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how do you put up with other people when discussing a political

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how do you put up with other people when discussing a political anything?
Everytime I go on facebook I see fallacies being spammed everyone and completely moot points
Its so depressing.
Or headliners that read "first pregnant men ever gives birth to 3 kids" and obviously its just a tranny.
Or Someone takes the time to construct a decent counterargument and then someone will reply making it personal "u only say that becoz ure ugly"
I know we do this shit on 4chan too, but we do it ironically or to get rid of newfags but these people are seriously like this. That is how they think they win an argument. They act on feelings without any rationale.


I dont want to be a part of this. This is all going nowhere, the governments and the conspiracy bred us for stupidity, dumb people are easy followers

How do you put up with unintelligent people?
I feel as though I should just completely cut them off out of my life
Just be patient; when Trump loses to Hillary in a landslide the right-wingers will be forced to confront reality and that includes the fact that Internet trolling doesn't win elections.
>How do you put up with unintelligent people?
delete facebook.
problem solved.
they are also a daily occurense at work, and in public

You wouldn't know this, but you're exactly who OP is talking about.

When you make it through the teen years you soon realize that you are not above anyone else, and there a far smarter people out there than yourself. Stupid people come and go, and seeing them on social media isnt the end of the world
Of course. OP came on 4chan to complain, instead of turning off her computer.
As for you OP, don't slink away in disgust. Tackles these people head on, and engage with them.

You can help them come to more rational and profound conclusions about the nature of things, and can even learn things you did not know in the process of this.
My roommate is a huge lefty, i just avoid the subject politics with her and we get along fine.
What's your deal actually? Saying shit like Hillary will beat Trump, but posting maps of Mexican Cartel influence?
Maybe you did, but not me, I generally score high on IQ tests and I get compliments on my intelligence quite frequently, teachers have often told me Im probably theyre smartest student infront of classes and Ive been tested for being a genius (I wasnt THAT smart)
well this is 4chan and hes wuite the obvious troll.
IF this were say a genuine forum about discussing politics and he came in like that and actually thought he was making valid points and contributing, then it would bother me, because you cant explain to most dumb people why they are being stupid.
Ignorant people on the other hand just need more information

Get off your high horse kid, you're no special snowflake.

You even use 'They're' in the wrong context, i doubt a genius would make such a simple mistake right?
I never say this, but I think you would fit in over at 8 chan's /pol/.

The quality of posting there is vastly superior, and your style and approach tells me that you would both fit right in and be an asset to the community. Feel free to start a thread for your inquiries, you might be surprised by the responses you get.
yeah because geniuses dont make mistakes and were all perfect native english speakers, nice logical thinking m8
Sure Im not special, but Im smarter than most

were drifting away from the main point here
I'll post the Electoral College results after the election in 2016. I'm not a time-traveler.
I genuinely do not understand why you believe that.
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OK, OP, let me tell you what my father told me
>Most people are pretty good people: tend to be honest, tend to be trustworthy; want to do the right thing. In an emergency many of them will be pretty clever about things if they aren't panicked.
>BUT! Most people don't actually think. Driving a car; doing their job; cooking dinner; even time with their family. They are reacting out of habit, instinct, and emotion
>And this is usually more than OK. Who really wants to think hard about driving to work? But they get in the habit of thinking at that 'lower level' or habit, instinct, and emotion
>Where it gets tricky is in stuff like politics. the vast majority of people are using only that 'lower level' thinking but, like in everything else, are CONVINCED they are deep thinkers who are correct.
>Challenges to their positions are felt emotionally because they are only thinking with their emotions. Disagreement = attack; agreement = smart, even if it is utter bullshit
>Even politicians do this; maybe especially politicians.
>The worst part is, there are a certain percentage of people who don't WANT to switch to higher level thinking; they resent it and will hate you for trying it.
>So understand that for 99.9% of people politics is purely emotional and trying to change their minds is, to them, an attack
>Oh, and you might be in that group, too, so be really careful before you call other people stupid
Sure I sometimes can get emotional too when discussing something I care about, however I do refrain from fallacies

Anyway thankyou for your reply, it makes some sense and I guess I can find a little bit of peace with it.

People are often too emotional Sure not being emotional is seen as cold, but if you want to solve things you need to be rational. A rational thinker will get shit done.
>Missing the point
Let's try a little example
Are you an American?
If so, what political party to you generally agree with
If not, what country and what local party?
well I personally dont agree with any of the parties, they all have major downsides and never make their promises true anyway, I guess Im more right wing and Im against immigration, and Im from the Netherlands
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Not sure if stupidity is more or less the problem here OP. From what I'm reading it sounds like you're in a similar boat as me, that being people just seem to have too many opinions. Every time I get on social media it always seems like people are saying "if you dont do X you're scum" or "Everybody knows Y is right because X is wrong." Shit like that just makes me regret even getting a facebook or twitter. As for advice I would just say take it for what it is, in this day and age you wont be able to go anywhere without someone sharing (or shoving) their opinion. I simply tell myself "oh hey, another person who feels obliged to say how they feel. Thats nice" and I just keep moving. Trust me OP, its easier that way.
>>16549486 I thought this way since I was very little, now I know I was right. Your father is a wise man.
my problem is that their opinions are based on dumb, flawed arguments.
that often goes for both right and left.
Rarely do you see constructive critisms, no it always boils down to personal attacks against one another.
Hahaha als je rechts bent ben je net zo erg als die mensen op Facebook.
haha :P
1. So from my experience, literally everyone and everything is stupid in some way or another. Incomprehensible stupidity.
2. Go with being the incarnate of an ancient Greek philosopher sent to try straighten out some of the stupidity, see nonsense? Stick it to them, Out logic the idiots and soon they won't post as much stupid shit as they will be concerned about their pride taking a beating by your phat logic skillz. Do your part for this species. Remember humility and respect while doing so, those two things will basically keep you on side with others on similar lines.
3. Aim here is to work towards unity. Bringing the negative asshats and positivity fairylanders into peaceful cohabitation. While keeping the peace as such.
4. Base arguments from the standpoint of what would be acceptable when discussed 1 BILLION years into the future. As if you have a Universal Moral Court backing you. There is almost unbelievable social conditioning and biases prevalent in these times, aim for equality and shoving hammers up the anuses of asshats trying to sound clever/righteous.

5. EAT THEIR PRIDE. OM NOM NOM NOM. Stick to logic and they will lose, when they start the personal attacks, you win and score their balance points and their souls. So ya know. Keep at it and save someone not as resilient from dealing with their shit.
When dealing with others that communicate with logic, you will rarely run into problems other than with static/stagnate logic systems, individuals that somehow forget the 'keep learning' line, like always, NEVER going to know everything, as people are constantly changing if nothing else.

Probably some other shit. Either way. Keep going, idiots are idiots. Think of them as tests and blocks before your life gets awesome.

Positivity/Peace, Sincerity/Sweetness, Honesty/Heart = Unity.
Thread posts: 29
Thread images: 6

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