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Is it possible to get a gf with no social life? part 2

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Background: known girl for 5 months at work, didnt speak to her for four months since i moved job locations, and since i move from locations. we talk to each other about life, we stare at each a lot across the room, and she's nice to me, and hold the door for me when I see her. She also every now and then had started conversations with me.

just made facebook (added photos), two people accepted my add, I then added her, and she has't accepted my add yet.

- Will she be creeped out to see if I have two friends on facebook? Looking at her photo gallery she is a very social person
- I uploaded four photos; three selfies and a cover picture of a sky.

So what should i say if she accepted the add and I want to go onto the relationship route? or what happens if she doesnt accept my add? I think i will give it up on it; if it doesnt go well. im prepared to fail and be rejected i dont mind.
You made this thread already. She will probably be creeped out once she sees you have 2 friends, and then will realise you made the fb account with the sole purpose of adding her, and that will be creepy too.
>she holds the door for me

That's normal dude. I holde the door for strangers and vice versa, it's just being polite...
yeah your right, but wouldnt she have second thoughts that i added two people before her? i tried adding 50 people on facebook, but they havent accepted my add yet.

yeah i think she is just being nice
Dude, she would notice that you've put on your pics today and then sent her the invite...
i only know three people personally and including her out of the 50 people random people.
>I only know three people
>wants to get a gf

Yeah i added some pics. no group/social photos though, its my concern lol.
sorry bud better to have no facebook than to have one with only 2 friends lol

delete everything

probably too late for it
lol looks like im fucked. she probably has like 300+ friends.

yeah its pretty late, had facbook for the past two hours.

since shes social than she is. she is bound to use facebook all the time anyway, im worried if she doesnt accept my add.

Two hours is not that long. Was your profile on private? If she didnt accept you yet that means she coudln't even see you only had two friends.

Another thing, the idea of someone having only two friends is so absurd to me I would never even think to look. When someone adds me, I check their photos and mutual friends. If they are on private, it will only show our mutual friends, not show their actual number..

Dude, just delete fuckin everything. Don't bring it up. If she does, tell her you just got off fb today and lie with a reason like the following;
you got some extended family that gives you all kinds of shit if you don't like everything they post, even if its racist/backwards/whatever. If she asks why you don't just block its because your parents and the whole family gave you heaps of flack last time you tried so this just seemed easier.

Replace extended family member with friends from highschool, roommates, friends.

Just get the fuck off facebook.
Thanks for your advice. Nah I hid my facebook profile from family members, not planning to ever add them. I'm at home with them everyday anyway.

I also founded away; I've just privatized my friends list and only made it only viewable to myself.

I now have four people added on facebook; two from high school, and two from uni. She hasn't accepted my add yet, she's probably busy, or something. If it goes on for a week than I will definitely know she hasn't accepted my add at all.
my only concern now is the photos i have uploaded online; being that i have three selfies and one cover photo of a sky. there's no social/group photo of myself with other people.

i hope she didnt looked at my facebook. the two hours i created prior to adding her, and her knowing i had two friends with the sole purpose of adding her. Which one of the posters here pointed out.

hopefully she doesnt find out that i did this all for her. it would be an interesting story to tell if im lucky and deep into the relationship with her.

but for now my expectations are low.
im warning you again, delete fuckin everything

NOT having a facebook is perfectly okay if you are capable of not stammering out your autist reasons like a faggot

Having one with virtually nothing will be real weird real quick. You fucked up cos you added her too soon. You should have got at least 20 or so mates and set your friends on private, then at least fluffed up your profile a bit.
i did set my friends list to private and added over 50 people; including her in the mix. I'm just waiting for her to accept my add.
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you guys are fucking funny. Especially the guy all paranoid telling you to delete your facebook.

Ask her out. Here I'll walk you through it.

you already know each others names so no need for introductions.

you: Hi
you: do you wanna go grab something to eat?
you: cool lets go to X


you: Hi
her: H-hi
you: you wanna go grab something to eat?
her: ermm No.
you: cool. see you later.
then move on to the next one

fucking magic
Alright, question.

I haven't spoken to her for four months, should I just ease it in for her?

Or just do it cold, like you recommended? i don't mind starting the relationship with a friendship like base; I honestly want to be with her forever. I don't want a short term relationship.
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>made facebook (added photos), two people accepted my add, I then added her, and she has't accepted my add yet.

>2 people on your fb
>the 3rd is the girl you want to get with

You fucked up
this girl is so cute I wanna cry
im agreeing with this post sooo hard right now. i know have like 20 friends, but its still privatized. hopefully, she didnt catch on the early two hours.

she hasnt accepted my add all day; starting to feel pretty bad...

yeah i may have fucked up...
You can change your confidentiality parameters so she doesn't see any of this
Tbh the fact she didnt add you yet might not mean anything. They usually have a lot of friend requests on standby they dont intend to accept or refuse so when they get a new one they dont notice it/cqre about it right away

now go get one

Who cares, he went for it.

Now go find another girl, eventually one will work out.
Thread posts: 24
Thread images: 3

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