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Oldguyfags advice

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Requesting any possible advice from oldguyfags lurking 4chains.

Come on, bros. Pass your knowledge onto millenials. Help us living a decent life.

Any subject, anything at all.

To start the conversation, I'll ask the question that worries me the most: should I chase after money (I'm 23) to try to buy myself my own apartment (without taking loans from the bank). Or should I just spend it on everything I want to do from going to guitar lessons to travelling? Mind you, I spend all my free time on 3 different jobs, trying to maintain sanity.
But what's ultimately better? I already have like 8000$ in my savings after 5 months of work. But I am exhausted. And my flat is nowhere near in sight. I'll need years and years for it.
Firstly, let me start off by saying nice dubs. Life is about happiness. It's not about how many things you have, materialism is a man-made idea. For all you know, you could die tomorrow & on the verge of death you don't want to vehemently regret the decisions you made prior to your departure. Take a vacation, treat yourself to a new guitar, go buy some whiskey & fucking drown yourself in it OP. This world is for men who act and not those who plan. More than half of the time nothing goes as planned because even the most minuscule detail can cause volatility. Focus on your happiness and not your materialistic bullshit, you fucking capitalist. Anyways, cheers lad & may your decisions be the best ones.
You're 23 on a regular full-time job, you can't be exhausted.

First comes the work, then comes the fun.
>Life is about happines

Also don't listen to the hedonists and faggots who come to this board exactly because they only see short-term gratification (who are those people again? oh right, MILLENIALS)

Challenge yourself, work, save money, have fun, rebuild yourself.
>he thinks the modal argument against physicalism is compelling
Please tell me how conceivability entails metaphysical possibility
What kind of stupid question is that?

You need to secure your future NOW, before you lose your golden eggs.

There'll always be a guitar waiting for you, and the places you want to travel to won't disappear.
OP here.

Not exactly, man. I can be.

I work as a simultaneous interpreter, teacher in a University and project manager. All these jobs take away pretty much my whole week. I work without weekends and yes, I can be exhausted, because simultaneous interpretation is VERY mentally demanding. It can literally make a person go mad.
No you can't.
So, following your rhetoric, what should I do now?
The fuck are you saying faggot? That makes absolutely no sense. Throw darts at a dictionary & type the words up?
Don't worry about it kid. This stuff is beyond your head. I want the oldfag to explain himself.
Not OP, but I'm curious, when comes the fun? You realize that this guy made 8000$ in half a year, then it means that he'll make 16 grand per year - that's not a lot.

When will the fun come, man?
I'm assuming this is OP. Clearly over my head? The fags statement was not even concise. Not my fault he's unable to articulate himself. But it's comical how you say it's way beyond my head but you're the one coming to the Internet for reassurance of what you should do with YOUR life. I pity you.
No, it's not me, man.
>implying I'm unable to understand a statement that's not concise
> way over my head because it's my fault that some fag over the Internet can't articulate himself
I'm assuming you're OP. And I find it humorous how you say it's way over my head when you're unable to think for yourself; you come to an anonymous board for reassurance of what you should do with YOUR life. I pity you, & it's truly appalling how you're in need of someone to hold your hand through life.
My mistake, all insults are taken back respectively. Cheers.
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Once again, anon, it's not me who posted this.
Yes, it's clearly over your head. Your unfamiliarity with a term doesn't make it meaningless. You're the kind of person who would barge into a physics conference and tell everyone that Hilbert spaces are a bunch of gibberish because you, the uneducated simpleton that you are, don't know what they are.
Here's the deal:
>23 years old, have a younger brother
>Mother is the only one working in the family (aside from me)
>Father is a no-good drunkard who doesn't care about anyone
>Mom's salary is barely enough to sustain us
>I made an executive decision to start working when I was getting my Master's degree in Linguistics (not the best direction in life, I admit)
>At mornings and days I was studying and later on I immediately started working at evenings and nights, rendering me without any social and personal life
>graduated this summer, my degree allows me to do a balancing act between different jobs since working as a freelance interpreter brings slightly more money
>Also work as a teacher in the University I graduated from and as a project manager where I am responsible for QA of all the content
>All these jobs bring me about 1600-3400$ per month
>I'm a thifty spender, so I only lose about 200$ monthly on food and stuff
>my goal is to buy my own flat to escape this hell
>renting is not an option, because I live in Moscow where renting is inflated as fuck

Wat do?
I'm really sorry that I'm asking for your advice, bro, but this is where I draw the line - I don't know what direction in life I should be taking and in what area should I focus my efforts.

And my father isn't interested in giving me any tips or hints either.
Congrats you're familiar with physics. You're a real intellectual. I never stated I was unfamiliar with the term but your articulation of what you were trying to say was beyond terrible. Then you go onto a completely irrelevant tangent, which if you thought that by stating your familiarity with physics, it would make you look smarter, it didn't. It made you look puerile. I hold a masters in philosophy & im working on my doctorate in psychology at the moment so before you start pointing fingers at who's an "uneducated simpleton", make sure your hands are clean. You're attempts in trying to sound smart are complete failures, which is why your argument resorted to fallible methods such as using a red herring. Why don't you elaborate & actually make sense of what you said earlier, wait, that's right, it was complete gibberish.
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>have fun
so um , be happy?
i know hippie, budda shite . try it

a fellow Russian!

sorry, i don't have any wise advice for you. i only want to say "uda4i"
Hey, broski. Thanks for the support. If you don't mind me asking, how much a guy from our country should earn to feel secured?
>I hold a masters in philosophy
lol, diploma mills don't count.
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Thread images: 3

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