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How do you know if someone still loves you

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I have been living with my boyfriend for 6 months. And honestly I feel a bit neglected and I am starting to believe he doesn't love me anymore and is only with me because he's scared of being alone or something..

I've noticed that he treats cuddling like it's a chore now, he seems to not enjoy it at all. He doesn't want to sleep on the same bed with me (we have a pretty big sofa bed and a twin sized mattress) and uses the excuse of it not being comfy but they feel the same.

He never wants to do anything with me aswell. For example I suggested we go see a movie together and he whined about how he's always with me and just wants to stay home. But then his friend asked him and he got up right away and went to the movies (he brought me aswell because I get tickets cheap for being a military dependent)

He also slightly ignores me when I talk, and its starting to hurt.

I asked him many times if he still likes me, and he tells me he loves me but just wants to be alone.
So I leave him alone, I go for walks that can last 5 hours. I see my friends, I sometimes will sit in astronomy classes on campus since they are a few hours as well. But he still acts like we spend too much time together.

I've even told him I'll just move out and go back home but he begs me not to.
It's so confusing and I might just end it all if it continues to be this way because it just doesn't feel fair to me.

What should I do? Can this be worked out or should I just go home (which is in another country)

My ex did the same thing, treated togetherness as a chore, not wanting to cuddle, jumping at the chance to go hang out with friends but balking at doing literally anything else

He may still love you but he's getting "comfortable", a lot of guys do this where they make bold promises and advances and work themselves at 110% instead of acting normal, and when they feel they've "succeeded" in getting a relationship, they stop trying as hard and even start getting lazy.

It may be worth expressing your concerns, about him ignoring you and not wanting to hang out, about feeling unloved. But it rarely works out as far as i've seen. Men are usually either slow and consistent or fast and then they crash. You'd be better off finding someone who does the first
Guys like to hang out with friends. He's still in love with you.
Ahh I guess I'll just start to focus on myself more then and take up more hobbies. Normally I try to leave him alone for at least 5hours a day. But he probably just needs more time to himself. He also plays fallout during the times I'm (there) and away so he might not even notice.
Whatever you do stay faithful. Men get their hearts crushed easily.
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I would never cheat on him, he's my bestfriend and I would feel like such a shitty person.
When I say hobbies I mean stuff like making crafts for our apartment or learning how to sew because saving money on clothes would be nice.
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Good girl. I've been cheated on before. You never really get over it
>good girl
have a wank and stfu
U mad that I've actually gotten pussy before bitch?
its cringey as fuck dude
So is not ever getting pussy
>calling random females online 'good girl' and trying to start arguments over who gets pussy and who doesnt

join a social group op, he might be feeling the pressure of living with another human being as clingyness. do something that will spice shit up for him cook dinner and suck his cock for a week and then STOP EVERYTHING he will notice and will reinvigorate him. it worked for me and my gf were 3 yrs strong. but we both like bondage so theres that...

Do I really have to be the one telling you this.

Break up. You're missing out.
Or do you really want to see yourself as a 36 year old with no nothing to look back at?
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