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To all the former stoners, does life get better once you quit

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To all the former stoners, does life get better once you quit smoking?
I quit a week ago (might not seem long but its the longest I've gone without weed in over a year and a half) and everything seems so boring and dull. Will it get better with time?
What do you usually do all day?
It's o.k.
I've been mostly sober for almost a month (used it twice since then)
Overall I find that my motivation has increased a lot. I was using weed to escape from my problems and emotions, and now I'm forced to face them. It's alright
Also to answer your question, yes, it does get better. I'm experiencing the world with a clear, sober, adult mind instead of the childish dopey one I had before. Idk that's just me tho

Well back when I smoked I didn't get much done, as I would get high and then waste the rest of the day away playing video games or hanging out with my stoner friends, which is why I quit. I didn't get anything done.
I haven't smoked weed since about 2006. Frankly, I don't miss it.

Smoking is an easy way to escape from uneasy situations like boredom or stress. But it doesn't help. Instead, try to focus your energies on bettering yourself. For example, if you're bored, take up a hobby like learning a language.
ever consider just smoking on your days or nights off?

Start getting shit done. The great thing about weed is that it makes boredom fun, with very few negative consequences. The terrible thing about weed is that it makes boredom too much fun, which makes it much too easy to put off things you want to accomplish in your free time.

Just start setting goals for yourself, break them into manageable steps that you can accomplish on a day-to-day basis. I find it really helps to write things out. I never used to be an organized person, but it really helped me get my life together. Make a to-do list for each day, post it up on the wall somewhere you can see it, and cross things off when you do them. If you've crossed everything off that list, you can do whatever the fuck you want. But learn to set your priorities and keep yourself disciplined. Drugs don't have to be a bad thing, but they'll slow you down and get in your way if you're not organized.

I would still study for school, go to the gym, do household chores, and practice guitar/write music, but I wasn't doing those things nearly enough and frankly I feel like weed made me less motivated, which is why I quit. But anyways I just want to know if life gets better, because although I've been more productive this last week, I've also been way more bored and way more stressed out

Yes it does. Once you get a couple months in you'll realize how hazy minded and lazy weed truly makes you

the issue is likely that you've forgotten how to do anything fun. pot allows sitting on your couch staring at your ceilign and watching stupid crap seem like epic adventures of hilarity and coolness. in real life now you are just sitting on your couch watching youtube videos and bad TV.

considering how expensive a hobby pot can be, especially considering you smoke it extremely frequently, try investing that money in new hobbies.

i recommend projects that have an end game, but of course random fun helps.

projects with endgame give you a sense of fulfillment. its a different kind of happy. writing books, drawing comics, making a movie, an audio play, building something, painting something, remodeling something, etc. all have an end game. they have a goal you can reach.

a comic requires you to finish acertain number of issues to tell a story. just drawing doodles for fun leads to you sitting around getting bored.

but of course, also fun stuff, lasertag, going out to the movies, beach, meet ups (dot com) etc. to find what you like other than pot.

also, try to savor moments on a daily basis. let me find my copy pasta for that.

this was typed up for depression, but its a trick that helps you change your frame of mind and what your brain processes as a good or bad experience. so in your case, with life being dull without pot, you can train your brain to find normal life happy.

>savor the moment

sounds lame, right? but try this

>stop what you are doing
>take a deep breath
>take like 3 really good long ones
>then think about the last time you were sick
>that sucked right?
>remember how you couldn't breathe?
>it was awful
>so take a few more breaths
>and think about how enjoyable it is to breath.

congrats. you savored your first moment. if you do this often, it tricks your brain into thinking that an automatic function of your body like breathing is an enjoyable experience. it interprets just breathing as happy.

so now
>open your phone
>pick two random times each day for the next week
>set them to just vibrate
>now every time your phone vibrates (twice a day for the next week)
>you know to stop what you are doing and savor the moment.

for instance

>eating food

think about how delicious

>just moping in bed

think about how comfy

>in class

think about how interesting the lecture is

>listening to a song

really groooove into it.

just be happy. if you absolutely cannot find anything to be happy about, take deep breaths and enjoy that.

It'll make you happy, and keep you positive.
Yeah dude, I haven't smoked for 2 years and it's great. Just try and find some friends who don't smoke, but still play video games and play with hoola hoops and eat popcicles on a sidewalk man
Not a stoner, but my friend quit smoking weed and took up the gym, and he seems much happier with himself.
I like being sick. It's an excuse to completely avoid responsibility, play video games and eat soup. Thinking about being sick just reminds be that I have a bunch of stupid bullshit I'm obligated to do to pay rent and feed myself.

>i like being sick
>play video games and eat soup

thats something i enjoy about when i get sick too, and i tend to savor those moments as well. but generally speaking when you have a cold and your nose is stuffed and you cant breathe, there is that moment of utter frustration where you wish you could.

if ur too retarded to focus on that cuz you also remember other things, then okay.

Yeah. People always say weed isn't addictive, but if you're a heavy smoker trying to quit, there's definitely a "withdrawal period" where your brain will attempt every possible tactic to talk you into smoking some more weed. This generally lasts one or two months. It's going to feel like forever, but it really isn't, and it's worth it. You're going to be shocked at how much you can actually do in 24 hours when you've got a clear head.
I started smoking weed when I was 12. I'm 22 now.

I quit in November of 2014, so it's been a little over a year.

I definitely noticed a difference initially. I slept better, ate more consistently, was able to concentrate more, stopped forgetting what I was talking about in the middle of a sentence, etc.

I quit because my mom smokes cigs and I wanted to show her how easy it was to stop. I stopped smoking entirely, she never did. In my eyes, at the time, weed wasn't holding me back in anyway. In hindsight, it definitely was. It's not the worse thing for you, but you really shouldn't do it.

Also, dependency on anything is a sign of a weak mind.
I guess I just don't really think about my body much unless I'm brought into awareness of it due to unpleasantness. So being stuffed up or sore throat doesn't really bother me.

sounds to me like you are just being difficult. its not that hard to say 'i am breathing right now. it is much better than when in could not breath. it feels good to take a deep breath'.

but on the other hand, good for you.
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>already have all of the bad things associated with heavy marijuana use but have never smoked before
i am currently 29, and i have been smoking daily since age 16. my life does not suck, by any means. weed may be a convenient scapegoat for some, but ultimately, it is the individual that determines the quality of their life, not whatever substances they choose to use/abuse.
am i the only one here that actually uses weed to get motivated?

Any menial task is instantly made fun when youre high. as an engineering student, during my study times its crazy how quickly I read and retain information. I can easily understand big ideas and complex concepts. And the amount of awareness i have regarding my school, and life in general is very noticeable. but when im sober ill find myself rereading a paragraph trying to decipher it.
Used to burn through a quad a week for a year. Quit around 2 weeks ago and now I just feel less lazy and more motivated to go out more I guess. I don't really miss it
>Also, dependency on anything is a sign of a weak mind
I disagree. why would you let yourself become dependent on it? this is what makes you weak minded

I hear this a lot from potheads and honestly its pretty hard to believe. I know many (MANY) potheads in real life, multiple in my family, and all of them use the same excuse while any sober person can tell how lazy and burnt out they truly are, not to mention almost all of those potheads I know have said at one time or another that they wish they could cut back/quit altogether. Not saying everyone who smokes is a lazy sack of shit, but having a regular or even semi regular weed habit has more cons than pros
Been sober for a year, I suffer from depression and that was my clutch. I can't afford medicine and to be honest that helped me not want to kill myself everyday. I also did not smoke it daily, maybe once a week. But now I cant smoke because my partner doesn't like it. I don't know what to do. It's either that or losing this 2 year relationship, which helps a little but weed never makes you feel like shit.
I go through a quarter a week, wake and bake every damn day. I started when i was 20 and am 25 now. During those times I took 3 t breaks, each one lasting about 3-4 months.

Moderation is the secret. Honestly too much of anything is bad. even drinking an excess amount of water can kill you. and we cant live without it either! aint that some shit...

I would have long, hotbox sessions every night with my friends. and i hated it. at the start of each session is fun cuz were getting high, but eventually the high wears off and I get sleepy and tired. but we kept smoking anyway because we thought we were cool or some shit. Like I can take the high. Its easy for me to control my high. no matter how much thc i consume I promise you i will never freak out or have a bad high. i can definitely handle it. but smoking like 5 blunts in a row is never going go get me higher. its only going to hurt my throat and make me tired. I would much rather smoke one blunt, go do something that i need to do, sober up after a couple hours then just get high again and do something else that seems fun.

constantly smoking for no reason we all eventually realized was dumb. it drained my money. and my friends money as well. we were constantly broke because we were always smoking.

recently within the last year, my friends and i all agree that we were doing that shit in excess way too much.
cont.. that being said, I hope i never have to quit getting high. I found a great balance that works for me and i intend to stick to it.

What do you do for a living?
Mine did.
After 2 or 3 months, I noticed that I was much smarter. I could remember things better, read faster, and I just thought things through in a more thorough way. Hard to explain.

Nowadays, the idea of getting stoned and sitting around sounds boring to me.

You just have to get over the hump, OP.

Try and find hobbies that help you enjoy this new clarity. Reading, for example.

Also, exercise; it'll help you get the full benefits of a sober mind.
Work at costco, and im studying for my BS in comp engr.

Good luck with your degree. I'm not saying you're full of shit, but I've known a lot of potheads and smoked plenty myself, and you'd be the first person I've met with a quarter-a-week daily habit who actually had their shit together. There's nothing WRONG with it, I've gone through phases myself, but I think if you're really honest with yourself, you gotta admit you could be doing better.
It did for me.

I quit smoking like 2 years ago when I realized my life was going nowhere and I needed to become financially stable & into adulthood.

It's been great, I get a lot of gratification from doing 'life' things.

The brain fog went away after about a year. It's been really, really nice to think clearly. I will literally never smoke again -not because i "shouldnt"- but because I dont want to.
thank you im almost there. i got like a year worth of core classes then im done.

>you gotta admit you could be doing better
not in my personal experience. for example, ive been overweight my entire life. bout a year and a half ago i weight at my max, 256 lbs. that day pretty much changed my life. If anything has brought me confidence that hard work pays off its loosing 60 lbs in about 7 months by holding a strict diet every day, counting calories, and working out....in my basement......using nothing more than a couple of 15lb dumbells, a few chairs or benches to do dips and push ups. no bullshit gym. dead serious. i was even smoking the entire time. I did alot of cardio and a lot of calisthenics. I heard somewhere that weed helps with your metabolism so maybe that aided my weight loss. as of today ive lost a total of like ~92 lbs.

and as ive mentioned before i am much more efficient at school work when im high. so i honestly cannot see how things could be different.
back before i was smoking i was playing wow all day and fapping and visiting /b/ every day. Its just that as i get older, i start to prioritize things in my life differently. all weed does is it gives me a newer perspecitve on things.

so as long as im not forced to quit because of some legals issues or medical issues or whatever....i see no reason to quit. i dont see why life has to be different without weed. once you realize that YOU are in control of YOUR life and not some stupid fucking plant, you start to see things differently. Me choosing to work out hard as hell and not become a 300lb . is what motivated me. weed did not influence that decision. all weed taught me was that i should stop being a pussy ass bitch whenever negativity enters my life and try to see the positives.
A drug is a drug is a drug. Not saying weed is as bad as alcohol, tobacco, etc. but doing any drug on a regular basis will cause more harm than good
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