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Am I Doomed To Die Alone?

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>almost out of highschool
>lonely for whole life
>really want relationship but don't know how to get it
>ask for advice from everyone (even from this board)
>everyone says same thing
>"wait til college anon, everyone's cool there"
>tfw not planning on taking post secondary
Presuming you're 18, give or take.
If this is the case, holy shit quit worrying. Nothing's happened yet. Quit worrying over nothing.
Be sociable and make good friends before looking for a relationship. You still have time to learn.
meet people try to have comfortable conversations, as years go by you will find people through the first people you hang around with and you'll already be at the point of choosing who you hang out with and who you don't without realising
I'll tell you one thing, you have to actually leave your house.
no one is cool in college

it's a shitty uncomfortable hostile place where ambition goes to die
that's what I thought after seeing all this shit about "safe spaces" and "micro aggressions"
>get out of the house
>talk to people

You're young and green as fuck to life, boy. I envy that in some ways. You got lots of time ahead of you so plan well and I goddamn mean it. After 21 you can start having real adult problems and watch time zip by.

Two things right here. Just know your first love or relationship has a high chance of failing since you're both young and dumb and inside your gf never cum.
Keep living miserably or start fighting.The latter's going to be tough you have some wins and plenty of losses. But as youre going up these hills and valleys you must always fight.
The worst I've seen is LGBT meetings on the college calendar where they talk about being gay or whatever.

It varies per college, just as people vary with their politics.
That's not too bad
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This is what I thought my last year of high school about 2 years ago. It was just a matter of putting myself out there. Fake it till you make it bby

>everyone thinks I'm a generally chill person
>actually pretty depressed
The power of faking it!
while (leftHouse == false){
System.out.print"Does not exist.";
I tried to put this in terms that you will understand. Break the infinate loop.
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i guess I'm in a similar position to you OP.

> 19
> unsociable, most people are shallow idiots i find hard to relate too. ( although i can talk confidently and well )
> never had any proper friends ( go out a few times but eventually stopped contact because we didn't have much in common)
> want a relationship with a girl who i can love and respect.
> I've had some interest from some girls, but it's not been reciprocated. ( knowing how manipulative some women are also puts me off)

am i going about it the wrong way? should i just get some proper friends and go from there?

I'm not into these hookup/dating apps/ tinder/ Facebook or any of that shit.

when i ever faked my emotions i felt a little deader inside. How you holding up anon?
>most people are shallow idiots

You could try changing your perspective. People are assholes but not everyone is. Find some friends you can relate to

but where anon? My college is 50% negro and full of the general shit of society. So that's a no

Not to mention the things I'm interested in would have 0 girls. Might just join the church.
You fake it until it becomes you.
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