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Trouble Opening Up/Initiating/Showing Interests

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Pic is me.
Does anyone else have problem initiating things?
Like setting the vibe, flirting with girls in person.
For example.
>I can call a girl cute, or gorgeous, or sexy.
>I can call a girl baby, I can dirty talk with them.
>But it's ONLY online.
>When i'm in person, my anxiety goes up, I clam up, I have trouble opening myself up, and showing interest, calling them cutie, babe, etc...
Anyone else have this feeling too?
>It's killing my relationships with women. It really is.
>Do I have really bad social anxiety or some shit?
>What can I do to help this?
>It's the same way with guys too
>I have trouble showing and saying that I care about people.
Help a fella out
Josh who?
What lol
Help me senpai
you are afraid of "what if?"

You are anxious and nervous because you have 0 confidence in yourself. you dont trust in yourself. you believe deep within you that you are not worth it. you think 'shit that girl probably is out of my league' type of sorry ass self hate. maybe its about time to grow a pair.

of course any man with half a brain and a keyboard/phone can flirt/advance online.

Have you really sat down and ask yourself whats making you feel like that? do you feel proud of yourself in front of the mirror? are you actually doing things to improve your looks? intelligence? social skills?

Its all in your head buddy. You are making shits up in your brain before it even happens. You are scared because of 'what if's'. Do things that make you proud of who you are, believe that you are worth a damn, that you are someone thats the PRIZE, and your actions follow.

Who cares if this bitch doesnt like you? there are so many girls out there, why are you afraid? if she doesnt like you for "opening yourself up", find another one.

Be the prize man.
Problem is, idk how the fuck to do that.
I've been focusing on my looks.
Started working out, got tan, facial hair, I look like a 7.5.
Only problem is, now I want a nosejob and facial surgeries and shit.
All my life i've been introverted, shy, etc...
Good. Baby steps man. Nothing is ever conquered in a day. You need to face your fear or it will own you. Make baby steps. Say to yourself 'I will make approaches to women twice every week' or some shits like that. You think your introvertedness will ever change in inaction? the only way you will be able to be comfortable with women is... thats right. More experiences. Too hard? too scared? that sucks.

But seriously, whats eating you?

Nothing will ever change unless you grab your balls off the floor and change it yourself. no one will do it for you OP.
Oh god OP I'm 19 and in the exact, same spot.

I have tons of friends and am very sociable, so I don't really have any social anxiety, but I can't fucking talk to girls in person.

I can easily do online hook ups with little effort, but flirting face to face, especially with a girl whom I know for some time? Nope, I get petrified with fear.
Yeah bro, it's like if all I have to do, is literally talk to a chick online, ask her to come over, and we just fuck and leave, it no problem, I can do that shit allll day.
Like i'm good af at sex.
But when it comes to relationships, showing your true colors, hell no dude.
I care too much about my appearance and shit.
I give too many fucks.
And as for the baby steps and things.
I've been doing a little better.
But i've been wanting to approach girls in person for years, never done it in my life though.
I'm trying to get a vyvanse script though to help with me being social, and I have phenibut which helps with anxiety.

Don't go on meds, it'll fuck you up in the long run if you become dependent on them.
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