigger cancers that destroys other people's society

I just need an opportunity.

I know in Europe is much more difficult, then it could only be in the US or Canada, perhaps in Oceania

all right, man I understand that racism is something outdated

But it is almost instinctive that I have this thought every day I hear black outs in the top of the slums and nigger who intimidate citizens for drug trafficking.
start reading, maybe there's a way

The problem is not the Dilma
Brazil has been the shit for several decades and 98% of the entire political class thinks only rob you

outside the press sold to great corporations
marry an american and get them to sponsor you

thank you
But I did not want to go to America to work as a clerk mcdonalds

I have a technical course of Electronics, this can help?
professional courses which you suggest me to do here in Brazil before going out of here?
to get a work visa you need to have a job offer from a US company, the only exceptions are for (from the state dept website)

1. Persons with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. Applicants in this category must have extensive documentation showing sustained national or international acclaim and recognition in their fields of expertise. Such applicants do not have to have specific job offers, so long as they are entering the U.S. to continue work in the fields in which they have extraordinary ability. Such applicants can file their own Immigrant Petitions for Alien Worker, Form I-140, with the USCIS.

2. Outstanding professors and researchers with at least three years experience in teaching or research, who are recognized internationally. Applicants in this category must be coming to the U.S. to pursue tenure, tenure track teaching, or a comparable research position at a university or other institution of higher education. The prospective employer must provide a job offer and file an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, with the USCIS.

3. Multinational managers or executives who have been employed for at least one of the three preceding years by the overseas affiliate, parent, subsidiary, or branch of the U.S. employer. The applicant’s employment outside of the U.S. must have been in a managerial or executive capacity, and the applicant must be coming to work in a managerial or executive capacity. The prospective employer must provide a job offer and file an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140, with the USCIS.

does any of that sound like you?

In fact I think no haha. But man, I do not think that should be all that hard. A woman of my street is living there because it works in a low position tourism in Brazil. I think the great asset it was simply speak English
And an aunt of mine was sent by the company, these two women were sent by their companies and were there.
but the truth is that none of them was an employee of high rank.
Relax, OP.
Trump is going to save us all, seriously. He's literally going to save the world, just wait.
unless you're an elite or some kind of genius immigrating to America is pretty much impossible without family there to sponsor you. Thankfully though there is a way around that, make your own family. Find an American girl (or guy now that we have same sex marriage) and marry her/him. Since a spouse is considered next of kin they can sponsor you for a green card and eventually citizenship.

Now get out there and sleep your way to the top.

Trump is literally American Hitler. History repeats.
more like American Berlusconi

Did Berlusconi ever suggest barring all practitioners of one religion from entering the country, and putting all of them that are already here on a government register?
I totally understand your situation OP, I'm one of your SA neighbours and at first I thought you were talking about my country.
My answer would be education. Education and self-development are everything (at least for me), and I don't necessarily mean going to school or to courses. Just enrich yourself, read a lot, stay up to date with the things happening around your country and the world. If your country is not making any progress then make yourself be the one who is making it. Everything you do for yourself now will always have its benefits in the future.
I'm in a similar situation than yours, let's just hope we can improve ourselves and make our way to a better life. Good luck man.

Spot-on comparison, then. It just freaks me out to see how many people are getting on Trump's crazy train, though. Whether he wins or not, I think it's a sign that we've got some shitty years ahead of us
not to completely hijack OP's thread but some see Trump's longevity as proof that we all underestimated him, its only proof that we underestimated the stupidity of republican primary voters. There is literally no change of him being able to win a general election. The demographics just aren't there to win when the only group you can carry is white men. I read an article not long ago that was putting forth the fact that Bernie Sanders actually has more supporters than Donald Trump because there are so many more democrats than republicans in the country.

Right, but still, the numbers behind him are an indication that everyone's gone fear-crazy again just like after 9/11, and Ted Cruz is going to be smart enough to tap into that voter base in a slightly less insane tone of voice. Trump's not actually going to win, but if we end up with any president catering to that crowd, things could very easily go off the rails again like 2002-2004
>and Ted Cruz is going to be smart enough to tap into that voter base in a slightly less insane tone
LOL, Cruz is the man who literally said he wanted to nuke Raqqa
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us immigration.jpg
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read this
I just literally read Mexico
top kek i fucking knew it
improve your fucking English, your direct translation from Portuguese is showing

>because instead of why because you're retarded and think all porquês are the same
>transitividade verbal ruim everywhere

nah, she's not /exactly/ the issue (shes awful, but not the source of our problems). the alternatives are actually worse.
sounds like you live in The United States
Damn that sounds like you live in every country with a poor/middle class. Must be horrible.

vai tomar no cu !! :)

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proud to be portuguese

and i put my dick on y mother ass ;)
Ok guy

I understand you're dissatisfied with the situation in you country ... The only advice could i give is to search for a place where you feel good. If there is not a nation, so it is an immigrant, but be sure to have a better situation outside your country.
The problem is corruption and a lack of a meritocracy.

There are post colonial countries that were exploited by greater powers and they're alright today.
There are greater powers that exploited natural resources in a lot of other countries and they're shit today.

Western countries, contrary to the lamentations of some hypocritical progressives, are the least corrupt and most meritocratic countries in the world. Meanwhile hypocritical conservatives want to congratulate themselves on a job well done by leeching away aspects of that meritocracy and turning blind eye to corruption, but that's another rant.

Simply put, when your society is corrupt and not meritocratic individuals find it harder to achieve success through their own actions.
On a large scale this leads to too many people not working productively (that is, working well enough to produce a surplus that can then be traded with other people)
Everybody looks out for themselves and because they live in a corrupt society it benefits them only to be meddle with people and never to produce.

Culture and Rule of Law prevent this.
Laws can do a lot but you need a supplementary culture to fill in the gaps that Laws don't quite cover.
Laws need to be enforced, which takes money- money pays wages for police and lawyers, pays for education of professionals etc

Population pressure seems to be a big thing as well. Some countries are productive and successful it appears solely because what resources they have aren't stretched too thinly across their population: compare Angola to Namibia.

What about Germany, Scandinavia or Switzerland? Why are they successful?
What about Russia? Why is it endemically corrupt and unsuccessful?

There's more to it than colonialism.
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Thread images: 7

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