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How do I get a prescription for adderall or vyvanse without talking

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How do I get a prescription for adderall or vyvanse without talking to a psychiatrist? Can I talk to my normal primary care physician for it?

I'm in a situation where I need medication to focus, work, take care of myself. Without it I'll end up homeless. Not interested in fixing whatever is wrong with me, been diagnosed Bipolar in and out of a psych ward, medication doesn't go through, doctors don't approve their own prescriptions, the time and the struggle of trying to get help as someone on medicaid has drained me. Even if I didn't invest emotionally into the process and tried to treat it as business, it would still take months to see a doctor and get medication, months I don't have. Its getting to the point where I would need to buy medication from someone for medical use, because of our wonderful system that obviously works.

Any advice? I'm 19 living in northern NJ, moving to a shit hole in NY with my family in a week and a half because were bankrupt and can't afford to pay rent on anything, thanks to the charity of a friend of my brother we have a one bedroom apartment kind of thing to stay in. About five people. Maybe six.

If I stay there I'll stagnate and kill myself eventually while high on something, that isn't emotional or a cry for help, I will find a way to do it painlessly as I have in the past. The only thing that helped me get through the days were getting high, painting, and listening to music, I didn't really need anything else but its gotten worse.

Would appreciate any advice, wondering what kind of job I can land. Got a chronic back problem too so would prefer something where I didn't have to carry fifty plus pounds daily, worked construction building decks and balconies as a carpenter's assistant for a month, got sacked because I couldn't do it anymore. Should be wearing a brace, can't even find it.
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>I'm in a situation where I need medication to focus, work, take care of myself.
most people work without drugs , why do you need drugs and why have you picked speed as your drug of choice?
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I'll describe it.

My thoughts are constantly racing, never ending. Sometimes I hear music non-stop, other times I hear voices, they can be past conversations, speeches, and the like, its almost always music though. I feel restless, anxious, and as though I am unable to speak. I could write all this out but if you asked me to speak and tell you in person what I felt I would have great difficulty doing so.

Haven't ever done speed. Its been marijuana to stop me from focusing on the racing thoughts, binge drinking when there is the burning depression in the pit of my stomach, and anything else I can find when I'm groggy and wake up alone somewhere I don't recognize. Apparently I've drank shroom tea without knowing what it was.

every now and then I get these little moments of clarity where it all comes rushing at me, the past, the things I've done, the reality of the situation I am in, then I fade back into the music and frustration, the need to be alone. So I paint. Sorry for the walls of text, but I can't describe it any other way. Usually constantly on edge.
for the record I've heard the music all my life, I've been restless and unable to focus all my life, I just realized it as I aged and it got worse as I aged, the drugs and so forth were my attempt at remedying the situation after my family chose to believe I didn't have a problem and I dropped out of Uni.
well im on medicade too actually medi-cal .i had some of the symptoms you have racing thoughts , anxiety , depression. the docs gave me ssri meds and ambien. those helped but what really made things slow down was meditation.i got some audiobooks by jon kabat-zinn . and started meditating. it helped more than the drugs .
dianne winston does most of the guided meditations at marc
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most people think its hippie bullshit , my family members tease me about it .

cut and paste
meditation jon kabat-zinn
into jewtube he's super chill
there are many great vids on jewtube about mindfulness , watch some
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Thanks anon, I'll try anything at this point. Bump.
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This is eerily similar to me, in for advice.
everyone has a voice in their head a constant commentary on what you like, dislike,and dont care about.also the mind goes back in the past remembers ruminates analyzes then thinks to the future and plans what to do next, or predicts what is going to happen next .
I had the same issues.

Got put in Zoloft and once it started working its magic I felt fucking amazing. My mind was clear I stopped hearing music and my daydreaming problem went away. The problems are coming back though. It feels like the ssri only slapped a band-aid on the shit
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>hearing music and my daydreaming
those were your most prominent problems?
Mentally speaking yes. If you mean that was the worst thing that I had to struggle through, no. Life's a bitch.

Wonder what the bum went through.

That sounds promising through, and yeah sometimes the day dreams would get so bad I would freeze up and get lost in thought for a few minutes. Had terrible time in school and during class because of it.
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Forgot to post a wall, bump.
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stop giving fucks now
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its game ogre I guess
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