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I already know the answer

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My mother is insane. Literally.
She's fucked me over many times in my life.
She's attempted murder on my life by vehicle manslaughter, riding with me on the hood through the city of Calgary.
I know I shouldn't entertain a connection, or a life with her with her as my mother.
What I'm asking is whether I should take care of her in her current state.
In my life she has always been mentally unstable, but should I sacrifice myself right now to help her, even though I can't help myself? I've always been an avid believer in helping your own, but she's fucked me over to where I don't know what to do anymore.
She has alcoholism, should I even bother? She's dying.
Nope. You cant help someone who wont help themselves. If she really tried to kill you, guess what? SHE ISNT YOUR MOTHER ANYMORE.
Shes a crazy bitch who tried to kill you. Wanna help her and move on? Call the cops tell them, get her arrested, demand a court ordered restraining order, move away, live your life and move on.
>insane. literally.
>fucked me over many times
>attempted murder on my life
>should I sacrifice myself to help her?

Are you crazy? Assuming you're being honest and not badly skewing the story, fuck her. Get as far away as you can, work on repairing your own life, and let her rot.

Hell, a lot of the time even when the alcoholic is a wonderful person and someone you love to death, there comes a point when all you can do is throw up your hands and say "this is it. I can't do this anymore." You can't make somebody fix themselves.
I got her arrested that night. My mistake was not putting charges on her. I let her come back to the hotel I paid for hours later.
After she came back to the hotel I left to the airport and flew back home (far away from her)
I still feel bad, because even though she's completely fucked, she's still my mother. And she's still mentally ill.
Everyone's told me that since she's tried to kill me (I have video evidence where she told me she was going to run into another vehicle while I was on the hood in order to get me off, while she was swerving on the sidewalk) That I have every right to leave her in my past. The this is that EVERYONE gave up on her.

Should I really give up on her all of these years?

She ran me over a week before my birthday, almost four months ago. Havent spoken to her since.
I know, I have to be crazy in order to keep trying. I just wanted to make sure that wanting to give up wasn't the worst thing I could do.
Like i said, if you feel that bad, get her admitted to prision or a hospidal..

(You can call 911 and request a quality of life) The police come, and evaluate her, and sometimes put her in the hospital for up to 2 days mandatory.

Fact is you cant change her at this point. Look I know this is sensitive so I wont give too much adivise becuase I dont want to effect your life. IDEK you. But if it was me, id get her arrested, get a restraining order, delete all my info she might have, and move far away, and never find out what happened to her.

Shes your mother..

Idc who tries to kill me, they are dead to me. Friends, family, POTUS, cops, killers, idiots.

If you try to end my life, ill either end yours, or somehow get away. That shit isnt a joking matter.
The thing** is that EVERYONE gave up on her.
Dude. She isn't your mother anymore. She's the woman whose vagina you popped out of, but she's not your mother. Maintaining "mom" status requires a little fucking effort, not a lot, just an absolute minimal quota of not-horribleness.

I'm not encouraging you to be vindictive. It's not about karma or getting revenge. You have no responsibility to her, but you have a responsibility to yourself, and the best thing for you right now is to get as far away from that woman as possible. Don't drop by for a couple choice words before you drive off into the sunset. Just let her go. She does not feature in your life anymore.
You should have given up her as soon as SHE TRIED TO FUCKING MURDER YOU, if not sooner!

Dude, it's just not safe. It's not worth it. You have so much more potential than her and I do not want to see that wasted. The only people who can help her now are mental health professionals. If you have the money, you can pay for her care at an appropriate facility, but that is all you can do. You can't help her any other way because you're just an average guy, you don't know how, and because she won't let you.
Thank you. I've been trying to handle the after effects for months. You just validated my reasons for not wanting anything to do with her.

Yes, she tried to kill me.. But she also gave me life. Thank you for telling me that I should protect what I have, whether she gave it to me or not.
I'm a chick, but thanks man.
Your dad gave you life too? Did he try to fucking kill you? Idc if you gave life to me, gave me a million dollars, or gave me everything i have. If you try to end the most precious thing on this planet. Then ill do whatever it takes to protect myself. I come first. always.
You're right. Thank you. My dad was just as fucked over by my mother as I was. Luckily he's helping me out, knowing what's up.
It's definitely not the worst thing you could do. There will be some people who see it that way though. Those are the people who don't understand that family can be just as toxic and harmful as anyone else because they're just human too. People who have been there will understand though. Fuck, I had a therapist tell me the way I described my mom, she doesn't even deserve to be called "mom" and that he'd just use her first name.

You know how they say a house is not a home? Likewise, a blood relative is not family.
yeah because he is your dad? Notice how that works. im not trying to be harsh. and i know your mother has addiction problems and thats not the real her. but imagine this...

>Mom turns into zombie
>tries to bite you
>you either have to kill her or let her infect you

What do yu do? Yu know its not the REAL mother who gave birth to you.. But you gotta do what you gota do
Thank you. :)
Very true. I'd stab that bitch in the brain stem. it's not who was intended to raise me.
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