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I feel so depressed, HELP!

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Ok so I've been talking to this girl more than a month and we met off and on but we never really talked much face to face. However we text alot and she always calls me baby, love and some other pet names. She also uses the love/kiss emoticons when she texts me randomly or when she wishes me good night. It all stopped yesterday. The whole day she didn't even call me not one pet name and its so strange because just the day before we talked on the phone and she called me baby and she also wished me "good night baby"-that was the last text of her's the day before. The whole day today I was waiting for her to call me a pet name but she didn't. Even till it reached bed time and we were about to sleep she just said goodnight(with a moon emoticon)-I was stunned when she now didn't even send a kiss/love emoticon like she used to. We are not officially a couple but was getting there then this happened. I feel like shit now and so depressed about this no joke. I feel like maybe she doesn't want me anymore and I'll lose her just like that.

What should i do? Should I ask her why she didn't call me any pet names the whole of yesterday like she normally does? Or shall i ask her if she's still interested in me so I don't have to waste my time.

PLEASE ADVICE because I really thought she was the one. HELP!!!
Ask her why she's stopped. It's really that simple.
>she's the one
>never talked face to face

Gotta pick one, and only one. You're obsessing over a girl you haven't even met.
We met face to face multiple times but never really talked much. Like when I meet her I always give her chocolates but never stay to talk long coz I'm always rushing to some other place.
You barely know this girl, from what i'm hearing. Have you all kissed?
I think I know her pretty well coz we talk alot on the phone but we rarely get a chance to have a full conversation when we meet coz I'm always busy and so is she.

No we have not kissed, lol. We are getting there and I've not rushed to asked her if she wanted to be a couple. Just taking it slow. But what should I do about my problem above? Should I question her about it?
You need to make a move and tell her you want to be exclusive.

Physically kiss her dude, otherwise you're heading to the friend zone super fast while she's standing at the pharmacy at 7AM buying plan B for Chad's baby.
But the problem is I don't wanna rush into it.

Should I ask her why she stopped all of a sudden? Or should I wait a few more days to see if it really stopped?
>I don't wanna rush it

Attraction does have an expiration date, if you all are consistently texting, then you've clearly been out for long enough.
>Met several times in person
>Haven't even kissed

At least you don't have to worry about her getting knocked up, obviously neither of you have hit puberty yet.
You'd be surprise if I say we're in our twenties
"Hey you seemed kinda off the other day, Just not as affectionate as usual. Is everything okay? I hope I don't come off as clingy but I'm just being honest"
Sadly, no. Not surprised at all. I was 21 when I lost my virginity. But really, I think you waited too long and missed your opportunity.
Pretty much.
Act on it, too. Kiss her. You wait too long and you're fucked. Acting now isn't rushing into it, it's saving it.
Won't I come off as desperate if I asked her why she stopped calling me pet names?
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So heres what you do. Stop texting her. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. Since you guys text all the time you are basically at her beck and call. This creates dependence between the two of you and makes conversation seem routine as opposed to a reward. By creating a void between the two of you it forces her to think what you are up to. Having a life is attractive to her. Sooner than later she will be itching to get into contact with you. Right now you are giving her all the power and becoming a safety net. Cut it but not texting tomorrow morning. And even if she does, ignore her. Ignore until she calls you in the dead of night. And when she does tell her you were just busy and lost track of time. Thats it.
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