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I currently have almost nothing going for me. I plan on taking

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I currently have almost nothing going for me. I plan on taking all of this nothing, and turning it into something. I fear death, but I want to love my life to the fullest in grandiose fashion. I'm good looking and smart, but I'm only average height and girls don't even look at me. I have close to no real friends, and do nothing but play vidya and brood alone for long periods of time. I'm stuck in the shittiest college imaginable after failing out of a university because of severe depression. I won't go into my life story but I have seen some intensely dark times in my 21 years. I've lost family members, had people betray me, etc. I just want to reinvent myself and try my best to LIVE instead of wasting away. I want people to look up to me and WANT to be in my presence. I want people to dislike me for petty reasons like acting to confident or having money. Is it possible? Or is self reinvention some pipe dream? How would I even go about it.
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Pipe dream. Finish college, get yourself stabilized in getting a decent career and then come back to us with real problems.

We don't fix broken on /adv/
>I want people to look up to me and WANT to be in my presence
> do nothing but play vidya and brood alone for long periods of time
gee oh golly oh boy OP I wonder what could be the problem.
try getting out and going to social events/parties/clubs/bars/anything outside your house
>The advice board

>We don't fix broken

Jeez didn't know this was some super secret club man
Really? Nothing else? Bump
As I said before, we don't fix the broken. It is time to let this thread die OP.
Quality advice mane

We don't go past where we could give bad advice. Seek a therapist and let a licensed professional help you out and not people giving you third rate advice.
I just wanted to know if kt was possible to reinvent oneself to become more popular/wealthy when they have nothing starting out. How does that constitute broken? I was looking for tips and shit not someone saying fuck off
Sure it's possible. but you're not the type to do it on their own.

You call yourself smart and attractive yet fail university and girls don't pay any attention to you. You're fucking deluded.

You blame depression, betrayal and the past for where you are at the moment and there's not a word of self-reflection. Reality is your life is your own problem and your character screams that reinvention is impossible.
You seem to be interested enough to keep commenting. Let me give you the full story and then you can make judgements such as those.

When I was younger I got an insane amount of ass, I was known for being charming,good looking etc. I met a girl, fell in love, and she left me in the middle of the semester. I stopped going, because I was depressed as fuck, and my grades all plummeted. Since I had a scholarship and my grade went from a 3.8 to a hard 3.0 I lost it and had to leave.

Girls USED to look at me, now they don't. That's probably how I should have worded it. I AM smart, I just let youthful stupidity get in the way. I became this way because of that event. My question is if I can reinvent myself to get back to some kind of former glory before death so I'm not constantly alone all the time.

How in any way would I be incapable of doing such a thing?
Friendo I'm not the same poster as >>16522528

And quite frankly I don't want to repeat myself; but I'll do it anyway.
>You call yourself smart yet fail university
>you call yourself attractive yet girls aren't paying attention to you

I don't care what you got when you were younger, how depressed you were or how it's never your fault you ended up where you are now. If you want to reinvent yourself then change your character. This is my last post since you seen blockheaded and retarded.
Well Anon, I believe you when you say you've been through more than most 21 year olds. Makes you appreciate things more, makes you more mature; but it can also make you more broken.

However, you need to grow out of the whole "I want haters" thing. That kind of attitude, at least to me, is a real turn-off. I have incredibly successful friends as well as ones that definitely ARE NOT- I enjoy hanging around them equally, because I like them as people. Having/wanting admirers or haters is not the kind of person people want to be around. Mutual respect is key. It sounds like you're moving in a good direction, but it seems like it is for the wrong reasons, so it'll likely still leave you feeling empty and alone. Try to really connect with some cool people anon, and don't worry about how worshiped you are.

Also- see a shrink! I mean, it can't hurt.
Again. FAILED one semester for not going, grades have since picked up.

You seem like a person who shouldn't be giving advice anyway, so that's fine.

Finally some sound advice. Yeah I'll take that into account, it's not like THE most important thing. I just want to enjoy life again ya know
I'm not that guy, but first of all, you ARE delusional. If girls don't feel attracted to you anymore and you "let youthful stupidty get in the way" it's because you're not that attractive and not that smart.

Also, your past self is dead, and nothing you do will make you like him again. You are yourself, and to change who you are in the moment it takes a great amount of work and determination.

IF, as you say, you had depression, start by working on yourself, your mind and your "interior" before you try to change the way you interact with the exterior (English is not my main language so i'm not sure if i make myself clear). Try seeking professional help from a therapyst or something like that (and don't take "medicine", it makes you feel worse in the long run). Read books, real books, not John Fucking Green or Harry Potter, i mean philosphy books, thoughtful books that make you think and look inward. Heck, even Lord of the Rings has philosophical meaning and can make you improve yourself, i'm not only talking about boring books.
It's also a good idea to stop for a moment, analyze what exactly made your past self so "good" as you say, and what makes you want to be like him again, and then work to acquire those traits again. Study the situation carefully, and practice the virtues you once had and you wish to have again.

This may seem unnecessary or even have nothing to do with your question, but to improve on yourself and how other people perceive you, you have to stabilize your interior first. Decent girls (not whores) couldn't give a flying fuck as to whether a guy is hot or not, if he's a complete airhead who cannot engage in any meaningful conversation whatsoever. But, if you're a well-decided man, stabilized, thoughtful and friendly, girls and friends will naturally be made as you progress through life.

Shit, this post is probably much longer than i inteded it to be. I hope i could help at least a little bit
You helped yes, and I thank you
You're likely being too hard on yourself, and it makes your current life much less enjoyable.

You went through some shit- but you're still standing on the other side. You dropped out of uni (so have the majority of people who enrolled). Girls don't pay you much attention (you've at least actually been touched by another human being before). It's all relative. And if you do better yourself, remember how you feel NOW, and don't look down on others too much.

Sorry you're in such a rut anon, but this is the shit they don't tell us about your 20s... a lot of it you're miserable haha.
Thanks anon. Honestly.
I'm not the one who will fix you but i think you need to realize a few things (and that everyone can be fixed):
1- Just like other said, you are smart but fail, good looking but alone. So, you are lying OR you are those things but doesn't know how to use them properly.

2- All of this things have to be spend some time. You can't have friends if you don't go out with them, you can't get rich if you don't study and work hard, and you can't get girls if you not social neither rich.

3- Maybe you are with signs of depression. if you search about depression you will find that is highly related to high cortisol level and low testosterone level.
High cortisol is related to feeling always tired, feeling blue, and so on. (Maybe thats why you stay at home?)
Low Testorone is also related to lack of energy, mood changes and many more.

So, to summarize:
1) Think about you and your live. Whats wrong, what is going on with you now.
2) Realize (truly realize) that you need to go out and do stuff in order to achieve what you want.
3) Work out more (This stimulates the production of testosterone hormones, therefore decrease depression).

4) Gather all of this to come up with your idea of turning you live the way you want.
No worries lil boo, this is what /adv/ is for. Also, I know it doesn't seem like it, but 21 is super young. So is 26, but of course I won't realize that until I'm 30... and so on.
Could have been fooled by the dude telling me I was broken haha. Yeah I just have to act now while I'm young I guess

Again, awesome advice. I'll look into it
Late night bump for good measure
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Thread images: 2

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