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Convincing a Professor to Change a Grade

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Hey, /adv/, this is my first time on this board, but it's probably about the most confusing and difficult situation I've been in for a long time, and I seriously need good advice. Please listen as I explain the situation.

For a level-3 Poli. Sci. class I'm taking there was a standard research paper I had to write and I felt I did a pretty good job on it, having worked, researched, and edited my way through it for a solid month. Now the teacher hands it back to us, and I got a mother****** C+.

Now, I know for a fact that I'm a good writer, and I also did comprehensive research on the topic. It turns out she took away all those points purely because of my supposed citation problems, namely, that I did not cite enough academic journals and too many news sources. Now, without boring you about the details, I asked her clearly whether I could have used the sources I did and in the ways that I did and previously received her permission, but now she is twisting her way out of it, claiming her permission was "relative," "not what I thought", etc, etc.

Basically, she is a Spaniard that has a poor handle on english, and is somewhat arrogant, and doesn't understand she explicitly gave me permission to do something that she took 45 points /100 away for. How do you convince someone like this that they're wrong and argue your way to at least a B+ or higher? How to deal with narrow-minded teachers who hold your future in their hands and irresponsible about it? Everyone who did my topic received a bad grade from her for mostly the same reason, and I think we have a good case to bring to the admin. to have our work regraded. Do I try to convince her myself still, and how would I do that, or do I not bother and go with the appeals process?
Do you have her permission in writing/email form?
Yes, I do, which I think is clear enough that the admin. would side with me on the issue, but I'd like to try to convince her I think.
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Okay, start by begging her for a regrade, or an incomplete. Subtly let her know you will be taking this one to the administration if she doesn't capitulate. Get everything in writing.
Ok, I have written an email to the dept. admin. mentioning this problem, which should put some pressure on her then.
No, you are supposed to start by asking the professor.
No no, that's hilarious. He did it right, now he just needs to drop a subtle hint to the teacher.

That's the equivalent of a mafia guy in a movie kicking the husband's teeth in, turning to the wife and going "You'll pay us. You wouldn't want anything bad happening to him, would you?"
I did that as well.
At this point, I'm thinking, wouldn't emailing the dean as well be good to put pressure on her? The formal process is long and tedious, and she may be more inclined to resolve it with me then.
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It doesn't matter now, the die is cast. OP just needs to be ready to accept the chance for an Incomplete if it is offered.
Stop. You've already emailed the department head. Wait to see what happens here before pulling out all stops.
Stick to formal process, it's there for a reason.
Ok, to all, I sent a message to the professor and I subtly implied I would go for the formal process if the issue wasn't decided between us. To back that up, I also sent a short email to the dept. head notifying him about the issue.
I will post here if I get a reply from either.
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