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Stupid Question From a Dumb Idiot Moron Loser

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/adv/, help me. I'm so pathetic. How the hell do I text somebody that I've never met before and know nothing about without making a total pasta-palooza out of it? I am by no means people-centric. I'm incredibly awkward and if there were ever a contest for worst at initiating conversations with people, I would win first place.

>how do i text someone i have never met

you'll have to give us more context.

>hey bb you want some fugg

doesn't work if this is for someone ur trying to buy a car from off of craigslist, or a potential new employer looking for seasonal help.
Do you have an actual reason to text them? Or are you just trying to say "hi" and get to know them?
Why are you texting people you don't know? If I for whatever reason was texting someone I didn't know my first text would be:

"Hey is this (name of whoever I'm texting)? This is (my name)."

And if even this text seems psychotic, I'd probably further explain how I got their number if they replied to the first text.
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Oh gosh I'm so sorry for the lack of detail my bad. Okay, so quick backstory:
>mom's doctor is a pretty chill guy
>go with her to appointments sometimes
>he tells me some pretty cool stories and gives good life/academic advice from time to time
>he's literally one of the only people i can hold an interesting/engaging conversation with
>recently he suggested that his daughter and i start hanging out
>gives me her number
What do

my recommendation? and this is probably ONLY my recommendation. talk to him and ask if he'd be willing to set you guys up on a (almost) blind date. its just as awkward, sure, but it gives her a chance to actually meet you instead of just being like 'why is this guy texting me if hes never met me this is really weird'.

its an old concept but one she might be more receptive to. cuz until she meets you she has no reason to think you anything worth talking to. her biggest thing is goign to be 'why does he wnat to talk to me so bad'.

whereas if her dad says ' i met a nice young man id like to set you up with' someones drawing conclusions for her. someone outside of you two says 'you two might make a good match'.

chances are he'd go for it (assuming he gave you her number hoping someone like you would date someone like her) cuz hes gotta be a bit older and appreciate this sort of thing.
[spoiler]I-I'm a girl. I'm sorry. I just want to be friends with her.
And my mom doesn't have another appointment to see her doctor until about a month and I have absolutely no other way of seeing him. I guess he figured we'd get along cause we're both kind of bookish. I'm so sorry, I feel like I'm making things more complicated than they need to be.

no, ur not, its an odd situation people dont really find themselves in. i assumed you wanted to date this lady, but ur just tryna make friends. hmmm, this is tough. have you considered just adding her on facebook?
I don't have any sort of social media unfortunately, I'm sorry

lol of course not. i guess the best you can do is ask her dad if shes a fan of any particular books you like, then jsut text her like 'hi femanon, i know this is weird but your dads my doctor and he said you really liked the XX book series! barely anyone i know even reads, let alone reads that, so he gave me your number becuase I was hoping to tlak to you about them, hope thts okay!

then wait her response.
Aah, thank you so so much. I kind of said fuck and decided to text her just now. I'm so nervous.

good luck.
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