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Hello /adv/. I am in need of some warming guidance. I want to leave this city, backpacking, and be gone for a few months or something. I plan on 'begging' for money, playing guitar for shit tips, and doing whatever necessary to survive, other than hunting, unless need be. I am in a rut, and I want to find myself.

My problem:
>I am 18, enrolled in college (sitting here in the library instead of attending Biology 1010) as an agriculture major, hoping to become a Forest Ranger in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, as I reside in East Tennessee (Americunt).
>Running away from conventional societal responsibilities, want to take AT LEAST a break from everything (school, job, etc.)
>I want to do this now. Leaving as soon as possible, probably within a week or two; I will be receiving my first paycheck from my new job here on thursday.
>I have a car payment, an iPhone 6 that is not completely paid off, and insurance payments to make on my car and such.
>On the scrawnier side, have a history of asthma, but also a history of sports and stuff, so really, physically doing this doesn't seem to me to be much of the problem.
>Aspiring author.

I can provide other info, but I don't know what else to put as a start. I would be writing down every step I took, hopefully turning it into some sort of book.

I am having a crisis, and want to make something of my time here on this rock with all of you. I have been thinking of something like this for some time, but not quite in this sense. Help me get my thoughts out with your questions and concerns.

Thanks, /adv/, ahead of time.

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self bumping a few times, enjoy random ass pictures, courtesy of gooble.
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Thinking of maybe taking a bus trip somewhere half away across the country to get me started.
>want to run away
>societal responsibilities

Son, if you can "handle" life now, how the fuck are you going to survive when you grow up?

If you are going to run away, the least you should do is be free from debt. Nothing good will come of missing payments and quitting after your first paycheck.
My thoughts exactly, I want to find myself, friend. I see what you mean, of course this is hypothetical. Fuck a job, man, temporary ass stuff.
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Son, life is not a Job Krakauer story. You are gonna end up poor and crying for mummy.
Is it possible to avoid these things, to put it off.

Really I just want to die but my mom wouldn't appreciate it.
I can handle being poor, and I would find my way home eventually. Again good advice
Jon, not Job
>fellow aggie major with asthma who wants to work in national parks
I'd come with you if I wasn't up in Maine. Think you can wait for summertime? I plan on finding a ranch or farm on helpx and hopping a bus to arizona or utah or something (only about $180 round trip) to work far away from home for the summer and get some experience. I wouldn't mind exchanging kiks or something at the least
You sound pretentious as hell OP, but I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I hope you find whatever you're looking for.
I'm trying to be real with it, but again, I'm in an odd fix.

interest. I can't wait that long I don't think, by then I would want to just deal with the hand i've been dealt. i'm not against having a companion, but i'm not the most entertaining
also ayyyyy ;-)
Ah, fair enough. I'm not quite as deep in the soul-searching dilemma as you, so I'll wait this one out. As has already been said, good luck!
I hear you, friend. Appreciate you both
OP, not asking offensively, but do you happen to feel angsty? We all go through it, weve all wanted to run away at one point probably. Ive always wanted to say fuck it all and go out find something that will test me. I don't think this is the right situation, your credit will be bad, your parents would probably be immortally upset with you, etc. I know these are all the things you want to run away from, however making this decision sets in place a hard to reverse situation. Find your exploration and sense of away-ness in other things. I alleviated this angst often with running. I could run away from my problems, certain activities can recreate this type of clarity and freedom, you just need to find them. I suggest doing something else first and if all else fails please still be careful with that decision. Our fucked up society does not take lightly to people who just want to run away from everything.
alpha tier advice. I just might take you up with that. I am rather angsty, really I am only a child, and the world is on my shoulders. you're a lovely soul, thank you. running sounds nice
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