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Family hates me

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My family hates me for some reason. Every time I say something they do the whistle thing (like they're saying "woww"), act like they're pissed off at me, or say "right...", and sometimes I hear my family members call me retarded underneath their breath.

this makes me not want to be around them at all, because this toxicity is just bad for my well-being. but they're my family, so unfortunately i'm tethered to these people.

what do?
Have you asked them about it? Communicated to them how you feel and ask why they act as such?
Yep, they just deny it and say it's all in my head
sorry OP but your picture made me laugh. I have so many questions. Who holds a duck so close to his face? Do ducks have teeth? Why does the duck have an afro of feathers? How much do you think it hurt? Are ducks soft? Was this a dare?
The best thing to do is move out but as a somehow vengeful person, I suggest using a voice recorder to tape down what they say behind your back. Watch them struggle to deny it, then walk out the door.

What are your current obstacles to moving out?
That seems like a pretty major violation, but it might be justified since they're trying to make me feel like i'm going crazy...

in short, money. I had a drug problem and blew through it all and lost my job
I'm on your side - families should not turn against each other - but I'm forced to ask this question.

What sorts of things do you say/do that they react to? It seems likely that by their standards what you are saying seems odd. Now, their standards may well be wrong, but it would help you get along if you could figure out if there's a pattern to what they react to. Then you could make your life easier by avoiding those topics or type of comments.
get another job? That might be hard, but try getting further education if you can, maybe in the form of community college and/or online courses. You could also ask for help here in writing a good resume.
Man I don't know. Ok one example was this morning my Dad asked me if I got good sleep. I said "Well, I went to bed at about 8, and woke up at 2, so got about 7 hours of sleep". He was like "..right.." except in kind of a pissed off way.

I'm guessing it's because I did the math wrong in my head and he thinks i'm retarded for making such a mistake. I think it upsets him that i'm not smart or something, like i'm just a massive disappointment

Another example is last Friday for my Mom's birthday I got her a Target card and a kitty birthday card (because I figured everyone likes cute kitties, can't lose there) and my sister called me a retard under her breath, and then later on boasted about my other sister being so "kind and considerate" for buying my mom this coffee mug with her children on it.

It's not just my family though, in the past I had significant social issues, though they've mostly dissipated since the trauma i experienced has had more time to be dealt with. So now with most other people they don't pick up on my derangement or dampened empathy and i mostly don't take shit. but yeah, in the past I had this exact same problem, except worse, with most everyone.
well of course i need to do that lol i have a trade that's not (too) hard to get a job in, although I have a lot of competition, and i have a great looking resume and pretty good skillz if you don't mind me tooting my own horn, so it's just a matter of time before I find something else :)

and nah to further education, i can't get loans because my parents make too much money
I have a similar issue. I'm quiet and go for ore logical options in most situations. People dont like the latter and try to talk over me due to the former but my normal voice level is loud so people dip out or go ad hom if I ever speak normally.

I think the best you can do is just deal. I can't say much about you but people tend to lean to their own understanding.to the point of distorting their perception of shit. So you might just need to me the right set of people. As long as you work on you you should be fine I think.

Good luck with getting a job also.
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