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What guys are best?

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What types of guys do you think girls are attaracted to more? Or would generally? Aggressively need to investigate this.
Chads, of course.

Every single time you make a decision: ask yourself, what would Chad do?
funny, good looking guys
Sounds like a dog elaborate plz.
exactly a dog
dont try to be someone else just to impress someone
just be urself if they dont like u u cant do anything about it get a dog
Well if you put it that way lol, but I am with my dog and we're happy and all but she can't find out because jealousy. ... so you're trying to tell me girls like pets? To go out with?
Biologically speaking, it depends on what stage of life they're in. When girls are in their late teens/mid-twenties, they normally seek out more aggressive men for protection; however, when they reach they age where they're ready to settle down, they look for men who are more stable, emotionally and financially.

But since we're more developed than our primal instincts, it also depends on the person. Different people like different things.
Guys who do whatever they know how to do as best as they can.

Different guys know different things. There are some guys who know only self-obsession and superficiality. They don't know much else but they have great results with their bodies and flashy toys and arrogance. And you know what? It works.

There are guys who know other things, who have their shit 100% together in other ways. It works for them too, albeit perhaps with different women.

The point is to get real about what you know is right (regarding how you live your life) and to actually live up to that standard. Don't sit there knowing that you could be fitter, knowing how to get fitter, knowing that you actually want to be fit...and yet not live up to it. That's the turn off.
OP, this question is broad as fuck and there's not going to be a good, detailed answer because it varies drastically. Some guys prefer light hair, dark hair, light skin, dark skin, curves, slim figures, skinny, fat, big butt, no butt, big boobs, no boobs, short hair, long hair..And that's just physical appearance. Personality is a whole different ball game. And girls are exactly the same way.

Off the top of my head I can list one woman i talk to regularly who likes chubby guys, one who likes gangly skinny guys, and one who like hairy muscly guys. No problem.

There are some things that are consistent across the board, but they will not be detailed enough for you to really like.

-Symmetrical features (this is common across all people, is a sign of good genetics)
-Humor (because laughing is fun and it's a sign of creativity and intelligence and social competence all in one)
-Maturity and the ability to be independent and take care of yourself and others

That's basically all you're going to get that pretty universal across the board. Everything else is up to personal preference.

This is what i tell to people who ask me questions like OP did, there's no magic, just imagine a person you would like to be around(doesn't matter the gender), and be that person, you don't need to be james bond to get women attracted to you, just be a nice person to be with and you're good.
I'm female, but I can't speak for the entire population on this. Personally I like reserved guys with ambition and a dry sense of humour because I'm like that too. It's a big plus if they dress in a sophisticated manner and behave like a gentleman on dates, but then again I'm traditional. I also tend to go for pretty boys rather than conventionally handsome and I don't like big muscles.

But my best girl friend likes guys with tattoos, a buzz cut and a sharp wit. There is literally no one answer to this.
>be funny
>be adventurous
>be straight up
>be confident
>be slightly-moderately nerdy
>be hygienic
here's my standards:
>healthy weight/ works out as much as I do
>nice thick hair
>ambition&good life plan
>good self control and respectful
>independant to an extent, but makes time for me

I do/am these things for my partner, so I expect the same.
>listing all male traits
What do guys generally like? Usually, in the most simple terms, they want someone who is female and feminine. They want someone who has that dichotomy of youthful, yet nubile. Innocent, yet sexy. A "lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets" as they say.

Women generally also want this. They want a masculine male. They want someone who is spontaneous, yet stable. Both a "bad boy" and a "nice guy". A provider and an exciter.
No they aren't, retard
No wonder you're single
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>projecting this hard
Enjoy your virginity, sperglord. I've been with my gf 6 1/2 years and we have a few female friends we occasionally have threesomes with
>What types of guys do you think girls are attaracted to more?
I can't speak for everyone, but I like guys that are laid back, kind, loyal, intelligent (but humble), well-read, and have a weird sense of humor. I don't really care about money or status, as long as he's capable of taking care of himself. Of course, this is just a list of things I really admire about my own guy and what drew me to him in the first place. It also helps that we have many similar interests. We're both very clingy and emotionally dependent on each other, but it works for us. We started out as friends, and I knew him from his ex-girlfriend.
>le reddit meme man

>gets rekt
>admits to browsing reddit

Jesus, no wonder you're still single
Wow. I mean, I know you shit-post, but you're worse than Dr.Mario and Girl Who Breaks The Rules. At least she occasionally has witty comebacks. You just have to have the last word to prove just how much other people don't bother you, huh? You're so transparent.
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