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Reasons not to kill myself today.
OP life is to precious to throw away no matter what you did and the fact you came here signifies the fact that you most likely wish to continue no matter how horrible things are. If you can't think of reasons for why you deserve to live I am sure there a plenty of others in your life whether you recognize it or not will sorely miss your presence and be emotionally affected for you leaving in such a manner. no matter how hopeless a situation gets there is a always a silver lining and when at the worst often the only place for things to go is up. if you commit suicide then you risk loosing the chance of ever making it out of the mess you are in and truly living the life you lived and being there for the people who truly require your presence whether now or later. in the future you could've been someone's mother or father, good friend and when they needee someone like you, you were unavailable and made them that much more resentful for living in this world. Rather then being a victim of your circumstances you should become a survivor one who uses these emotional hurdles to change and improve their lives. I know it's hard but don't do it, take a good honest and realistic look at your life and see what causing you to feel this way and get help whether it may be from a friend or physiologist and find something that gives you purpose or keeps you anchored. you will be okay and you will get through this it's just another phase. things happen and we aren't perfect but that is what makes us human.
Come up with a list of goals, or a list of things you find interesting, yet never really looked into.
Think of things that make you happy, and right them down. Think of what you'd consider your ideal, happy self.
Complete short term goals, even if it's something as small as taking a 5 minute walk, or greeting someone.
Do breathing exercises, listen to relaxing music, exercise a bit. It makes you feel good.
Keep a journal of your feelings, if you are afraid to talk to anyone about them.
I may be an anon, but I'm willing to listen to what you have to say. I'll try to help you through it as much as I can. Just try to stay strong. You made it this far. You can keep going.
Sex, do you have money? Go have sex with a hot human being you little scamp! ;)
Because the mere thought that you should make this thread means you are having doubts. This is not a decision you can have second thoughts about. You aren't ready to die. Don't make this permanent mistake.
because even I, a random fuckin stranger with no idea as to your identity give a shit. things always change. remember it.
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Op my best friend killed himself so please don't do this to yourself. Please. It doesn't only affect you. 8002738255, US suicide hotline #. Whatever you're concerned about is only temporary.
Your life isn't solely your own. Sorry. Everybody has obligations -- to their family, to their friends, and to society. Killing yourself will deeply, deeply hurt everyone who cares about you. And people do care about you, even if you disbelieve that.

You don't have the right to do that to them (us).


Your situation, whatever it is, CAN improve, and I'm sorry that it's hard, but you have a duty to improve it.
As regards improving your situation, calling the suicide hotline is a good idea. If you don't want to do that, you can tell us what's wrong and we'll help as much as we can -- probably not enough to fix everything, but we can point you in the direction of someone who can take it the next step.
Don't you want to know how Guts gets off the boat?
Its what the muslims want.
Because it's fucking retarded. I mean in what possible situation can you be where it's necessary to kill yourself (except if you have a terminal disease or something)? A shitty envoirenment is always temporary. No reason depression can be fixed with medication. I used to be suicidal because of my shitty stepdad but now, 8 years later when I became old enough to remove people from my life I realize I was fucking stupid to think of suicide. Sure I have leftover depression, but I'm working on it, and it's not gonna be forever. Honestly, give me any reason to kill yourself, and you'll see that it's not a good reason after all.
life isn't worth starting but it is worth finishing


and there's a difference between finishing and quitting
It's raining.
You don't want to die. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here, asking the people on 4chan of all places, for reasons to live.

But what more reason do you really need? You want to live, so live. Maybe you need to make some changes -who doesn't?- but you can make them. It can be hard, but it's way more enjoyable than the alternative.
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 2

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