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How do I get my first job with social anxiety?

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I get extremely anxious around strangers but I need to find work soon, what can I do?
I've thought about overnight stocking but I'm a petite girl
trying to avoid anything retail of course, is there anything else really??
Data entry - sit at a keyboard for hours never talking to anyone.
File clerk - especially if you can be buried down in the file room away from everyone
Night cleaning crew in office building
I don't understand people like you. Instead of dealing with your anxiety, you just try to avoid situations where you don't have to deal with people. Do you really think this is something you can do for the rest of your life?
I've lived with aspergers all my life. I didn't know it was aspergers till I was 27, but a big part of it is social anxiety. In all my jobs I've had to work with people. I try hard, but I always come off as a bit weird. I counter this by being damn good at my job. I do alright for myself and nobody knows I have aspergers because most people think that having aspergers is like being retarded. With anxiety landing your first job is going to be tough. Just put out a fuck ton of applications, practice your phone voice, answer calls and get interviews. You'll find someone that will hire you if you can convince them that you can do the job. There are plenty of good people out there willing to give someone a shot. My boss hires normal people who are full on fucking retarded compared to me in the workplace and they seem to get by. You can gain confidence in your ability to do a good job even if you can't gain confidence in your ability to talk to people. You might even find that some of that confidence will bleed over into your social interactions. It took a long time for that to happen for me, but it was an unexpected bonus.
>I don't understand people like you.

Not OP, but you could've just stopped there. The rest of what you said makes it abundantly clear that you don't understand.
Enjoy being defective
Take 2mg xanax before work
Second shift parts inspector/machine operator/whatever at a manufacturing company?
Seconding this, I also had really bad social anxiety before I worked in retail just because I was heavily bullied all through school life and didn't have the best home life either.

Working in retail has definitely made me a better person in more ways that I would've thought. Retail is a lot more forgiving than you would expect, as long as you can follow orders and have a decent memory you'll do fine.

At least please consider it, OP. Getting my paychecks knowing that I earned them by surviving through social situations I never would've been able to have managed through before makes me feel like I've accomplished so much, especially when I would think I'm just a total failure who can't do anything right.
Eh, it has its ups and downs.

How's the whole not being able to understand things going for you?
Realize that 'social anxiety' is a fictious, cop out disorder, sack up, and perform basic functions that the rest of the world already do without issue?

What happens if you don't find work?
Lel. Everyone has anxiety. Man the fuck up.

>Tfw my ex came up with random disorders to explain all her screw ups and lies

>Ignores me for a week
>I just have anxiety

>Lies to me
>I have multiple personality disorder

>Starts randomly crying about petty things
>I have PTSD
Just deal with it dude. Believe me I know. I've posted to online forums about anxiety before. Just get the fuck out there and stop putting handicaps on yourself.
Not the person you're responding to, but I understand people like OP and think they're defective morons who won't fix themselves.
Thread posts: 15
Thread images: 1

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