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took photo in clas...now he wants lawyer

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Well I done goofed,

I walked into calc today and saw that only one other student showed up (it was me and him and then the professor). I took a snapchat of myself mainly, then the other kid in the background and the prof even farther back.

He confronted me after class saying that he wanted to get disciplinary action through the dean and even pursue legal action.

How fucked am I?

tl;dr took photo in class with professor in the way background, he caught me and wants to get a lawyer
...delete it? Why does he care you took a photo?
well he caught me taking it, and because it was snapchat it doesnt exsist anymore. But is there anything he can do?

am I just being paranoid?
He sounds like a dick on a powertrip.

You didn't break any laws.
Uh, zero fucked. There isn't a single individual from administration all the way to legal counsel who would bother without first saying "Did you ask him to delete the photo?" By its very nature, the photograph is now deleted. That's it. End of story. At most the dean might ask you to refrain from taking more pictures.

Talk about a laughable threat.
He sounds like a creep, but yeah, he'd be laughed straight out of the dean's office, to say nothing of a courtroom. In fact, depending on how rude and aggressive he was, and whether you think this (frankly bizarre) incident might affect his conduct towards you or your grades, if you went to the department with this he might get a talking-to.
It's not a universal law that photographs can be taken for private use. For example it might not even be a public college, thereby making the lecture hall a private space without the freedoms afforded public photography. The laws where OP is might also not even allow for free public photography in the first place. You can't really comment on laws without knowing what the laws in his area are.

He told my he was gonna contact the dean about it? Do I contact him first with my side of the story first?
>Tell him you wont delete it
>He gets school to kick you out of class
>You sue school for old money, new money, fuck you money, fuck me money, FAMILY MONEY.
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In the future dont go around taking pictures of people. Stop getting so familiar with people you really dont know.
So its a private institution, but he was obscurely in the background, he cant even really be identified. Does that still matter?
Me again.

Look unless you are in a private setting, where you were TOLD or it is specified that you cant take photos. He doesnt have a case AT ALL.
Even if there is some obscure law in your area about it It probably wouldnt work in court. You didnt do anything WRONG. Morally and legally. So any decent lawyer could fight that.
Its been proven (FB groups that post peoples photos making FUN of them where they TOOK THEM WITHOUT PERMISSION ON CAMPUS AND OTHER PLACES) That legal action cant be taken. Unless its slander.

But if hes background in your fucking photo it isnt shit. Like I said, if they take action against you, sue them and YOUD have a better case to take their money than they have against you. Generally the only thing you cant do is take photos in areas that is SAYS you cant take photos (Like a sign outside the door), or audio recording people without their permission. This is wrong. And in most places you only need to notifiy them you are audio recording them but not get permission.

He's just trying to make you paranoid because taking a snapchat in the middle of class is a shitty, disrespectful millenial thing to do.
I don't know if it matters because I don't know his local laws regarding photography, which is my entire point.
Alright thanks dude, you saved me from a heart attack.
I looked into this with a general google search.
Becuase I dont know the college its hard to determine. But heres the down and dirty.
If you are on PRIVATE property and didnt sign a release it could be an issue, but it can argued in court that if they didnt OFFER a release than it didnt concern them. Now it is also a social norm for college students to take pictures with their phones during school hours (which you PAID for). So this in court MEANS a ton. Regardless of the laws. Now if in your picture you drew a dick into the guys mouth and made a funny face, and put "LOOK AT THIS FUCKING GOOOF" in there, then it might be harder to defend. But again, dont be worried. He was in the background. He noticed you took a picture. So it could be argued that he should have left the area if he didnt want to be in the picture as he is not PROPERTY owner, he has the same legal rights you have on that property.

I would go to a lawyer, ask for a free consultation (most actually do this) and in a college town it shouldnt be hard, those guys are hungry for money....

Once you get their backing, id go to the dean (Inform the lawyer you will do this, get his take), and inform him that if any action is taken you will taken legal action against the college. (Ill be honest ur lawyer will probably tell u not to go and shit, becuase he wants it to go court to make $$$).

Be very respectful and inform him you are concerned about that profressor. (That way you dont seem like ur OUT to get the school and they kick you out some how later)
I'd tell him to go fuck himself and laugh in his face.
Good to know. Im thinking of going to the counselor and talking to her about the situation and how I dont feel like I should stay in the class on an account that I feel his grading may change towards me now that this has happened.

I wanna avoid going to lawyers unless its really getting to that point.
I agree. good luck
Because you're a disrespectful piece of shit that would use fucking Snapchat in class.

You are an edgy fedoralord.

You also wouldn't, because you never went to college.
Thread posts: 20
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