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positivity thread

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It's nearly 2016; Instead of going down the good old "get anxious about regrets together" road, let's talk about what we achieved this year. And don't say there's nothing because that's bullshit, and you know it.
I ditched the bitch
Guess I ought to post my own.
>fixed my sleeping schedule after six years of fucking around
>started working out again
>haven't been hospitalised since february
>got a LOT more stable in general
>quit smoking
> still in school even though im not going for anything big
>started to workout at the gym
>talking with more people
>trying to put myself out there more
>slowly changing from how I used to be which I hated

>Getting my acne under control
>comfortably single, no longer dating assholes
>getting into better shape, looking much better
>have clear, attainable goals
>no more weed
>making social gains, not horribly shy and even capable of flirting
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>I got my driver's license
>Took leave from school before they kicked me out (big difference in admin's eyes)
>Had first relationship and ended it well
...that's pretty much it.

It's been my worst year thus far though.
Didnt kill myself
I like this thread!

>have been dating a very kind and loving man who keeps challenging me to do better
>worked harder than last year at school/job
>lost 10lbs by eating healthy
>boosted my self confidence by challenging myself in hard college classes and succeeding
>been more assertive
>have taken my first vacation in 9 years
>got a car
>finished high school
>turned 18
>Took vacation in June to NYC (first time on a plane)
>Started university
>Got my license
>Soon to get car

All this turned to shit because I fucked up my back at work, and it'll be that way for the rest of my life
Good for you anon
>developed a daily routine even though my job has no structure.
>started taking multi-vitamins.
>paid off my credit cards.
>donated a lot of clutter and stuff I hadn't touched in years.
>actually keep up on chores for the most part.
>came out of a foggy depression haze.

>Graduating in 2016
>I'm fucking scared and unprepared
>But I've realized what's best for me is some time off and to return to school later, so I have a rough path
Let's fucking do this.
>Beginning of Year
Was living with a an ex roommate from college. He basically invited me up here to start a business and then didn't do jack shit except fuck with my life. He invited piece of shit people to live with us, didn't tell me about it, found out when I got here. These pieces of shit invited more pieces of shit until I was:
>constantly fighting with them about shit that never should have been issues
>constantly stressed the fuck out
>they stole from me
>damaged my property
And my "friend" didn't back me up in the least; he just "oh there's nothing I can do blah blah blah" when I went to him being like, "HEY, we need to handle this." I worked a job that i hated. I was dating a hot ass fucking girl - the hottest girl I've ever dated - but the costs were pretty severe. Yeah the sex was amazing and I genuinely liked her as a person but:
>smothered the shit out of me
>tried to change and "train" me into what she wanted like she had done to every man before her because of how hot she was
>she hated the people I lived with
>she was selfish as fuck and I could barely communicate with her because of her shitass communication skills and my unwillingness to just put up with her shit
I was working a job that I grew to despise. The work was boring as fuck straight off the bat but I took it because Recession and I wanted to be an adult, etc. I was so fucking low that I was high every moment of every day just to get through it. It was one of the lowest moments in my life.
>Then the pieces of shit roommates slashed my tire
A switch went off in my brain. I was either going to end this.... or end them.
>next post for achievement
Get back here you fucking asshole. I want to see the cool ending where you triumph
The day my tire got slashed I took the ring leader outside and told him he was going to sign a contract with me or I was going to call our landlord and get us all evicted onto the street in the middle of winter, which I could have done easily. I hadn't done this before out of respect for my "friend." But now? Fuck my friend. The little bitch knew I was dead serious. He was actually scared of me but thought my "friend" had his ass covered the little leech. But not anymore.
>They signed the contract
>It had a provision that if they didn't pay on time, they were auto evicted and couldn't go to court about it
>Had a lawyer review it, it was solid
They paid for a few months but it took a huge toll on them. I sat back and laughed at them the whole time. I gave them a good offer (out of the contract) if they left the state. They left.
>I got my own apartment
Left my "friend" alone with himself. Found a good spot with a gym across the street, in my budget, etc.
>I dumped my girlfriend
I care for her; she's a good person and I respect her, but I explained that she wasn't giving me what I needed, we had discussed it enough and she hadn't changed, and a "situation" came up that was the last straw for me. Kicked her to the curb; had *amazing* sex with a girl I met the next week. Now I'm just chilling working on myself.
>Gained 5 pounds of muscle already
That gym across the street? yeah.
>Started teaching myself how to cook for myself
Crockpot is fucking Amazingpot.
>Kicked the weed
Went sober for two weeks, now I smoke "for friends and fucking."
>Applying to two new jobs tomorrow
>Ex is coming over this weekend.
I won't fuck her. She has since apologized to me for all of the shitty things she did. And honestly? It's aaaaall good. We're probably better friends anyway.
>working on my tinder profile
I'm fucking ready.
This sounds like it could be a film. Thanks for wrapping that up
I got my drivers license at 21. Yeah I know I've had severe anxiety about driving since I was a kid. actually this year as a whole has been a victory for me and anxiety I've fought it like hell and won all the battles. No pills, no friends or family I did it through sheer will.
I'm telling you man... God / life / the spaghetti monster tested the fuck out of me. While I moving to my new place a girl ran a stop sign and totaled my car. The car that i was going to use to move my shit because I was too poor to afford a moving company / van... I had to fight with my insurance company to give me the car back, took it to a mexican to get it fixed, he obviously didn't do it well but he fixed it well enough... to take it to a real repair shop and lie about it being totaled long enough to get them to fix it right.

My rental car? A fucking ford truck that just so happened to be exactly what i need to move my shit ;).

Fight. When shit gets on you, fight. Don't ever stop fighting for what you want until you're dead.
>Keep swinging at these suckas till you buried.
Thread posts: 19
Thread images: 3

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