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Being sexually teased with no follow-through, what do?

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Okay, I have never used this board before, so sorry in advance if I'm doing something wrong here. This is gonna be two posts, and pic unrelated.

I recently met this guy and we've been hanging out and flirting a lot but we haven't actually kissed or gone on anything that was explicitly a date. He's a bit older and a lot more experienced than me, but he's sort of a witty sarcastic smartass and I feel like our lack of moves towards one another is some sort of game that we're playing trying to get the other one all riled up. But if it was a game, I'm pretty sure I lost it yesterday, but I've never played games like this before and I feel out of my league and I don't really know what to do next. I can't really ask him because I feel like that would spoil it, and I don't really want to ask my friends, so here I am.

So night before last he came over, we stayed up late talking and having drinks until about 4 AM. He had to work early in the morning, so he left, and nothing really happened but he left his jacket at my place. The next day at work he was texting me about how tired he was, joking that it was my fault, and he was going to come over after his shift to get his jacket. He came over and was pretty out of it. I said something dumb about how he could take a nap here and I could keep him warm, half thinking that he would say no, but he agreed. We got in my bed, I had no idea if this was going anywhere or not but it definitely seemed like more progress than we'd made in the past.
I can't really write this in a way that doesn't sound sort of smutty, so I'm just gonna go for it. He stripped to his shirt and boxers, me to my shirt and panties, we spooned on my bed and sort of drifted in and out of sleep. We talked for a while. He got hard. He wasn't really trying to hide it, it was pressed up against my butt, and I just decided "fuck it" and started wiggling my butt against him. I started subtle, it sort of got more and more intense, he started making happy noises, his hands started wandering, I thought "thank fucking christ this is finally fucking happening" and turned around and put my hand down his boxers.

Here's where I get confused. He grabbed my arms and rolled over on top of me, pinned my arms down over my head and straddled one of my legs so one of his thighs was rubbing my crotch, and had his lips right down to my ear and he sort of sexy growled "what do you think you're doing?" I did the whole dumb "oh I just thought I felt something hard there, wanted to see what it was" thing. He's goes "Oh is that all you wanted?" and I sort of floundered for a response, but then he just says "Tell me what you want." So basically here he is, pinning me down, we're both in our underwear, we're both turned on and grinding on each other, he's breathing his hot breath on my neck and grazing it with his lips and asking me what I want, so I feel like that's pretty clearly a green light, right? So I say "I want you to fuck me." He sort of smiles, gets up really close in my face like he's about to kiss me, but right before he does he just goes "Nnnnope."

I'm kind of stunned, as he just hops up out of bed and basically goes "hey good nap I'm well rested now thanks for the jacket I've gotta go study for finals see you later" and leaves me there horny as fuck and with no idea what the shit just happened. Then a day goes by and it hasn't really been addressed and I don't know how to proceed and now here I am asking for advice.
Fuck that's hot. You're on cock ban. Enjoy. :) This shit makes me wet as fuck
He was disappointed in your answer and thus you as a person. You came off as slutty and it probably turned him off. He then remembered why he was there and quickly made a decision using his head instead of his dick.

Next time don't be so autistic and say what you want from the get go without causing all this unnecessary shit.

This is called teasing. He's going overboard with it, but it is what it is.

You have two options. Either play along or play against. Play along means that you keep getting teased till you beg him to fuck you. Playing against means that you turn it around on him, teasing him as much as you can, and then go cold citing "I'm confused, I don't know when you want it or not, like last time"
Okay but when does cock ban end and what would be the best way for me to react to cock ban?
I still feel like this is a game in some way, he didn't seem to leave mad or upset or anything. Actually the opposite, he seemed kind of happy with himself. And he agreed to come cuddle with me, and being half-naked was his idea in the first place? I don't really feel like I seduced him or anything.
hahahahaha what a boss
As far as playing along, he's already gotten me to point blank ask him to fuck me. Do you mean literal begging? As for playing against, how am I supposed to fight back against that?
Almost literal, yes. Be all over him, doing whatever he orders/asks/mentions to please him, on the off chance he will go through with fucking you, perhaps for a very long while. Until you're so sexually charged that you couldn't help but jump his bones, tie him to the bed, forcefeed him viagra and screw his brains out for the entire day/weekend/week, or at least give off the vibe that you do.
As to why this is hot, it's down to control. It's hot as fuck to have someone wanting you so badly. Please ask him if he has BDSM experience some day.

Playing against, you just grind up on him, be suggestive, arousing, but in control, and shutting down advances anytime he tries getting sexual. Things like grinding on him, but he can't cup a feel, showing him what underwear you're wearing (indirectly, by having it stick out of your pants, or by showing him another pair), asking him to turn around and changing your clothes in the same room (and he isn't allowed to watch) etc.
Again, a powerplay. Only do this if you have experience with teasing, maybe a bit of BDSM.
I keep thinking about how to react to this and I think I am pretty angry now? He can't be making plans for me to beg for his dick when we haven't even kissed. Fuck all that.

Keep in mind, I'm one voice, one option, out of hundreds. He could be teasing (and that's how I see it, but I have a thing for this fetish), or he could just have been in a hurry.

If you're hurt that he left you horny, just pin him to the wall next time and start kissing. If he objects, say you're getting what he owes you or something.
This shit gets me so hot. My partner is 12 years older than me and made me beg for his cock for months.

Once he finally gave it to me it was so fucking amazing. I am absolutely addicted.

He also has some BDSM tendencies and dominates me. It feels completely natural to me to beg him to please fuck me, he will get me turned on, get my cunt weeping, then turn me down and make me wait.

I'll ache all day and all night before he will let me cum.

I actually stopped masturbating a year ago because I wanted to save all of it for him because he makes me cum so hard I see stars and doing it myself became absolutely frustrating.

Anyways anon. You probably in for some really really really good dicking. Just go with it.
I am happy for you & yours, but I really am not sure that seems right for me. I do know it feels better if you've been holding off for a while, and a little teasing can be good. That said, I'm not really happy about the prospect of begging for someone's cock period, much less for months. You say being tied up and dominated feels natural to you, but I really can't picture it feeling natural for me. I'm not saying I want total control all the time or even that it's not nice to just let yourself be used every once in a while. I'm also not saying there's anything wrong with relationships like that. It's just that I'm not really into it, it sounds like he is, and that's probably going to be a problem for us if we do start dating.
Have you talked to him since? Tell him you're not interested in games. If you do want to play without being submissive, I guess you pull back and act uninterested. Don't really imagine I'd pursue though, not my thing either.
I think that's probably a good idea. Thanks for the advice.
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