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why anxiety

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Guys, i'm starting to get really pissed off with myself. I always have this feeling of "guilt" continuously. Whenever I go into a fucking store, i'm always thinking that Loss Prevention is watching me on cameras, when I walk out i'm always thinking that the door alarms will go off. When I travel on a train or go to the airport and get screened, I always worry. Yet I don't do anything wrong. I just have this in my head like i'm guilty, of nothing. Just a hour ago, I got pulled over by a Sheriff Deputy. It was just a courtesy stop because my rear break light was out and i didn't know. For no fucking reason, I was shaking literally the entire time i was talking to the Deputy. I was shaking like a little bitch while i handed him my ID and Registration. For no fucking reason! I did nothing wrong, and the Deputy was very respectful to me. he ran my information, came back handed me my stuff, and told me to have a nice day. He could have given me a ticket for my registration card because i didn't have the current up-to-date one, but he didn't. He was nice. But i still was like shaking for 15-20 minutes after i drove away. FUCKING WHY? I feel like a fucking bitch because of this. Like in my head, i felt calm and i knew i was fine. But my bodies reaction is to just fucking SHAKE.

This happens with girls too. If a girl starts being flirty with me, I JUST FUCKING SHAKE.


Do you get out of your house/apartment a lot? Sounds like a self-esteem problem, you need more social interaction dude.

Just when i work. Which is weird, because I do Armed Security for work. And I'm always around tons of people. But i feel comfortable on the job.

Its like, only when I'm not at work. But no, when I'm off i usually just sit on 4chan and watch Cops. occasionally i'll see some friends maybe once every 2 weeks or so.

Get out more, try to find a hobby that keeps you outside of the house, or even start using the gym.

You need to talk to people, stop fearing others.
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i've never experienced that before, so i don't know

but i do empathize with you, and i'm sorry
it sounds like you have lots of generalized anxiety
i would recommend stimulating yourself with different activities and finding the answer in what you don't know yet

the best advice is to 'try'
and go with what you find

I hear you lol
I get what you mean OP. I'm always anxious feeling, like the world is about to end. I have a lead ball in my stomach constantly.
Yup you need to get out more, stop watching Cops, and drink more
Anxiety is a real bitch to live with. I have had the same issues with cops and flirting and security cameras plus a plethora of others.

Read some books on living with and managing anxiety. It is absolutely possible to retrain your fight or flight response so you're not feeling so life-or-death over everyday things.

Also ignore anyone who tells you to just calm down or stop over reacting or just get out more. That doesn't work. It's literally out of your control at this point, and more exposure won't make it go away. You need to actually work on it and get some tools under your belt in order to even be able to "just calm down".

You can do it, and you can stop feeling so guilty all the time.
>Be working in retail
>Doing my job as usual
>Fuck up on cash transaction
>Cash ends up behind the fucking drawer
>Asked to empty out my pockets
>Get labelled a thief
>WTF to myself
>Supervisor ends up finding it
>I report it to HR
>Received an apology from supervisor
>Other supervisors end up looking through my shit behind my back
>I'm always paranoid that I'll be asked to empty out my pockets again
>Always paranoid that my backpack is going to get searched again
>I can't do shit other than just keep doing my job

Sort of in the same boat. Although because I've been there for a year I hope Loss and Prevention noticed that I don't steal shit. I'm just sketchy because of my anxiety.

but cops is one of my favorite shows
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>and drink more
no dont do that op
drugs are for llosers , i know i was a fucked up loser for years !


Fear is the mind killer fear is the tiny death that brings total destruction.

You need to figure out what it is you are afraid of, you seem to have a problem with authority. Without knowing why, you can't move on.

I hear you. But the part that I don't understand is at work I'm surrounded by authority. And I'm even a figure of authority. I feel totally comfortable at work and around very high level people. No issues there at all.

It's just like when I'm not at work. I feel all fucked up. Like even if I go out somewhere with friends. I feel uncomfortable sometimes
Thread posts: 14
Thread images: 3

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