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Please help me. I think my relationship is over however I have

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Please help me.

I think my relationship is over however I have a very hard time giving up on that person. How do I go about this? How do people break up?

I still want to be in the relationship but I dont think the other person wants to anymore.

I dont want to keep waiting for it to end. It's like I have a mental block preventing me from being able to go through with it because I want to fight for our relationship.

The other person already said they dont want to fight for us anymore.

Help me please this is unbearable
I apologize if this makes 0 sense but I'm in so much pain and don't know what to do.
cant help u famiglia but really enjoyed your picture , mind if i save it?
big breaths anon, everything will be okay.

It sounds like you have already had a talk, but I suggest you sit down with you SO and have a genuine heart to heart with them.

If things seem the same, its most likely time to move on. Don't fret! this is what many and most relationships come to, some things just don't work out.

I know it hurts, and i know this most likely won't make you feel any better. But things will get better! You should be with someone that truly loves you.

It will be okay :) big love.
Went through a very similar situation with a girl I was with for 2 years. We stayed with each other for the wrong reasons, and when we finally did break up it was much harder.

My advice? If you are both having doubts, break up. I know how hard it is and you'll want to cling to that person, but the sooner the better. You'll save yourself a lot of pain. Take what you can from the relationship, reflect on it, what you liked and didn't like, what you would have done differently. It will make your next relationship go a lot smoother.

I have faith in you anon. Take my advice or not, your choices are up to you. Just do what you feel is right.
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go about it as you see fit
act confidently on how you feel about it

you will get the most out of the experience being truthful to yourself and your partner than allowing fear to teach you a lesson in the worthlessness of despondency
Going through this right now, anon.

If you have a close friend or family member who has your back and will listen to your whining and advise you accordingly, then talk to them about it.

Cry in private if you feel like it. Slowly erase their presence from your life. Unfollow them on Facebook, Mute them on whatever social apps you have. Make sure you don't get reminders of their existence at random times.

Love is a two-way street. If one of you falls out of love and refuses to rebuild it...I'm sorry to say, but its pretty much over.

In the mean time, distract yourself with activities that build yourself up. Exercise, learn or practice a skill, have a hand at fixing the parts of your life you aren't satisfied with. After all, you're going to have plenty of free time.

It's gonna be tough and you will probably have some breakdowns, but keep it moving.
It's not mine but no problem ofcourse!
I just want to say thank you. Whoever you are thank you.
That you took the time to respond and gave me little hope. I really appreciate it. You are right.. I just wish this was so painful at the moment.

I liked how truthful you are about the whole situation. Deep down I know this..

I agree 100%

Thanks for relating with me. I'm going to try my best and do just that. Rebuild myself.
Right now however it does seem impossible but I have faith I will get there somehow...
I'm just wondering..
Isn't there a chance there's an outcome where it all works out? Where we are happy...

I know that it's all for the best. I just can't seem to bring myself to end it.
Why does she want to end it?
He btw - because he thinks I'm asking for too much. He's very very busy with work and just wants to do his own thing. Put no effort into the relationship. We live together by the way.
I study full time. He just wants to do his own thing or be with friends in his free time and I like having my own space but I'd also enjoy if we would do some things together.
We have quite a lot of "fights" that dont result in anything. He says he doesn't want to fight for us anymore and he's tired of having fights. I'm his first girlfriend so he doesn't know what else there is around. The fact he doesn't appreciate me makes me upset and feel like were off balance - and whenever I address this he acts like I'm a fool..
Girls always ruin the relationship by talking about the relationship.
Given that you both have very little experience with relationships you both don't know how to maintain this one.

Here are some general rules; guys want free time, girls can't comprehend this. Girls want validation regularly, guys think if they said it once then the statement stands until rescinded. Fighting is bad .Withholding sex, affection and information is bad. Make up sex is the only way to patch up relationships.
Thank you so much for the advice. However I have already had two serious relationships- one lasting 3 years and one that lasted 4. I want space as well but you are right about the validation.
I want to give him space.

Do you have anymore advice regarding my situation now...
Also- I am not withholding sex.. Actually he is, since I want it more often and more than him.
Look, this relationship is doomed. I tried to sugarcoat it for you, but you worried it to death just like you are worrying this thread to death
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