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Should I care..?

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I've been browsing 4chan and /adv/ for some time now and I always see this threads like 'I'm 20 and virgin, my life is over'. Well, I'm 24, kissless, handholdless virgin. I'm your typical fat, introverted girl. I guess if I looked hard enough I would find a guy willing to fuck me. But I can't be bothered - ideally I would want to lose my v card and have sex with a guy who really loves me and with whom I have a real relationship. However I know it will never happen because I'm fat, and since I can't lose weight it's just how my life will roll. I've came to terms with that long time a go, but every time I see a thread like that, I wonder if there's something wrong with me and if I should care or feel depressed about that.
can't loose weight? care to explain?
And no there 's nothing wrong with you, some girls have less libido than others plus since you're a virgin you don't know what you're missing i guess...
Men have much higher sex drives and basically their entire social value is dependent on how many girls hey bang so it's more important for them than you.
Why can't you lose weight? Is it a praticular medical issue or just "my genetics" and lack of the discipline. That's the source if your problems, when you hate something about yourself, you hate yourself. When you give up and accept the things you hate, you give up on yourself and hate yourself. And that doesn't lead to a happy life.
I eat compulsively when I'm stressed/bored/sad, so I fuck up every healthy eating plan. Too lazy to workout, plus it hurts.

It's not really about the libido, I get horny a lot and masturbate quite often, and all that. Just really don't see a point in worrying about this whole virgin or no bf thing.
Do you not give a fuck in General or just about this particular thing?
How fat are we talking? As in morbidly obese or are you exaggerating because low self-esteem?
There are plenty of chicks that consider themselves fat, yet they're not. Chubby at best.

>Just really don't see a point in worrying about this whole virgin or no bf thing
Good choice. That's what a lot of the dudes on /adv/ should do. Stop the whining, stop giving a fuck.
No, I give a fuck about my education, parents' wellbeing, etc. Just can't force myself to care about finding a bf. I know many people cry wah I'm so lonely, and I get that, I'm lonely too and it will only get worse. But I still don't care, I can deal with being lonely just fine.

I'm really fat, 5,5' and 200-220 lbs.
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You think that's bad? There are some people here who are in their thirties or forties (maybe even beyond) who are virgins that never held hands or kissed a person.

>mfw 38 and this
Why have you not hired an escort? Serious question, I'm 23 and a virgin (not that socially awkward, luckily, just lazy) and I always felt relieved that no matter what I could always hire an escort if it really was too late for me.
Did you read my post anon? I don't think that's bad, but everybody around seems to freak out about that. I'm trying to find out if I'm abnormal or if they exaggerate
Illegal. Social stigma. Most of the ones I find on Back Page are 19 - 22, which kind makes me feel like a dirty creep. Don't want to put down $500 just to pretend a girl likes me for an hour. Potential diseases. Can only fathom what the legal repercussions are for it. And at this point I've lost too much faith in women.
Ouch. That is definitely too much.
If you don't feel well about that you should do something about it.
Improve your diet, start moving more.
If you do happen to be happy with yourself, that's fine. Though you know that you'd have to deal with the repercussions that come with it.

>I'm trying to find out if I'm abnormal or if they exaggerate
You're probably not the norm, just different.
I have no desire for sex myself, nobody on here seems to understand. Apparently there's something wrong with me since my DNA is supposed to make me hungry for sex with anything.
>thread about not caring about being a virgin
>let's derail it with me and my virginity being the pinacle of my existence

Fuck off buddy
Shit that happens to you when younger seem more grand than they actually turn out to be. At this point, you're probably going to find kids who feel like they failed life already just because they're twenty-two and don't already have at least twelve PhDs on their resume.
Literally go to any stip club and you can fuck a hot stripper for 400 dollars. Trust me bro it's worth the money

Your just making excuses because you are too much of a pussy to even buy a piece of ass let alone court one.
If you didn't care about it you wouldn't have started a thread about it. Clearly it bothers you.

And for the record:
> I've came to terms with that long time a go
No you haven't, if you had then it wouldn't have made you think/feel enough about the subject to make you start a thread. What this sounds like to me is that you've done something I did a while back: tried to convince yourself that you'd given up in order to cope, and you're either looking for validation to strengthen that conviction or a suitably compelling counterargument that will solve all your problems.

Which is not to say that you *should* care (that's up to individual life preference), but at least have the self awareness to recognise whether or not that's the case, rather than starting a thread about it to ask for someone else to tell you.

And for the record you're too old for that pity party "No one will ever love me" bullcrap. I'm 2 years younger than you, also a virgin and I grew out of it because I realised it was a self absorbed and childish way to think.

Nobody is qualified to judge themselves as a person (or potential partner), because they'll invariably be way off.

Look, I'm not sure I want a partner either. Maybe loneliness will get too much, maybe I'll cope fine. But if I encounter someone I gel with at least I'll be willing to give it a shot and see where it goes.
>it's just how my life will roll
Sounds about right
>Your just making excuses because you are too much of a pussy to even buy a piece of ass let alone court one.
Here in the US, the risk of being put on the sex offense registry is definitely not worth it, considering the permanent ostracization that comes with it. You can see it here, where even being looked at as creepy is the bane of some men's existence.
I see where you're coming from but come on now: if you keep seeing 10+ threads about tfw no gf/tfw kv everyday, in some people willing to suicide, and you are in the same position but really don't think about virginity or not having a bf because you are absorbed with daily shit, at some point you halt and wonder, god is there something wrong with me? Should I care? Hence the thread.

I don't wallow in self pity in a sense of waah nobody will love me, let me an hero. I'm introverted and don't get on well with people in general so fat chances are my relationship simply wouldn't work because I can be a pain in the ass. Of couse I feel sad about that from time to time, but it's not a dramatic focus of my life, if you will.
Does prostitution put you on the sex-offenders registry? I didn't think so
Actually you have never been to a strip club in your entire life. This is common practice in most places, stripper will offer you private time for a show upstairs and she will suck your dick and fuck you and kick you out. This happens commonly and no one goes on a sex offender list. You have to much fear in general, fear of talking to girls and fear of the government. Grow some balls if you want to bust a nut in something warm
Paying for sex is a legal sexual offense, which puts you on the list. But then again, so does public urination.

>I can be a pain in the ass.
Hah! That takes me back. A friend of mine used to always say that. She was bitterly self loathing and was soured on relationships and her life in general because of miserable life circumstances and long string of boyfriends that abandoned her when it looked like they'd need to give her support.

She's happily married now.

Yeah, I think I'm starting to grasp where you're coming from, it's not all that dissimilar from me. We do feel lonely, we do desire a partner, but we try to resign to being alone because we consider it an unlikely proposition, and are usually able to pull it off unless someone pokes at it and suggests we'd be happier in a relationship at which point we start feeling uncomfortable for a bit. Sound familiar?

BUT. You're trying to resign yourself to making do without because you consider yourself unsuitable. I also feel that way, but with the caveat that I acknowledge that I'm not in the position to make that call, so my opinion on the subject is irrelevant.

Now, I have other reasons to doubt my ending up in a relationship, including lack of social contact and the fact that it would require a big upset of my comfortable single lifestyle and require a lot of effort.

But I haven't ruled it out as an impossibility. I've changed a lot in a few short years, and I'm still changing. Who knows what'll happen. Maybe nothing, maybe a lot. Whichever it is, it's not worth my time thinking about it.

I've talked to older, much more experienced people a lot about this, and their response is always much the same: "Yeah, you say that now, but you'd be surprised how much your life and outlook can change."

Now, maybe they're wrong in this case, but I don't think their wisdom borne of experience should be discounted. Perhaps they really do know what they're talking about.
Enjoy being a virgin your entire life.
Thread posts: 25
Thread images: 2

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