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My parents want me to finish this year of university before getting

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My parents want me to finish this year of university before getting a job. They want me to focus on studying 100%. I want to get a job now since I'm 23. They are a couple of psychos that can't be reasoned with and threaten to leave me or kick me out if I don't do what they want.
What should I do?
I want to set them on fire in their sleep. They are freaking me out.
Call their bluff and leave

Be like ok well I am getting a job then, bye.
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Boo fucking hoo, your parents who are supporting you financially don't want you to work while attending school.

Real bunch of psychos.
Finish what, your degree? Your general-ed? Either sounds like a remarkably good idea.

If money is the reason why you can't save the world right this fucking second, then put ten pounds of your most valuable possessions in a sack and carry it out with you while you hit the road so you can get a job. Otherwise, ace those tests tomorrow and find your lucrative career the day following.
It's a "good idea" but not something the average person respects where I live. I'm not a respectable human being because I don't have a job. I'm basically incapable of doing anything besides studying (and even in my studies people think I'm weird for not having a job). It might help me in the long run but it makes all social interaction a torture when the subject comes up. Studying without working is a decision I don't respect even myself so I have no excuse for it other than pleasing my parents. There's no way to make sense out of it without people thinking I'm lazy or childish or a loser.
so im getting called inconsiderate and unreliable by my roomate. the thing is that she doesnt lift a finger at all; rather she bitches at me for my failure to maintain the house. further, my other roomate is the messiest member of the group, and it seems as if he receives no culpability for this and is not pressured in the same way. coincidentally the two roomates have a sexual relationship.

i feel like im being treated unfairly: i find myself being made to wash dishes and clean everyones mess, then told again a few days later like they forgot who did it last. if i contend, my character is called into question.

i can honestly say i have never seen her do any sort of cleaning past the first week: at least the messy roomate eventually cleans up.

how do i get her to understand that she is being a cunt to me?

tl;dnr i live with an authoritarian sjw
OP, had a somewhat similar experience.

My parents wanted me to go to college and not work. I told them, that's not going to work. I had a lot of hollow threats of them kicking me out, ext. Bottom line they weren't paying for my college education. I just started working and eventually landed a full time tech job. I literally had one year of college left before I dropped out. I wasn't going anywhere. Sure I may need a degree someday, but having a 4 year lull of not working would have been way worse. No experience, no job, that's how it works here.

So OP you have two choices, stand your ground and just do it or let your parents control your life. Keep in mind they probably won't do shit. Get a part time job and go to college, it's really not hard at all, or alternatively get an internship.

be happy they'll cover your living expenses so you can do the best in shcool and not over work yourself.

having cash ready would be nice, but if you really want cash, open up a school business. i made money by talking to obviously non-computer savvy people and downloading them movies and TV shows off the internet.

instead of 20 bucks a movie at the store, i do 20 bucks a load. 20 bucks gets you up to 20 movies. then of course new movies come out and they wanna see that too.

you can get a lot of business if you just keep it away from other helpful nerds.
You don't. You move out and find better people to live with, or stay in your room without touching anything in the kitchen/bathroom/living room.
Thanks! Actually I did something similar by teaching kids some math and English for a few bucks but that was long ago now.
I'll guess I'll try to see the bright side of it even though nearly everyone under 30 years old doesn't respect me because of it.

Dude. A degree can get you a BETTER job. You have to understand that sometimes, when you're trying to do something difficult, people are going to shit on you because they want to bring you down to their level. It makes them jealous to see one of their peers growing faster and further than they've been able to.

You'd be an idiot to throw away a college education that's been handed to you on a silver platter. If you're in an environment where people are mocking you because you're getting a degree instead of working a 9 to 5 at Costco, then you're in an environment that you need to escape. Fuck those people. Don't let anybody hold you back like that. There's a whole world out there for you if you have a little bit of ambition.

you think being a cashier at wal mart is going to make them respect you anymore? stop caring. jobs are about moeny, not respect.
Actually yes it would make them respect me more. You said yourself that money matters so making my own money is more respectable than using my parents' money.

money matters to you, not other people. no ones going to look at you and think 'wow you make 7.25 an hour? BEFORE TAXES?

they are going to look at you and say 'lol he works at mcdonalds'.

stop worrying about what other people think. you get money to pay for your own expenses. dont waste your life trying to make other people respect you, especially not over somethign as stupid as an entry level job. you are in college. the vast majority of you are unemployed.

You ever heard the phrase "gotta spend money to make money?" Four years is not a long time. Your parents are making a smart investment in your future. A degree will open you up to real careers that can earn you real money. Not some shitty unskilled 9 to 5 minimum-wage job.

People won't "respect" you if you quit your studies and start working at Wal-Mart. It'll make them feel better about themselves. The won't think, "Now, there's a real man earning his own money!" They'll think, "Not such a big shot now, huh, college boy? Not so much better than us now, are you?"

Don't kid yourself. These people don't want the best for you. Your parents do. You're already in the middle of your studies, just go ahead and finish what you started. I know you're young and impatient, but FOUR YEARS IS NOT A LONG TIME. A lifetime of minimum wage is a loooooong time.
I see. What most people i know do is study at a slower pace or at the same pace as me while also working at the same time (either a full time or part time job). When they manage to do that they are normal respectable people. I'm moving at an average pace while not having a job which kind of puts me behind the average because it means I can't handle studying and working, and I have no money of my own.
I'm supposed to be able to do both.
I don't plan to drop out to have a job, just to get a job and try to keep my pace with studies (which will be hard as hell but people manage to do it) or at least do half the number of subjects I usually do.

If they could afford to study without working, if their parents could & would do what your parents are doing, they'd do the same as you. You got lucky. It's not "fair," and sometimes that causes other people to look down on you, but you don't just throw your advantages away to avoid jealousy. If they could switch places with you, they would. Be thankful and make the most of what you're given.
dude, what the fuck. whining about being financially supported for 4 years while you work on something that could get you a great high paying job when you graduate, all because it makes you "feel uncomfortable when people ask you about it"

you need to work on your self esteem and social issues it sounds like. your situation is great.

think of all the people who dont have parents to support them like that, either 1.) working like 30 hours a week on top of school, having to manage their job with studying and having 0 free time for social life or hobbies, and 2.) people who just flat out dont go to college and get stuck in their McDonalds job forever because their parents kicked them out and they can only work to support themselves
you are a fucking retard at 23 years old and you should be grateful your parents are looking out for you.
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