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Relationshit advice

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Short summary:
>be male, 23 years old
>meet current gf 1 year ago
>we are very different. I'm a very rational, analytic, calm. She is very emotional, creative and unhappy with being idle
>her behavior raises some red flags but nothing too severe
>she finishes high school (not USA) and has to wait about 5 months to start college

Now comes the problem
>basically it was too hard and she quit, frantically looking for something else
>she moves away 1 month ago and starts her new apprenticeship 4 car hours away from my place against my and her parents' advice
>after about 3 weeks she realizes it sucks dick despite everyone warning her about the fishy job description beforehand

And just now this happened
>talking over skype
>I tell her to quit and move back with her parents
>she spergs out because her family was so "gruesome" with her, apparently her brother threatened to kill her for some petty bullshit
>I'm in college still and live in a small flat, don't earn enough money to support her yet
>I offer her to move to my place regardless, but under the condition that she cuts contact with her abusive family
>she spergs out and doesn't want to move to me anymore
>she mentions a male friend of hers that she could move to
>I call her out on this bullshit
>she starts saying dumb shit like my sister being an animal abuser because she's in an equestrian sports club
>she quotes some PETA article about horse races and high-end equestrian sports as proof
>I tell her PETA regularly kills animals in their shelters, with source
>she actually says that makes them slightly worse than my sister
>I tell her to shut her dumb mouth, especially since she has never met my sister before
>she doesn't regret saying it
>I ragequit skype and I'm fuming about this dumb cunt's behavior

Now what the fuck do I do? To be honest I want to just end this shit, she's been complaining about everything lately and apparently it's also all my fault. She wants to shittalk my only sister. (cont.)
So break up with her?

>move in
>male friend

You've been getting keked. She most assuredly already has the green light from him if she is bringing it up with you. Which implies that she and this guy have been talking and hanging out regularly which further implies she is probably cheating on you.
Just use her for sex while at the same time looking for a better girl with better qualities. No need to cut off a gf if the sex is good.
The worst part is we were supposed to meet next weekend. I have booked a train ticket and a hotel room already, it will be over 150 € and I did it because she was complaining about the lack of contact. Now she behaves like this insufferable cunt.

I could honestly do better, but she was a virgin so I figured it's worth it because of pair bonding and loyalty and marriage. But I'm reconsidering this more and more. She's not in good shape physically, dyes her hair, got a tattoo on her arm because of muh individuality despite me being against it. She keeps going from one shit situation into another and doesn't learn from it, but doesn't take my advice either (which turned out to be correct pretty much always). She hates her family and openly considered manipulating her grandma so she will give her all the stuff when she dies.

I was so excited to see her again but now it feels like our relationship took a huge blow because of some really retarded, petty bullshit. But it just added up, you know? Cunts know exactly how to push men's buttons, and when she mentioned that friend of hers and considered MOVING IN HIS HOUSE instead of my flat I just saw red. This cunt just wants to have it all and I'm sick of her entitlement.

I don't want to break up. I love her. But she's really making it harder for me with each passing day. Why do cunts have to be such enormous CUNTS sometimes?

I don't know what to do ... dump or not? I know you'll say dump, but god damn ... why can't the cunts just shut ther dumb mouths and do what they're told? They're responsible for their own unhappy lives and we're supposed to fix everything once they've hit the wall. Fucking cunts. Fucking cunt.
100% this. Just hardly text her at all, just reply with "busy, write you later" and then don't write later. Actively look for better girls or just pretend to be single. She's retarded AF, I used to date literally the same type of girl. Only HS degree, didn't want to do any further education, just hopped random jobs, and she had not enough money to move out but one guy offered her to move in with her for free which she thought was a great idea. She was crazy lol
Sex isn't worth putting up with whatever, no matter how good. I definitely wouldn't put up with someone like that just for sex. Get a hooker if you need it that desperately.

Really, just break up with her and tell her to fuck off. She sounds kinda mental.
PETA should be a big, big red flag for anyone.
you both sound like dumb cunts desu
Even more red flags there. Your entire post consists of them.
You can possibly go visit her, fuck her and then dump her. Definitely dump her though.
She's also vegan and loves dogs way too much. She wants to have one or two uncastrated dogs later. I wish I was kidding, I wish this was a pathetic troll attempt. I wish this person didn't really exist and I wish I had never fallen in love with her. I wish I could just forget about her and move on. Now that I'm seeing this a little more rationally without being blinded by love, I see all these massive red flags.

I don't think so honestly. Her male friend lives far away and she has been very busy with that new job of hers. Plus we've have regular contact, it's pretty much impossible for her to have had anything with that friend yet beyond virtual contact.

I know you'll think "what a poor kek", but I'm fairly suspicious of women in general, I think I can evaluate this objectively and I can very positively assert that there hasn't been any sex going on between them.

Why? I admit I'm a confrontational person and I could've held back, but she was just asking for it. Being so insufferable and openly insulting my sister that she's never met for no reason just made me angry. I love my family and I won't let anyone drive a wedge between us.
just kek my shit up

Lord, that whole post. Red flags everywhere even with her family life. I'd dump her in a heartbeat and be done with all of it. She sounds like a mental case and she isn't making you happy anyway. Relationships can be work but it shouldn't be like a full time job at the loony bin.

No sympathy if you stay, get cheated on when she decides to jump on that guy 'friend' and dumped. You deserve the suffering and heartbreak if you're stupid enough to stay with this immature, loony girl.
>her behavior raises some red flags but nothing too severe
Red flags are red flags OP, the point is that have ANY are warnings.
She was a virgin so I honestly believe she is a loyal girl. She's just stressed and young and doesn't know what she wants from life. If only she would shut her mouth and do as I tell her, she would be much happier.
>she mentions a male friend of hers that she could move to
That's all I read in your post. That was the only relevant piece of information in that story. You are getting keked to the max. At this point, I'm hoping you get hurt so you can stop being a fucking idiot next time.

If you're too stupid to understand what I meant, let me rephrase it for you: Cut all contact, forget about her, move on, never go back
They aren't having sex dude, he lives like 6 hours away from her right now.

Although it was very upsetting that she mentioned him in this way. But she took it back immediately after I called her out on it.
OP, I'm sorry to say that wholly share the opinions of the Anons whose advice to you is to dump the girl.

Please re-read what you wrote:
>> 16462028
Red flags everywhere.

In particular, what gives very bad vibes is this:
> She hates her family and openly considered manipulating her grandma so she will give her all the stuff when she dies.

In sum, she a manipulator, on top of that she is vegan, and loves animals in a morbid way.
Definitely not a keeper.
>She was a virgin so I honestly believe she is a loyal girl. She's just stressed and young and doesn't know what she wants from life. If only she would shut her mouth and do as I tell her, she would be much happier.

That doesn't equal loyalty. Nothing guarantees loyalty. I'm not going to imply she will do anything, but I took my ex's virginity and she cheated. You popping her doesn't mean jack. shit.

Your gf is young and discovering herself. It sounds like she has issues that need to be addressed also. You can't control her and some people have to learn the hard way. Through my experience young love rarely works and this seems destined to fail.
Listen to what you are saying. You are keked, face it and move on. You won't let it happen again. This girl is willing to move 6 hours further away from you to live with another guy. Maybe they aren't having sex yet, but they will, and she wants it.

It's not your fault she decided to become a cunt, but it will be your fault if you stay with her
I guess you're right ... it's just that I've worked so much for this relationship and all she ever did was take it for granted and piss on me. Looks like I've been abused. I guess part of me just wants everything to go well because, well, I really don't want it to just end like this over what is essentially a petty argument.

Fucking cunts seriously. If only they could keep their fucking faces shut. Their freedom has ruined them.

Thanks to everybody for all the replies.
>t's just that I've worked so much for this relationship and all she ever did was take it for granted and piss on me. Looks like I've been abused.
Don't be dramatic, she knew you were a sucker and would let it happen.
She's young and dumb, your expectations of her were far too high to begin with. Just break up and move on, but next time don't project shit on to your SO and take them at face value.
You're also an idiot for expecting a girl to give you reign over her life and expect her to do what you think is best. You're dealing with another person with their own wishes and desires. I've also been hurt, and many people here have too, but eventually you realize that you're being hurt by someone who just wants to do what they want to do. How many times in your life have you decided to just do what you wanted to regardless if it hurt somebody? Some fat chick ever ask you out and you said no? Ever have the thought cross your mind of looking for another girl while you use your current one for sex on the side? As guys, we are no more innocent than girls. Don't get so butthurt over it, it'll make you stronger in future relationships
She seems unstable. Reminds me a bit of myself at that age except with the lack of foresight. I'd personally tell her that I don't believe the relationship will work and wish her the best in life.
So let me just sum this up for you:
She is a naive, hardcore animal loving vegan (PETA level), unable to go through with a college education, making one dumb decision after another, ignoring good advice, hating her own family, manipulates people and talks shit about people important to you she never even met. To top it all she wants to move in with a different guy, despite you offering her to move in with you.
Seriously, just read that again. Then tell me whether you want to be with such a person.
And that's not even all the red flags from your posts. This girl is basically a walking red flag and nothing more.
Have you considered she might be the one causing the problems with her family?
She either comes from a shitty family (not necessarily a red flag, but this alone should have you cautious) or she is the problem in that family.
Signs for me kind of point to the latter with everything you told us.
You also value your own family a lot (I respect that, I do too) and she shits all over her family and yours ("just" your sister so far, but who knows?). Doesn't that show a difference in fundamental values already?
So what is there to base that relationship on? Only some unexplainable, unfounded attraction and that's definitely not what you should settle for.
You can do so much better.
>Fucking cunts seriously. If only they could keep their fucking faces shut. Their freedom has ruined them.

Your girlfriend needs her head checked and it sounds like you need it too. That's a fucked attitude to have.
How so? Evidence shows I'm right. Women have grown more unhappy the more society has "empowered" them. One million years of evolution has made them natural caretakers and nurses, yet in today's world they believe they're the same thing as men. They make dumb life decisions when they could just be truly, naturally happy with children.

Why do you think these 40 year old career women are so depressed when they realize they've essentially wasted their lives? Then they adopt children because their natural instincts do make them happy.

My attitude might not be fashionable in the modern world, but it's certainly not "fucked". I would argue it's more objective (because based on evolution and history) than whatever our modern society proposes.
I'm surprised that charming personality hasn't gotten you more girlfriends. You sound angsty and fucked in the head. Probably why you found a girl that's also angsty and fucked in the head.
>my attitude might not be fashionable in the modern world but it's certainly not fucked

You call women cunts, are angry about their rights and by your posts, sound like a controlling dipshit. Disregard the advice in this thread and stay with your idiotic gf, anon. You're perfect for each other.
Women don't have rights

They have privileges that men allow them to have
You're probably both women so I cannot take your opinion seriously. All evidence points toward my point of view being correct, yet you think I'm a horrible monster for voicing it.

I AM NOT A CONTROLLING PERSON! I have let my gf free room to do all the mistakes she's made, but now I'm starting to get pissed off because she doesn't learn and is an insufferable bitch toward me for no reason. Yes I'm angry about their "rights", because they are just squandering them. Instead of realizing what makes them truly happy they just chase one temporary pleasure after the other and insist on others to pick up their slack.

If the situation with modern women doesn't make you angry then you're either oblivious to the scale of this disaster or you're simply stupid cunts yourselves. Or maybe you are natural alpha males who have no problems with women, but not everybody is. And times were better for everybody involved when men didn't let women's hypergamic instincts take over. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt you can.
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>trip fag
>Pegasus of all people

Yeah. Nah.
>they are just squandering them. Instead of realizing what makes them truly happy they just chase one temporary pleasure after the other and insist on others to pick up their slack

I'm a man and this statement can be applied to guys as well. I've met many on my travels. Gamblers, drinkers, neets, moochers all wasted potential and they fall back asking for handouts or favors. I've also met successful, respectable and happy women that I personally envied since they had their shit in gear. You need to get out more and realize the world doesn't just consist of people similar to your dumb ass and your childish cunt of a gf.

>think I'm a horrible monster

No, I just think you're a jackass. You're entitled to your opinion though.
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... you're probably right.

It's been a shit day. I'll leave the thread, thanks for your reply despite our disagreements.
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2MB, 600x338px

We all have those days. Despite the name calling and disagreements I hope you get things sorted out and it works out for you, anon.
When dancing with a girl be sure to yell "look! I got ants in my pants!" and post results
>Be in a relationship where both smoke.
>I share my weed willingly and tell him that whatever I take from him, he will get back with weed or money.
>Have fought this week because I smoked his weed and he forgot he owed me. During this time he said a lot of really hurtful things while I was trying to tell him that he owed me.
>later remembers and says it was his mistake for forgetting about it.
>he says he wants to quit bc its causing to many problems.
>there didnt need to be a problem in the first place.
>He gives me his weed.
>today I go to smoke and ask him if he will smoke with me. He wants to.
>I pack a bowl and smoke half and pss it him while we play 7daystodie,
>He leaves it sitting for like an hour even though he has work soon.
>I bring this up.
>He gets mad and says he doesnt like smoking around me cause im always like this.
>We only have one bong so sometimes I do ask him to hurry up but isnt that normal?
>he finally goes to smoke but makes some benign comment like 'oh so I only get this much."
>Its half a bowl.
>At this point I feel like hes starting to act like Im stealing from him or something.
>I tell him Im troubled and he immediately ignores me and acts like Im an idiot or something.
>I try to talk to him but he gets angry and says he cant deal with me when Im like this.
.just trying to understand why he can't handle when im feeling uncomfortable over something.
>he leaves the room and I try talking to him from the hallway. he tells me to shut up and fuck off cause neighbours can definitely hear me. (he does this a lot even when I dont yell and makes me feel like I should just keep my mouth zipped even though I feel this way).
>I keep talking to him from hallways.
>he runs at me and grabs my head and yells in my ear. I am against a wall and fall down and I start crying.
>he says he wants to break up and that I ruin fun for him. he says things like this whenever we fight but always apologizes.
stoners everybody
No it's every druggie relationship that has an immature manchild in it and is using drugs as the only way to cope with one another/ keep it going. Meth weed doesn't matter. It creeps up on you that you never liked that person deep down, the drugs make that clearer, and then finally you're addicted to how the drugs ease the pain of that realization. In the end you both keep using and using until it falls apart horribly.
OP you are looking at this the wrong way. Sure, she's an insufferable, selfish, mental bitch of a child, and she makes poor mistakes to boot. Also, you fell in love with her because you had your dick goggles on so hard you thought it was your heart speaking.

Now that you see all these horrible qualities in your partner, you can break it off, grieve, and realize that you made it out of this intact. Better yet, you've learned a lesson about easy infatuation without knocking this dumb bitch up or putting a ring on her finger like so many other short sighted men your age do.

Bonus: She is now 4 hours away, of her own volition, and on her own coin as well.

Tl;dr not as bad as it seems imho.
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Dude, I used to smoke 7g's a week easy, I could blow through an eighth in a day or two if I really tried. To me, bud was like pringles. Want some pringles? Yeah man lets make a fucking duck face awwwww shit its fucking quack town, someone call the baby ducks we gotta play some vidya gamerinos.

It was like that for a bit while I was at Uni, then some family problems came up so I had to quit, get a job, help out a little but in the end parents still did bankruptcy, are moving elsewhere.

I mean, deep deep down I think everyone is wary of the amount of bud they share, have, and want back. Like when I was in the dorm room, I would usually provide the awesome glass (also owned an online head shop for a while) and we would pass it around cornering the bowl until it was empty (you could get at least 4 nice milky rips). But when you start being stingy and forget, then maybe consider keeping track, even on paper.

Best idea I've had so far was when I started collecting strains, I would have a "share stash" for significant other, about 1/4 - 1/2 of my normal stash, and they would do the same. Then we smoked together, it was from the share stash, one bowl at a time for each of us. It worked pretty well and we got to try all sorts of stuff, banana kush, cookies and cream (from washington, I need this one again), blue dream, some sour d. variants, purple pony, death star (also need this one again), white widow, these are just off the top of my head.

also very high right now.
should also mention that the share stash was usually a quarter to a half full at most times. We contributed equal amounts usually.

She is not marriageable material if you are calling her a cunt. You are revealing your own subconscious decision - she is no longer yours, and you are no longer hers. You don't hold her close and dear anymore. You see all her blaring faults. You can't talk to her. You can't love her.

Take some advice from a girl - break it off. It will hurt, but it's better than being one of those keks on the Morry show seeing which nigger is your wife's baby daddy in 5 years.
Kill your oneities already, retard.

>b b but I love her
Then just stop.
>She is not marriageable material
>worth it at all

>Take some advice from a girl
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