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I think LSD fucked me up, (serious)

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Hello, I'm 25, I just finished engineering. I'm in the work force. I don't know where else to ask this, and sorry if my grammar or spelling is off.

after I graduated university a few months after, I was with a group of friends that did a lot of drugs. I havn't smoked pot or extacy since high school, and I never tried LSD, so I thought I'd try it.

I bought 3 hits, and two days later I did it with a girl I knew. I have never done it before. but basically it was fucked up, I remember a lot of it, and I tried to write down what was doing on. It was honestly really fucked.

Since then I feel like I have a very hard time concentrating, and I feel like I have become pretty anti-social, even if I was before. Sometimes out of no where I get small instances like I was on acid again, and I feel like "Whoa, I'm here right now" or some objects start breathing.

I can control it most of the time, but sometimes conversation is hard, and I don't enjoy what I used to do.

Any advice from any other drug users?
How long has it been since you tripped?
I think you had a rare reaction to it. You will probably remain this way the rest of your life, sorry.
Youve only done it one time?

I know people who have done it dozens of times and are completely fine. Ive done it a few times myself. I have had times where ive had some... negative revelations, or will get into kind of a funk after. But ill usually get over that within a few days or a week or so.
How long has it been since you tried it? What was so fucked up about it?
You're jumping to conclusions early. Have you read anything in the slightest about the after effects of the drug and how some people need time to naturally recover?

Because if you haven't done much research than that would just make you dramatic. And you aren't just being dramatic, right?
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Since Around August first.
I honestly don't think I'm going through a psychosis or anything. But I do feel a little bit different. like I honestly don't think I'm interested in the things I used to like to do, and I think it's mostly because my concentration is really down. any kind of breathing or weird feelings have happend 2 times since, but it was at least 2-5 seconds long. I'm just generally curious of what other people have turned out like.

And it was really fucked cause I ended up half naked in a bed staring and laughing at my ceiling for 4 hours because it was breathing. I literally thought my brain was gone, as it lasted about 12 hours.

Pic related, I tried to draw what I was seeing.
Holy fuck. How many micrograms did you take?
How much did you take?

You may have triggered latent mental illness. You will probably be fine if you stay 100% sober and try to be healthy for a bit, but I would recommend not trying it again as you may exacerbate an underlying issue.

I've done shrooms and acid, my "flashbacks" are usually something like a pattern moving and aren't really distracting. Don't affect me how they seem to be affecting you.
I wouldn't worry about it too much anon. First things first, you're gonna be alright. The depersonalization from acid does wear off after a week or two, as long as you don't dose again during that time. You may never be exactly the same again, which is normal for L especially after three hits. I'm legitimately sorry your friends didn't tell you that, they should have known, but now you've had an important learning experience and know for yourself.

Bottom line, you'll be perfectly OK, don't worry about it. The depersonalization will stop after two weeks, if you abstain from pot (provided you're a smoker) it may only be four days to a week. Best of luck and good vibes, I know bad trips can be rough to say the least.
How was the girl?

I did a bunch of acid with my boyfriend and he supressed the trip so I did too -
I remember thinking "im going to lose my mind in the future when this releases"
And about 7 months later it shattered. And I picked it back up eventually.

Trust your own mind and the abilities of your brain to recover
Just realized you said you haven't dosed since August. That's definitely longer than two or three weeks, but again, lasting mental changes and depersonalization are unfortunately kinda normal when jumping into the deep end like that. It WILL wear off though, speaking from personal experience, so don't fret. Laying off any other drugs (even alcohol and weed) will greatly aid in this process.

If, after six months, you still feel debilitated to a serious degree, you can totally see a psychiatrist and they will give you meds for it. Chances are these meds will be antipsychotics though, and they are known to decrease quality of life, even to those who need them for schizo, psychosis etc, so theres definitely a trade off. I'm not saying don't go to the doctor, but look at both sides of the coin first, and definitely wait 6 months...
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I think about 3 hits, Idk the strength. I feel like when I was on it, I could control it if I really concentrated, but I was just letting it go and do its thing. I also can't drink or do drugs because of my current job. I've been pretty clean since then....Probably because I did it RIGHT after a drug test.
She was pretty cool, we were close before the experience, but her trip she got really emotional about herself, and it was super lame and kind of messed the trip a bit. I was hoping she would relax a bit and have a good time. But we're still cool.
Yeah, do you think doing 3 hits on your first time is a little too much?
I'm gonna try ands stay away from any drugs. I think I'll be fine.

Pic related, it's what I took.
I've done it about 20 times, no more than 1 hit...I can't even imagine how intense 3 must have been...

I have myself developed a condition where small patterns "move" even when sober, and that has never gone away.

I wouldn't be too worried about it OP, acid is pretty light on the body and the brain is an amazing thing
>Yeah, do you think doing 3 hits on your first time is a little too much?
>I'm gonna try ands stay away from any drugs. I think I'll be fine.

Yeah, doing three hits your first time is definitely a little too much. Again, your friends really should have known/told you beforehand, but hey, now you know

I've never had that specific blotter print but it looks nice....Amanita muscaria shrooms (thats the red mushroom on the blotters)
This is why drug education has failed.
Nobody listens to "don't do drugs." What they should be saying is "don't take 3 hits your first time doing a drug you have no knowledge about."
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Thread images: 3

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