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random weird feeling

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This has happened to me ever since i was a kid. It's a bit hard to explain but I'll do my best.

It's just a random strange feeling where my surroundings seem really surreal. it's completely random, I just look at everything in the room i'm in, and suddenly they look odd. Sometimes they look really far away even though they're not, or I see them as larger in scale then they actually are. I also get this strange jittery feeling in my head, almost like a something fast is going on in my brain, with thoughts of repetitive noise looping in my head and I can't shake it. this happens like once or twice a month, and it usually lasts about 20 minutes,

It's not really a bad feeling or anything, just strange. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be concerned?
Yeah I get what you're talking about. Try meditating on it next time, see if it gets you anywhere. Don't try nas change it, just observe.

I haven't experienced it that many times, but it seems somewhat important for how I see reality. The Universe is just a hologram kind of thing. And glimpsing through it is like a sover high.
Don't try to* change it, rarher
Sober* high

Fucking autocorrect
It sounds a lot like Dissociation, OP. Here's the Wikipedia article for you to look over.


Note especially when these 'episodes' seem to happen. Are you bored? Stressed? Anxious? All of these can trigger dissociation.

Also I get it pretty frequently as well, but they occur more commonly and for less time.

As for whether or not you should be concerned, I think it goes hand in hand with depression. Since you've been having this since you were a kid though, read up on some of the disorders.

Good luck OP.
This used to happen to me when I was depressed. It somehow felt more real than feeling normal. You should examine what's going on in your life and start to make efforts to move in a direction that will let you be happy
This is a pretty good description of it. I kind of see things as just projected points in space and nothing seems "real"

I've heard of this and actually my friend had some disassociation episodes, but she described it as being scary and it lasted for hours so I wasn't sure if they was it.

Almost every time this has happened it's just me relaxing by myself, watching TV or something. It happened a few times when I was sitting in class and I didn't like it. Voices sounded weird and loud. I feel like if this were to happen in some kind of social environment there would too much stimuli and I'd get freaked out. By myself I just sit and try to focus on what I'm feeling.
this happens to me as well, OP

sounds like it's not a mental episode. your description is vague enough that i can see how
related to it

but it's a perception thing like this poster
is talking about

you're probably experiencing the perception of a different plane of being, a different level of consciousness. like a higher dimension that runs parallel to ours. in the same way that the first dimension is parallel to what we experience (the 4th or 3rd whatever they call it), there are higher dimensions. more ethereal and energy-based than physical
I'm not depressed or anxious. I have a great life, am pretty healthy/in shape.

I did just pretty much stop smoking weed recently after smoking almost everyday for a couple years. Then last night I got the feeling again and it was quite heavy. So I think I've had this more than I realize, I just didn't notice because I was high all the time.
That seems plausible, but I don't understand why it would happen randomly without me being able to stop it. Especially the strange noisy feeling in my head.

I'm attending college right now that provides free therapy. Think that would help? While I don't hate this happening to me, I don't want it to progress.
You are quite possibly triggering it yourself, without knowing. It could be as simple as the pace/depth of your breathing. I'm a bit surprised that you want it to stop. I would like to experience it more often. It reminds me of shamanistic experienced written about in Carlos Castaneda's book. Stopping the world. If you explore it more, maybe you'll come to like it.
Btw, thanks for posting something other than help /adv there's this girl or how to an hero

This is really interesting, OP
Thanks anon, yeah /adv/ is hilariously depressing most of the time. haha.

Really it's pretty cool when I'm alone in my quiet apartment. I just don't like the fact that I have really no idea what it is, and I have no control over when it begins and ends. And I really don't want it to start happening in situations where I'd rather it not.
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 1

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