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Craigslist Hookup Angst

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I'm having a lot of mixed feelings about what happened last night. I'm just wondering if anyone wants to listen to story and help me out. I don't think she would be browsing /adv/ so I'm probably safe here.
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Go ahead.

Thanks anon friend. I'll try my best to keep this to the point:

>Me: Make an ad, on CL have the house for a few weeks, technically a virgin, just horny and want to bang
>Her: In long distance relationship, just wants sex, BF completely okay, she mentions that she wants just straight up good sex with communication, but knows I'm inexperienced
>Last night, she comes over. It's kind of fucking awkward, but it never goes as planned right?
>We agree we wanna do it, go upstairs, I've drank a lot of water at this point, turn lights off and start kissing/clothes off
>Only had two condoms, same brand, surprisingly they were too small for me... got me limp trying to fit them on
>We decide that we'll just go no condom, she's not on birth control but does pull out method with BF, I get hard again
>We do some things then take a break and I go limp again and go to pee
>We had some really good parts where I was absolutely slamming her in cowgirl, skin slapping just going as hard as a can and I also went really hard in doggy
>But I kept going limp in between, so most of the time we just cuddled. We laughed a lot at each other but it was awkward.
>Neither of us came, she decided it was late and she walked home. I kind of wanted more but she was done

I just feel like shit from this. I know I'm 99% never going to see this chick again, but I just feel disappointed and embarrassed with what happened and what went down.

I just feel like a complete loser for doing it this way.
And just a thanks to adv, you guys have helped me in the past. You all are really nice for spending your time here and helping people out.
well, op, you knew awkwardness was the name of the game with internet hookups, and that's what you got. if i were you i'd be glad that worse didn't happen. you could've been robbed, raped, killed. get checked for std's asap, you can't trust her and you foolishly went bareback. i know, desperation does weird things to your mind.

anyway, people have done much more embarrassing things on craigslist, so don't worry about it. time will heal your shameful memory if and only if you just let it be, put it behind you, chalk it up to desperation and ignorance, and don't dwell on it hating yourself for what happened.

but seriously, get yourself checked out for std's and hiv as soon as possible. she could be some slut spreading it deliberately, if she's willing to meet up, and uses fucking craigslist, which is notoriously a gay/tranny hookup site.
Hey OP,

I'm in a similar situation I'd say. Me and a good friend of mine have casual sex often and going limp happens from time to time for me. Just depends on the day I guess. As for the laughing, laugh along. The way I see it, sex doesn't have to be romantic, you're just fulfilling a human need. My friend said it the best. "This is what having sex with a friend is like."

I hope you get over it, bruh.
mate, the first time is gonna be akward, probably not pleasurable, and you're either gonna cum right away or not at all. Don't sweat it, like you said you're not gonna see her again and you will have plenty of time to practice and get better, I dont know if anybody in the world is inherently born with a gift of being good at sex

Yeah I knew it was going to be awkward no matter what. Surprisingly we didn't exchange any pictures but went completely off of exchanging a ton of emails and trusting each other.

I'm not necessarily that ashamed to forget it. Most of it was fun, I'd want to give it another go with her but I don't think she would want to.

As for getting checked, I haven't been to a doctor in ages but I should definitely go soon.


It wasn't just going limp once, I just kept going fucking limp every break. Yeah we both laughed together and made jokes, that part was quite fun. Thanks anon.


Yeah you're right. I convinced myself that maybe it would be different for me. Maybe me wanting to see her again isn't about her, but just wanting to do it again with a girl. Honestly, for an experienced person she wasn't that good at anything we did :|

Maybe I ought to just do it traditionally and go to bars/clubs again even though I hate them.
forgot to add, at least the experience is just between me, her and her bf (she definitely told him...)
you should fuck her boyfriend too, since he's such a kek
fuck the word filter works on every board I guess
meant to say C U C K

Wow haha, you're a pathetic fucking freak. I know this is 4chan, so some of you guys are irreparably ugly lameasses with no social skills, but how the fuck do you losers manage not to fuck in high school? Chicks are so fucking dumb at that age, anybody with sense can manipulate the the fucked-up abused ones into the easiest sex ever. I lost my virginity in sophomore year and I didn't even try. I'm 22 now and have been fucking a stupid rape victim 17 year old high school cunt. She cried to me today about being raped when she was 13 but I just hugged around her and said comforting bullshit while I smiled and got a huge boner. I knew she had to go to work and wouldn't give me the sex I wanted so I wasn't about to comfort the dumb little rape whore :). Plus, the Age of Consent is 16 in my state, so I can fuck her stupid little hole all I fucking want and none of her beta coworkers can do a fucking thing to turn her against me.

My favorite thing to do while fucking her is grabbing her the throat and choking her hard until she's squirming and clutching my hands for air.

The shittiest part about it though is I can't record myself fucking her cause it's still cp even though the AoC is 16. I feel like the only reason I fuck is so I can jerk off the videos/memories later.
>I know this is 4chan
> how the fuck do you losers manage not to fuck in high school?
How do you expect us tiny fish to swallow a bait this size? Try taking it easy next time.
Honestly the best part of this, being a 4chan user I am proud to have essentially fucked this c u c k s gf.

Honestly, ignoring most of this. I'm not a typical 4channer. I had my chance to lose it in first year of high school but was an idiot and dumped my gf. Then I had a chance to lose it to one of the hottest girls in school later, but had low-self esteem and didn't actually believe she liked me.

You're right, chances in high school are fucking easy. I fucked up then, and now I'm living at home in college so chances are even slimmer.

Sounds like you're a fucking loser then

You're hopeless, you're never gonna get 17 year old rape victim to hurt at leisure, you shut-in fucking queer
22 eh? few more years left before you wind up in prison, moron
I kek'd
>this guy

Even though I know this is bait, it is a form of self deception to believe you can say one thing and think another.

True or not, I honestly pity our gene pool that losers like this exist. Enjoy your petty, empty life.

Preferably far removed from me and mine.

I've hurt more women in worse ways than you could even imagine, pussy. I will always be better than you
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Look out we got a bad ass over here
Also go buy a sampler set of condoms online (the package will be discreet) so you can find a brand that fits properly. Then jerk off with a condom on a few times so you can get used to the sensation. Get a few different kinds of lube and experiment with those, too. A few drops of the right lube inside a condom make for a much better experience.
Thanks man. My city offers a free package of condoms one time, they have the ones I used but also some lifestyle larges so I may try those.
Thread posts: 23
Thread images: 3

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