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Not really advice but I like hearing stories like this, maybe

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Not really advice but I like hearing stories like this, maybe it would help me find someone maybe not, but they always seem to cheer me up.

ITT: tell us about the love of your life, and how you met her/him or how you plan on making her/him yours.
>Be fat all my life
>become funny, awesome and a rebel to make up for it
>transfer to school that ranges from 6-12th grade
>Met her in 6th grade
>became great friends all the way up to 9th grade
>Get in loads of trouble making her along with everyone else laugh, telling her jokes, being me
>Eventually get kicked out of school
>lose contact with all but 3 close friends
>hang out with them when I can
>slowly losing all that weight
>11th grade year close friend has a movie night and invites a bunch of people
>See her there, doubt she remembers me
>She does, we talk for hours until we have to leave
>no time to exchange info so more time passes
>same friend has graduation party, meet her there, we connect again,talk more find out we're going to the same school, comments on how different I look
>at party finally exchange numbers, talk occasionally until school starts
>"I'll see you then"
>both of us took the bus but it turned out we had classes at different times, she had day and I night
>when she got off the campus shuttle, I was getting on
>She would always jump on me and hug me when she saw me at the stop
>next semester comes and we finally have similar class times
>talk all time time like we used to, never been happier
>tell my mutual friend that I have a crush on her, he says I don't have a chance, she's still stuck on her ex
>tell him I'll make the impossible, possible
>he laughs and says good luck
Then it begins..
This is a kickass story.
>Over the next few weeks, I amp things up, talk to her more, hang around her more
>ask her friends if she thinks anything of me, always it's "She hasn't said much"
>one day her friend tells me she said I was really cute
>Tell my mutual friend, he said he's known he just didn't want to get my hopes up
>now summers approaching and she tells me of a vacation she's going to be taking
>told her she's gotta send me pics of the vacation
>suddenly she starts showing me pics of her trying on a few different bathing suits
>Tell my friend after, of what went down
>he's shocked and said I might actually have a shot
>one day decide to ask her out, said she would but she works like crazy
>asked where she worked and she told me
>told her I was going to pay her a visit, and she thought I was joking
>the next day told her I was omw
>She thought I was joking and she was busy anyway
>I arrive and sneak in the store without her noticing me
>She works in a gift shop so I make my way over to the flowers and cards which coincidentally is just in her blindspot
>grab some stuff and sneak up to her
>"excuse me I'd like some advice on which of these I should purchase"
>She jumps and realises it's me
>She gets real excited and I can tell she wants to jump on me but she can't because her boss is near
>She says she can't believe that I was crazy enough to show up
>Tell her I never break a promise and give her a nice smile
>She says she wants to talk but her boss is on her ass, tell her it's cool I'll chat with her later
> I ended up being called in to work and we're talking on and on
>talk all night about how she can't believe I actually just showed up and that she was upset I didn't give her a huge hug
>tell her I'll make it up to her
>end up talking nonstop for the next 3 or 4 days
>finally work up the courage to ask her out again and she said she still has work
>I'm a bit sad but I tell her I'll stop by at night to see her if I had to
>she said she'd love that
It continues
Thoroughly enjoying
>start seeing her and hanging out every night we were both free
>kicking it and talking about w/e
>she finally tells as I'm getting ready to go that, she has feelings for me but shes stuck on her ex
>Tell her no sweat, I'm not afraid of a little competition
>she's shocked and kisses me and runs into her house
>soon her vacation comes and she's sending me pictures of everything she's doing, tells me about these lame ass dudes who tried to pick her up, all that
>4th of July is coming and I have a great plan in mind for when she returns
>Call up my friend and tell him to rally the troops it's time to go big.
>"lol wut"
>me:"dude just do what I say and invite Everyone, I got a plan"
>we invite like 40 people and tell them we're having a 4th of July kickback
>Everyone is up for it thinking it's going to be pretty chill like our usual kickbacks
>start calling up some old friends asking if they have access to some bomb ass fireworks unavailable to our area
>a few of them, come through for me
>buy a shit ton of fireworks off of them and ask them if they can show up to help me set them off
>strange request but they're down since we had history
>Call up my brother and ask him if he wants to join in on the festivities, he agrees since he loved blowing shit up
>Ask my other close friend if he can get his brother to buy drinks so everyone can have a great him
>As usual he had me covered
>The day was approaching and I made sure everyone knew the plan.
>we were going to conduct the party like normal, when everyone started to get a bit antsy we move to the real party down at to the park.
>It's party time and as planned we conduct things as usual
>just as anticipated, people got a little antsy and it begun
>I disappeared for a few minutes to make sure my buddies were in position for a grand appearance
>soon the whole parade of people make it to the park and start questioning wtf is going on here
>just at that we roll in with 2 cars filled with fireworks
>some for everyone to entertain themselves with and some for the show
> Everyone is in awe as to how we managed this but my friends said nothing
>I made sure my friends could handle things from there on out and made my way to Her
>asked her if she was having a good time and she was having an alright time because, she was wondering where I was most of the party
>I gave her a big smile and told her that she's about to have the summer of her life
>the show begins and I grab her and take her to the best spot to view the show, on top of my friends house
>While we're up there, I can tell she's amazed at how things turned out and from the sound of it, so was everyone else
>I kiss her as the fireworks go off and I'm feeling like a god
>as the show raps up with the grand finale(my brother setting off like 5 shells at once, bastard almost blew himself up) I ask her if she knows what the best part of tonight was
>she ask what
> I tell her it was all for her and she literally tears up and gives me probably the most dangerous kiss I've ever received
>she mauled me and I almost slipped off the roof but it's cool..
>asked her if she wanted to go out with me and she said yes!
Been dating ever since.
No one like that exists. I don't believe you.
Your right, you want the non storybook ending?

Up until me asking her to join me on the roof was true but, while this was all going down, I was going through a deep depression after I got kicked out of school and lost contact with everyone. I had lost a friend a while back in a very tragic way and I had suppressed it and chose not to talk about it. Eventually it started surfacing, all while trying to win her over I would constantly set road blocks for myself thinking she didn't want me, I ask to ask my use my friend as a liason to see if she was still interested in me. While I was going through a depression I still managed to pull through some days and become the charismatic person I was before. Eventually I did win her affection but, by the time I did, the depression was at its apex. I constantly let it get the best of me and eventually the ride ended. I lost her and I was alone.

It took some time for me to get back on my feet, I sought a psych, got some meds, Ditched them both when I realized I could handle things on my own. I changed myself by becoming a vegetarian, hitting the gym and changing my lifestyle, I set myself on a road to becoming the person I should've been in the first place
Right now, I'm past the depression and things are slowly getting better. Of course I think about her all the time but I don't want to see her until I've completed school and I've become closer to my dream of being a travelling Doc

A bit gay but hey, this keeps me going.
Thanks for helping me vent a little man. Feels good
Holy shit, man. I understand. Depression can be a fucker when you're finally seeing some happiness in your life. You become paranoic and start making up shit or become violent.
I'm glad you didn't fell to an eternal abyss and walked through that.

Thanks for the inspiration, man.
>Finally, start to study music, went through a lot of shit with my family, multiple discussions, a couple of failures from my part before that though.
>Start semester
>I don't care about anyone, a couple of out of the ordinary friends (an old guy and a girl) are there
>First few weeks are getting me since I haven't got out of the house regularly for 2 months
>The whole semester is to tone your voice, basic shit
>FF to last two weeks
>Start playing the clavinola after the first class because why the fuck not
>Everyone's leave except one girl who I haven't been able to talk to since I didn't care, and she seemed like a spoiled brat
>She starts talking to me, I reply and ask her things too
>She's fun, can take a joke and really skilled
>In the next class, teacher tells everyone to get out respective instruments
>She plays the same as mine
>Practice starts and we start making jokes and laughing at stupid shit, like mistakes, skipped notes
>The only thing I want to do at this point is to make her laugh
>The next days is just like that
>We get to know each other a little, keep laughing at stupid shit
>Start thinking about it
>Thinking is a mistake
>Start thinking about her everyday
>When she didn't respond when chatting, I assumed she was mad because I overused jokes
>Doesn't reply to me in a day
>Greet her again
>No replies
>Shrug it off as "Well, she's just sick of me"
>Go back online again just to tell her that if she's mad with me, I understand
>Finally replies next morning "No, I'm happy!"
>Think all about that
>Heavy sadness

Holy shit, it's been a fucking year since I've felt those in that intensity. I haven't done anything shitty yet, but I really have to control myself and keep doing like I was all this time. Fuck, I hate myself for being this way, but she IS pretty fucking good. I don't know if to tell her or to give her hints or tell her to meet during the break.

Last time, it couldn't happen because I couldn't be sincere enough.
Ask her out anon
Holy shit this roller coaster fucking ride ive just been through. But congrats on this life experience; you have accomplished life!! I wish you luck.
Thanks guys
Stacey Thundercunt strikes again
Thread posts: 22
Thread images: 1

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