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Time-Off -- REJECTED

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I asked late last night about taking time off from work. I requested to have Black Friday and Saturday off (we already have Thanksgiving off) for travel purposes with family.

I went in today and got straight disrespected by my assistant manager. She was going off on how I work in retail and should have known. Then she went on a sarcastic rant about what the "biggest day of the year is". I told her in a calm voice that I requested a month ago (I started work 2 months ago) and it was for family travel. She fired back saying "Well make family time on Easter". Then said that I would have to talk to the boss or call out.

Another big thing is that she said we can't take time off from Black Friday to Christmas. I have another Grad school interview in early December, which even lands on a Wednesday. They were very helpful with letting me take off for Grad school interviews, but I'm not going to let some part-time job that I'm using for extra pocket money stand in front of something as big as an interview. I let them know during my job interview that I was currently applying to Grad school and would have interviews, but it seems like they were upset with how many I was going to.

So if this all doesn't work out, which I doubt it will because I know how my boss is.... it will be a one week notice of leave, and I won't come in for the busiest time of the year. How bad of a burnt bridge will this be, and should I even care considering I will be starting Grad school in about 6 months?

You will probably get fired, sorry to say it, anon. When I managed retail and worked on Black Friday, we literally had every single employee on the payroll working, with only one exception, and I believe that's because her dad had cancer and she was quitting anyways.

It's retail man, and the holiday season. You had to have expected this. You may as well put in your two weeks today and explain that you're unfortunately not going to be coming for Black Friday and hope they don't term you right then and there so you can say you didn't get fired.

I also quit because of Black Friday :^)

Damn. I've never been fired before. It's only been 2 months... would I have to inform a future employer? And would it look bad on my part if I explain that I put in that much notice and still didn't get time off? I've never worked retail before so honestly this is a shocker to me. I thought it was a mistake that I was scheduled.
It sucks, this is why you try to work for a buisness that compliments your holliday schedule. If you go away on holidays you need to work for mom and pop places that close and can't run black friday. Working for big retailers is for people that don't like their family and non holliday celebrating atheists.

My friends keep telling me I'm making a mountain of a mole hill here since I start grad school in about 6 months. They keep telling me to look at the big picture but I feel like I'm doing a disservice to my employers. But family is so much more important and this job has already limited many plans I have had. I think I've reached the breaking point and will have to leave.
I've worked Black Fridays at two of the biggest retailers in America. So many of my co-workers would straight up not show up, if you have any real pull in the store you're probably not getting fired. Hell, half the time I got sent home early because our deals sucked and the amount of people on staff was excessive.

If you are starting grad school, you are much beyond needing retail. Tell em to get fucked by a sick dick.

Hahahah! You sound exactly like my friends. Maybe I really need to wake up and smell the coffee because everyone seems to be against them.

Thanks everyone!
in Germany, if you've been working for more than 4 weeks you can call sick and get full sick pay for up to 6 weeks

and you cannot get fired until that 6 weeks period is over

Wow, even part-time? Or do they not have full-time/part-time employees in Germany?

(Full-time is ~40 hours a week, part-time is ~25)

No, you don't have to disclose it to an employer, but they are within their right to ask why you left your last job, if you were fired or left voluntarily, or if you decide to not disclose this job on your resume, explain your gap in employment.

As you get into more complex jobs, they will follow up with your previous employer to see if you were terminated, or left voluntarily. HR departments are allowed to disclose that information (however not the exact reason why it happened).

I mean, all in all, this is a part time retail job and you sound pretty young. It's probably not going to prevent you from getting a job out of grad school - or even another job, if you sell it right. If you leave voluntarily (or hell, even involuntarily), I'd imagine employers are not going to fault you too much for telling them that you had believed they where going to be more flexible around your grad school application process and that it just didn't work out. You can even say you learned a lesson in communication from it.

I would NOT mention the family trip, or that you weren't aware people had to work on Black Friday. Employers are total dicks about personal time off for some reason.
Dude, trust me, you will look back on this and feel silly. The truth of the matter is, your assistant manager probably wants to just press the issue and get you to quit. You know why? People that actually accomplish things and don't NEED retail, are retail's biggest threat.

No other employer will care that you quit or got fired, especially given context.

Yeah, I honestly was worried about what my Dad would think when I told him I left my job. But considering my assistant manager clearly said that I would not be able to get off Black Friday to Christmas, and I have an interview in a few weeks... I'm just going to use that as my reason for departure. I could say that for my next part-time job, if I get one before Grad school. Maybe I should teach English abroad -- would be much more exciting ha.

I'm already starting to feel silly after the input from you all and my friends. Even my Mom was telling me to just quit because she hasn't seen me in a while. Guess I just needed to talk it out

Thanks again everyone
Jesus, why is retail so filled with drama? Every story I hear is about people being pissy with each other over the dumbest things

Hey I was the calmest as could be! She just went off on me and disrespected me and I just stood there like "Uhhh ok" and walked off hahah
Get clear on the basic concept: You work for them, they don't exist for your convenience.

As an employee your whole function is to meet the boss's needs. Period.

Now, you do have a life outside being an employee, and you do have a right to have other priorities, and generally it would be really nice if the job could fit around the rest of your life. But that's not in any way guaranteed.

There were four options:
1. Ask for the day off and get it.
2. Have to work that day.
3. Take it off anyway and be fired.
4. Quit so you can take it off.

The first option was tried and failed. You now choose among the other three.

I don't like to have any bad blood, although it will most likely be inevitable at this point, but my plan is #4 tomorrow when I go in.
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