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I want to hear from this girl so badly. She used to hit up my

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I want to hear from this girl so badly. She used to hit up my phone daily, but now I feel like I have to fight for every single response. And I'm fighting a losing battle.
A+C+N xO +$ -$ = 0

Armchair psychologists and projection addicts in these threads sure do not know anything about who or what they're talking about. Reminds me of a guy named blue and his blue cohorts from effiel 65. Yes it was a catchy song but it also covered depression and projection as well. Over all I would recommend this song to armchair psychologists and projection addicts worldwide.


"Psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others. For example, a person who is rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude."

too needy m8.
I can hear the neighbor throwing snowballs at his kids and they're all having a blast and it's sending my ovaries into over drive (ovary-drive?)

I usually enjoy being single but some days I get really, really broody, and it makes me sad.
Guess so. No harm done as long as it's only my thoughts that are needy, though.

Why aren't you going out there and doing something about it? Go snag a decent guy? Use an online service or something?

The fuck?

Also, how does that even feel like? Do you feel a physical sensation?
I'm waiting for money transfer and it's late and generates really huge anxiety now
Always and never...

I gotta to bring you to my hell
Baby, I wanna fuck you,
I wanna feel you in my bones
Girl, I'm gonna love you
I'm gonna tear into your soul
I literally cannot believe you lied to my face about something so petty and stupid. I know you only called me over to try and fuck me or snoop on my life. The things you had to give me weren't even worth keeping. Do you really think I am so dumb? Really? You're disgusting. I can't believe I ever loved you. Good fucking bye.
repeating the same fucking jokes everyday feels cheap, i have nothing worth sharing desu
I got an email today that I was being dropped from an online class I completely forgot that I had. Worst case scenario, I lose my scholarship because I don't have enough credit hours. Best case senario, nothing happens.
I got a girl that keeps snapping me. I met her last Friday and might have been under the influence. I guess she seemed a lot cuter at the time. Saturday she would not stop. About every 4 minutes. Like an idiot I responded to all of them. So I'm kinda being immature and weird so she'll quit. I don't want a girlfriend that lives an hour away. I guess I'm weird like that.
>Why aren't you going out there and doing something about it? Go snag a decent guy? Use an online service or something?

Been trying. Can't really afford to spend money on gas and food and all that, and online dating was a flat tire for me. I'm just waiting until I have a better job situation.

>Also, how does that even feel like? Do you feel a physical sensation?
well not really, it's more of a psychological thing. When it gets really, REALLY bad I think I can feel it in my ovaries, but that's usually just me going through ovulation (passing egg through follicle to fallopian tube, it can hurt a little) I also get a really pining sensation, I want to cuddle and be more affectionate. Idk how much of it is real
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>18 in high school
>Become knowledgable about what reality is for a 22 year old through firsthand accounts on 4chan
>everyone around me is so fucking niave, it pisses me off
>they're all going to take out massive debts for worthless college degrees
I can't wait for them to realize how hopeless everything is and start voting for political extremists purely out of panic.
I like this girl, but she makes it really hard for me to like her. I mean like being unresponsive, breaking my trust, being mean for no reason, playing games, crossing boundaries even after I told her to stop, being insecure and cunty. I'm trying to snap her out of it and make shit happen, but she won't take action. Maybe she associates straight up talk with negative outcomes and uncomfortable feelings. Either way, I'm not seeing things working out this way. Maybe I should walk away and never look back. Why makes things hard when they can be easy, right? Why be mean when you can be nice, right? I sound like a woman. I think I just gotta stop thinking and start taking action. Pursue various options in both the professional and the romantical realm, and never think about this girl again. It seems like she needs help more than a relationship.
I think you're in the right here anon. Even if she IS interested in you she obviously needs to figure her shit out and not be a bitch. If I were you I'd take a step back and let her know you are doing so
I'm happy we agree.
I just want a chick that wants to talk to me too. It feels like I have to work for everything all the time.
So I was sitting in speech class yesterday when the instructor came in. He looked around the room and asked if we ever took guitar lessons on campus. The class is usually really chill so I told him that I used to. I thought immediately that he was going to ask if the guy giving them was any good. So I mentioned that the guy is great but he's really windy. The instructor looked at me and said that the guy that gave the lessons had passed away the day before. The man died three days before his 47th birthday. The man was a phenomenal guitar player. I learned more in two semesters learning from him than five years with my last guitar teacher. Even when we didn't actually play anything he'd always give information on the guitar and music theory that relates to the guitar. He taught me chords that made me feel like my hand was about to explode. When I played them they sounded like garbage, but when he did them they sounded great. He played a rendition of somewhere over the rainbow that was REALLY pretty. And he'd do it so casually. Like it was just whatever. Like he'd played it a thousand times but never lost the emotion that comes with playing a song over and over again. I hope that wherever he is now, he can still play.
I'm in a bind over her.

I finally got the nerve to message her, she replied, I sent another message and then nothing. It hasn't even been 'seen' (this is over Facebook).

It's been nearly a day now. I she not interested or should I try again?
To be honest senpai, when a girl is interested in you, you'll know. Better luck next time, man.
fuck life

Be at least glad you have these feelings and have the option of reproducing. It's even worse when you want to but it's physically impossible for you to have kids due to a disease.
I mean it was just so abrupt. I have been rejected before, usually the girl makes it clear she is not interested. I have never been so rapidly cold-shouldered by anyone, male or female.

And I don't know when I see her in person I feel like she likes me...
Can't believe I used to cry every day and now I'm actually happy. I guess it can be done.
Please wait a bit, I'm trying to find this one article that I think could help you.

It really helped me, I hope it can help ypu too.
8 minute read holy shit..i have shit to do..also its NEEVER 8 mintues. at least double like always everywhere and sheit
I'll be honest I don't know what to make of that. People can warm up over time, my cousin went on a date with some random guy she worked with on a lark, liked it a lot, dated for two years and just recently got married. People change. One dropped convo doesn't mean 'fuck off' completely.

On the other hand maybe I'm being overtly optimistic. I have been rejected a lot before and I just keep telling myself this time will be different. Then it isn't.

So I don't know what.
I'm pretty confused about my current state of life.

I only go to sleep when I can't stay awake anymore and I only eat when I really have to.

I recently started taking levothyroxine for hypothyroidism, not sure if I see any changes coming from that, it's been like this for a while.

I feel really socially awkward and I often wish I could just move somewhere to live the dream of a hermit life. But I have no energy to change anything in my life
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Ok article. Read it before. He misses the point of reciprocity, though. See the good in others and improve yourself yes, but expect the same in others too. That's an important part of the solution to problems 1 and 2, which are lacking. Says something about Marks naivety.

How about this one:

I lelled at his attempt to capture female nature in one paragraph with the solid argument I quote:

"But it is true just the same. You can just feel it."

:crazy: don't ya think?
Exactly people can 'warm up' so to speak.That's the whole point of dating!

And I wasn't like 'let's fuck' I just made a joke about a power outage on campus, she laughed, I brought up a club we're both in... and now 22 hours later nothing.
Being mature isn't about driving a car.

Being mature isn't about getting a job.

Being mature isn't about paying bills.

Being mature isn't about having kids.

Being mature is about something, though.
Being mature is about improving yourself as a person.
so you get home to me all irritable and shit, then when you have plans with other people you get happy and super excited and get dressed up for what's supposed to be like just hanging out.

yyeah. this is over.

I'm tired of being secondary
you're obviously not into this relationship
I feel you're using me to have a place
you don't even respect the place
you are constantly irritable with me and the slightest thing sets you off
you're not even the same person

we're not having sex tonight. I feel gross in the relationship.

also, I'm probably breaking the lease and moving... far away. can't stand this place or the people around me for the most part. shoulda moved a long time ago when all the good people I knew moved away and I started noticing that the people left were shitty.

you know, I should really listen to people's warnings about people. for someone that doesn't trust anyone fully, I'm too trusting.
and there's just little things out of place that don't make sense.

it doesn't feel right
FOUR hours without whining that you need the bathroom? You've set a world record you ugly cunt. Keep it up and maybe I won't hate you so much.
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I'm nice to people because I genuinely care about them. It rarely gets reciprocated. Then feel like I'm being unappreciated which leads to feeling guilty because I should be giving without want. Help.
>tfw the limbo of being in love with someone married who loves you but also wants to save his marriage
man, look at the time. can't rely on you to do anything you say you will.

wish I cared still.
do we talk about this and inevitably have the fight where you defend not doing the thing you said you were gonna do and then you go get validation from bitchy so you can keep doing whatever you want with no regard for how it makes me feel? or do I just let it go cause i don't care anymore?

I'm leaning toward not giving a shit. you obviously don't.

just not worth it. told you we were in a make or break and you're really not putting any effort in.

and you're letting someone else decide what you do through manipulation. you don't see it and wouldn't admit it if your life depended on it but that's whats happening right now.

this relationship is dead in the water.
I deserve better
No one has ever found me attractive

Getting sick of being alive
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feel you bro.jpg
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Goodbye, may the new chapters in our lives begin. Not posting anywhere else. Take care.
I get it. There are a lot of people whose lives need saving, and you've already got one. And I get that you have the effect on people so it can be hard for you too. Hard to be in such high demand. It would be cruel for you to give the man you're with up for me. I honestly don't want you to, because I have no reason to resent him or hurt him for my own benefit. But maybe it's oneitis or whatever, but you do something for me no one else does. I've tried everything and nothing seems to help me, medication, therapy... time... I just keep falling and you seem like you could catch me. I have faith in that, for once, faith in something! But I get it, you have your hands full already.

From V to T
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I wish I could learn how to say no to people. I'm so fucking sick of people taking advantage of my generosity and loneliness.
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R u me?
All I do is sit alone at home and drink if I am not working. I want out of this city but I'm not the kind to leave without a plan and I'm just waiting for the "ok" from that, but the wait is killing me. I've finally realized the reason I sit alone is my disgust of people in this place and I can at least find solace in that for the time being.

Also I really wish my case splitter would show up so I can do something at night other than drink and dick around on 4chan.
Pretty sure I can make this script go Hollywood.
My dog had a seizure today. She's 4 and I've had her since she was a puppy. She's not that old. It was frightening. It was the first time I've seen it but it's got me thinking it could have happened in the past who knows how many times when I wasn't around. I told my best friend and all they said was "Oh no, it's good you were there" and my boyfriend is in a fit of depression right now and couldn't handle me talking to him about it so I don't have anyone to help me stop freaking out about it inside. I know it didn't hurt her and she's perfectly okay right now but it's something that scares me.
I wish there were bath clinics where you could go and get professionally clean because I have no idea what I'm doing.
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stop chewing the fucking plastic bags it's 4:30 in the morning
women might as well be space aliens to me. people give me advice all the time on how i should go about solving my lack of female interaction and it all goes in one ear and out the other. i've decided i'm probably going to be a kv forever
they all suck anyway
I'm not sure why I, a 21 year old male, decided that I should most definitely cut the word help into my skin. I'm not sure why i don't regret it either.

Maybe it would help explaining i don't feel right in the head, maybe i did it as an excuse to ditch responsibility.

I could probably do a little better, but i could also use a little help..
I am 90% sure my girlfriend of 2 years is going to break up with me the week after my exams. I overheard her sister talking to her about it - saying "Is anon here, I thought you were going to break up with him"

I don't care, in fact I'll be relieved. I tried to do it a while ago but I couldn't stick with it.

I haven't told her that I love her for about two months, about a month ago she stopped saying it to me. She's a wonderful girl, but I have issues with her sexual past, and I figure - if I can't accept who she is, how can I really love her.
you probably do need a little help.

Maybe you could call a suicide hotline? I don't know what the number for your country would be.

Remember, at 30 you become a wizard.
I don't even care anymore, I know I'll fuck up this semester for so many reasons. If only teachers didn't give us so many assignments and presentation at once. Worst part is that one of my Japanese teachers made me join a group for an upcoming presentation and there's a guy I really hate in it.
I hate the fact that anyone who finds me attractive and wants to be intimate is almost always in a different state or country. Meanwhile, I feel like an alien when interacting with women where I live. After last night, I know for certain that she wasn't interested in me but it would have felt great to finally feel needed and desired by somebody. Just once, I wish things went my way instead of getting the shit end of the stick in the game of life.

I dream of the day when I'm highly desired by somebody for once in my miserable life.
I don't really care anymore about meeting people, having friends, being in a relationship. At this point I just want to go back to making music and reading/writing a lot. People suck. I'm working on it.
Okay, now I'm convinced you like starting problems for no reason. I wasn't even home when the fucking power went out you dumb cunt, so quit shouting at me. Tell those two fuckfaces who do nothing all day to quit using so much electricity instead of whining that I somehow caused it.
Japanese teachers, amirite? I'll have to make 10 questions for the a test with two classmates of mine in two weeks.

[spoiler]Actually, I think it'll be a fun activity. My group friends are the coolest and two great students.
I'm too damn tired of screwing everything up and losing my friendships over misunderstandings.

I liked you a lot, too... But you don't leave me waiting for you and then complain you're lonely. It feels as if my company isn't valid. I know you probably mean it in a "tfw no gf" way, but I guess you never experienced what true loneliness feels like.

And trust me, "no gf" is absolutely nothing compared to "so freaking alone in this world not even my own family can be by my side and support me in these difficult times".

Please, don't make me feel the looming threat of being back to these days. I don't want to end up hating you and everyone else around me. Not when I'm finally doing somewhat decent since when... Since when I was born.
I need to learn how to be happy by myself and not seek it externally in potential romantic partners
I forgot him.

He found me.

>Torn between taking a CBT or driving lessons

How many driving lessons did you guys have before sitting your tests? Not sure if it makes any difference but I'm in the UK so I'm not going to be driving an automatic.
I've been living with chronic pain for nearly 2 years and today I finally broke.
Doctors are forcing me to come off pain killers.
I came home today and cried on my own, for the first time ever.
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Last Saturday night, I did the worst thing I've ever done in my life.

>Go to best friend's house to pickup something for work
>He's not home
>It's just his fiance
>Get what I need and leave
>Halfway through driving home
>My phone rings and it's his fiance
>She tells me I forgot something
>I drive back to go pick it up
>Next thing I know we're having sex
>Only lasted maybe an hour
>At the end of it we just kind of lay there
>Then the realization hits
>We both just cheated
>She cheated on her fiance
>I cheated on my girlfriend of 3 years
>I fucking bolt out of the house and drive home
>No one knows but us
>Feel like total fucking shit
>Everyone can see that I'm hiding something
>Paranoid she's going to spill the beans first

What the fuck do I do?! If she tells her fiance (My best friend) what happened, he's not only going to kick my fucking teeth in, but my girlfriend will leave me, I have no fucking idea why I did it, I want to say I was tired and stressed from work, but even then that's no excuse to do something like this, she keeps texting me telling me shit like "If you tell anyone I will ruin your life" and "Don't you dare tell anyone, I know people who can hurt you"

So a car filled with clowns started racheting up their sound system. They were mad at something. They honked and honked but everyone just laughed. They were pissed off.
shit that's a horrible situation. only thing you really can do is convince her to come clean with you so you don't feel guilty anymore or tell a random person about it, face to face. getting something like that off your chest is the best thing you can do.

If we both come clean, our lives will be fucked, she doesn't work and is a stay at home girlfriend kind of thing, and I work for my girlfriend's FATHER.

So...not only will I lose my girlfriend, but chances are I'll be fired as well, and the girl will be homeless.
>I cheated on my girlfriend of 3 years

Not possible though.
then yeah, i guess that's not an option. but no more fucking around dude. both of you find someone completely unbiased and unrelated to any of you, tell them your story, and never speak of it again to each other or anyone else. btw she sounds like a total bitch, hopefully they don't go through with the marriage.
Only 2 more days until I'm dead

i got cheated on a few years back with someone i was with for nearly 5 years

it happens...it sucks, but it happens...
Did you take your dog to the vet? there could be an underlying issue that could be easily treated with proper meds.
Where do we even stand? We used to be so close, but now we barely talk. I wish I could go back to the day I confessed my feelings towards you and just not do it. I wish I could go back to the day I cut contact with you and not do it. Our conversations now just seem distant and lacking. I can hear the resentment in your voice and the silence between us echos.

Oh, well. Time to move on.

maybe you shouldn't have been a stupid fucking retard then.
You made a grown, adult, rational decision to fuck around on someone you "love". So did she.
You're both fucking pathetic and saying 'next thing we know it just HAPPENED, like whaaaaat"
As if you were drunk and slipped and fell into her fucking vagina

stop painting it like some sort of terrible accident and actually own up to being a selfish piece of garbage
Being around my boyfriend makes me feel very tense and uneasy. We've been together for a year and this became an issue recently. I have no idea where our relationship is going even though he claims he wants to be with me forever. He is a very loving and sweet person but whenever I'm about to see him I almost get a panic attack. It's a very unpleasant anticipation, I feel like I can't take his presence any longer, like he's too much to handle. I feel very insecure in our relationship, I have become jealous despite the fact that I used to be a very outgoing and calm person before. I feel very unstable and unsafe, like something terrible is about to happen any second. We live together so it gets pretty tough. I tried explaining how I feel and how I think that we might not be compatible because we lack the kind of connection I'm after in a relationship and he said that he doesn't get it at all. He seemed very confused by all this. Then again, so am I, I have no idea what is the root of the problem and what could be a possible solution. I just know I'm tired of feeling depressed, unmotivated or extremely angry and tense whenever he's around. Guys, you have no fucking idea. I really need a break.
I'm just going through life with no effort. I thought college was gonna change things, but it's only a different place with different people, same crap.
I met this girl and I hoped she could make a difference in my life, but when I really got to know her I found out she's the same bullshit as everyone.
I spend the whole day thinking about suicide or just going away from everyone, but I'm too lazy to do anything.
>"I know people who can hurt you."

Said by every stupid slut ever and it's always bullshit.
I'm killing myself on Friday
How typical
No, don't.
Think about all the awesome wonders life has to offer, like fresh episodes of your favorite animated series, video games, smoothies, whoppers and Big Macs, MyCokeRewards and other similar promotions, and comedies with Adam Sandler
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I've become almost afraid to even share what's going on with me. It feels like if I show that something is wrong you'll flip out and try to run away again

I wish someone would eventually try and show me some affection in my hard times like I try to always be there for them. Some reciprocation would be nice every now and then, but instead I feel like I'm always alone. Like at the first sign of weakness I'll be left behind, not being useful anymore

By now I can only wish that I'll eventually manage to sort out my own problems and not bother anyone with them, because clearly nobody has time for them. Everyone only has demands

I love you so much but at some point I won't be able to do it anymore. And by then you probably won't even care. You will have been the third that I've failed, and I don't think I'll try again.

I hope only for company
>Adam Sandler

Now I want to kill myself more.

But honestly none of that means anything to me
How can this person love me if I hate myself so much

Do you ever miss me? Hell, did you ever truly love me?
I don't just want this job
I need this job. If I get it, I could finally be a fully functional adult. I would be independent, completely, I could take the classes I want to take, I could get into shape, I could afford to go out and meet people, I could buy food and not worry about whether I'd be able to pay bills afterward. It's the only job that ever been remotely in my range, it could fucking set me free from my debts. And I'm entirely fucking qualified for it, and I would enjoy doing it. But I'm so goddamned scared. I'm so tired of rejection. I'm overqualified for most things and underqualified for everything else.
All I've done is sent in my resume and they emailed me back and said they'd see if I was a good fit. It was the first time a real person actually responded to me immediately. The ad for it has been up for almost a month now so I'm guessing maybe it's been hard to fill. So I think, if they give me an interview, I might actually have a goddamn shot and that fills me with so much hope
but if it doesn't, I'll have nothing left. It's been two days. I'm just waiting and waiting and fucking waiting.
I hope it fucking fails out for you, you dirty fat bitch.
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I'm this old. I'm this fucking old and I still haven't moved out or gotten my shit in order. My friends love me, people invite me out to places and we have a good time hell I even had a few flings last year, but I wonder what their true opinion of me is. Are they hiding anything? Do they look down on me? Why am I so fucked up?

The times I almost got out all kinds of horrible shit happened that set me back and put me into debt or work lay-offs where I'd only be able to live in squalor if at all on my own. I'm in the green now, but fucked up. I now can't hold a job worth shit and can barely make myself choke down breakfast. It has no flavor. I feel like I should 'kill' or destroy my current self right now, because the past 28 years of what I am and have been doing obviously hasn't worked out. Time flew by so fast, friends got married, some died young unfortunately, some still live in my town...

I need to change something, but there's that nagging feeling that it's too late and I'd be better off taking what's left of my pathetic amount of money, selling the rest of my belongings, hitting the road and croaking somewhere.

>fat lel
anon tell me who hurt you
Sometimes I like to shitpost as a diehard extreme left wing progressive moron. Then I feel bad about adhering to a stereotype that I imagine people of similar l(but less extreme and aggressive) views are trying to shake. So then I shitpost as a Aryan keyboard-wielding /pol/ack and don't feel as bad.
I feel like my overwhelming social anxiety is getting out of control. It's getting so bad I avoid talking to friends online anymore (don't really have any real life ones). Not only that, but I find solace in my solitude and I don't know that that is a good a thing.
Life's confusing again. Probably gonna get laid this weekend. Probably gonna get weird like I do. I'm conflicted. I like two guys, and exactly none of them are the one I'm gonna bang. It's because I'm foolish.

The one guy so obviously likes me (maybe not anymore, maybe I finally fucked it up) and all I can do, after the first time he touches me in months, is go drink myself into a stupor and miss work the next day.

I still haven't learned to deal with my emotions in a healthy way. In some form or another, I just end up hurting myself. I saw the other one today only because I took the long way home and he gave me shit about missing work. He probably likes me, too, but damn do I only ever like the ones who won't do anything about it!

And all I will ever do is drink about it because deep down I'm still scared I'm just going to hurt yet another innocent man.
That's the joke he's listing a bunch of consumerist garbage
Are you me?

I like being your friend, but I think I might still be in love with you. I know - I should be over that, but I'm not. My friend says that you are playing with me; I suppose she's right, even if you don't do it on purpose.
I will go back with great hopes, and you will ignore me like before, or have a girlfriend by then, and I will be fucked. On the other hand if I cut contact with you again, I'll make myself look pathetic. So I suppose I'll have to train myself to become emotionally detached, polie but curt, and never ever initiate any contact with you. That way our friendship will die naturally and I will move on, hopefully... Or maybe I should find myself some nice irish boy like my other friend suggests, and make him fuck feelings out of me. Not really my style, but maybe would help

We can have a conversation after you wink at me
i'm so tired of being alone. what else do i have to do? i did the "getting out there and meeting new people" bullshit but it never works. goddammit i just hate this shit. maybe i really am meant to be alone. it would explain a lot.

tl;dr no one cares

Maybe, anon.

I guess there's some comfort now in knowing that I'm not the only one in this rut.
Yes and yes face
>there are 7+ billion people in the world
>none of them want to be with me

i don't want to be alive.
I just keep talking to this guy I like but I never really do anything ya know. Must be the hormones. Bitches on their periods yaknow. He told me its not gonna suck itself. And I get that, I'm just so, I don't know, flaky? Must be female nature.
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Against Scorpion.jpg
741KB, 2988x5312px
Querida N

Sabes que? Estoy ebrio en mi casa, solo, y después del drama que me haces por que alguien mas sube una foto conmigo me dices que soy inconsecuente? Mejor te vas a la mierda, tú fuiste quién me pateó, tú fuiste la que tomó esta puta decisión, no yo. Qué mierda te importa con quién salga en una puta foto, cuál es la razón de que me hables y me digas que ya todo se fue a la mierda? Eres una gran hija de puta que logró romperme el corazón en 3 meses.

Te doy las gracias por haberme hecho feliz por 3 meses y hacer que me de cuenta que hay más en la vida que pasarlo mal, pero ahora te odio, me hiciste sentir como la mierda y ahora no puedo dejar de pensar que si hubiese dicho que no a la foto, todavía tendría una oportunidad contigo.

Te deseo lo mejor y ojalá te hagan tanto daño como tú me haces a mi, si no, siempre voy a estar aquí para ti.

Tu patético y ebrio

Face as in shut it
I'm usually a well rounded and interesting guy to have great and deep conversations with. But with this girl the only thing I think about is sex. Great you could argue, there's chemistry. True, but I'm not a sexmachine. This shit burns my brain and body out.
Relájate negro. Te aseguro que no merece la pena que te sientas así por alguien que no lo vale.
Does anyone have a link tho the last thread?
>2 hours later
>no response
So, I finally got a job.

After five months of being unemployed. Start the 17th, quit my last job on June 17th.

Wouldn't have quit my food runner job if it wasn't destroying me. And, no, I don't mean that like a "woe is me" office drone who hates being in a cubicle and wearing a tie. I mean, everyday I had someone yelling at me, got into squabbles and arguments, rules kept getting changed, etc. It was like this since the beginning, and I did my best to man up, always being compassionate, firm and hardworking. But then, some shit happened that told me I needed to pack up and leave. So I did.

Every week of every month, I tried my best to get a job, and had so many interviews. None of them ever worked out. I almost got a hosting job in July, but that was passed off to a friend of the manager. Then I got a hotel clerk job that same month, who fired me on my first day for not having experience or "personality skills." Then I lowered my standards and got a job at a gas station for $8/hour. I filled out the W4 and everything, the woman said I'd start soon. That was a month ago, I called her and she said there are no shifts picking up.

Now I got a full time factory job starting at $12.25 per hour with benefits. Through a temp agency. I always thought temp agencies were shady, so I avoided them at first, but now I got this.

I feel like I could have tried harder, though. Granted I deliberately avoided restaurant work because I was sick of all the bullshit I got working as a dishwasher and a food runner.

All I could think of is this stoner cook friend from that place once saying "the longest I ever went w/o work is four days, it must take a really lazy person not to find a job within a week."

Is going for a long time without a job despite trying to get one normal?

>>16454258 here. Which post are you? Maybe you can review mine.

>you show me yours, I'll show you mine, bby XXX
Meant for >>16454199
I woke up this morning feeling alright for about half a second, then I remembered that everything was all wrong. I don't even want to wake up tomorrow. this morning was like an "ah its morni-*brick to the face*" I don't want to deal with the train tomorrow.
i had one of those jobs awhile back. they made gloop for roads. ever seen the gloop factory from doctor suess? imagine that, but not automated completely. I did the math, I once personally moved 1.5 tons of gloop in drums, by hand. something like 90 30lb drums in one shift with no break.

good luck. prepare for the worst.
$12.25 an hour and health care. Supposed to be only 3-4 months, anyways.

I'll have the money to get my own car, that's all I really want. Then I'll be one step closer to being a real adult.

I'm dying. and someone somewhere is happy for it. what a fucking dick.
How the hell does anyone survive no fap November. I've gone 2 days and I'm horny as hell doing nothing!
I want to hear from this recruiter so badly. Several of them actually. I feel like I have to fight for every single response. And I'm fighting a losing battle.
you probably have a shitty resume.

Hell no, my resume is art. I just don't have much to fill it out with.

Easily. Try and not think of horniness, as I assume last month, you drained yourself of reserved energy. The best way to survive is to bankrupt yourself as hard and as long as possible.

(I blew a total of 43 loads just to keep myself celibate as of the last week of october. You must be sick of it in order to dedicate temporarily quitting. As of now, I've dedicated my time to working out.)
Right. Post a new thread one month from now in /adv/ when you want resume advce
P.S, by now I mean as of last week. The week before that was dedicated to me trying to find a way to cope in the meantime.

>Mashed potatoes are french fries now

Fuck you, too, Google.
File: 1A1.jpg (10KB, 204x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10KB, 204x250px
Just as I thought we were good, she says something that makes me think I'm not... I'm not good enough for her and it dawns on me more and more every day. I can't even talk to her correctly. Fuck...
I was seeing a married woman and she ended it today and I really don't know what to do with myself

a toast to... fuck idk. what is there to toast to? the circus that is our political system? THE DOWNFALL OF MAN. A TOAST TO THE DOWNFALL OF MAN. MAY IT EVER ARRIVE SOONER IN THE FORM OF ALIUMS THAT EAT ONLY SOCIOPATHS AND GENERALLY SHIT PEOPLE.

this drink STILL isn't strong enough. how do you get stronger than straight liqour? and will it kill me? if maybe, give me some. I aim to puke. its part of my process you see. very healthy. get the brain all suggestivle and then compartmentalize and repress sjit. this is how the world worked back in the old days you know? people just repressed shit. see the dead in my eyes? that's it working. we'll just go back to my default way of living. minimalist, shitty, devoid. not devoid of anything in particular you see, just devoid. if you look at me or my life, there's nothing there. i'm dead inside. life is on life support (pfffthaha) ahhhhhfuckprophecies. massive pain in the ass. if any creepy looking old lady ever tries telling your parents some shit when you're a baby, you slap that lady alright? and you say nvjkdlsa;nvkldsa, alright? that's baby for "AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT, NO, STOP." remember that well chillrun. important shit right there. and if anyone you even suspect is a withc starts saying some like, fortune teller shit to you? you do the same thing, though I'd assume you'd be older by now so you stick your fingers in your ears and yell "FUCK NO, NOT BY THE HAIR ON MY CHINNY CHIN CHIN, NO" ALRIGHT?

I misjudged the strength of this drink. its perfect.

fuck your bananas captcha you patriarchal phallus pushing motherfucker.
go contemplate why you're such a cunt?
Her marriage is pretty much over anyway. I'm pretty familiar with the situation. She pushed for it and Im still pretty inexperienced so I had a hard time saying no. She took my virginity too.
FUCK that would have been funnier if I'd have said "AIN'T NOBABY GOT TIME FOR THAT"
C'est la vie
and that excuses you from being a cunt how?

Nice m8. Treasure the memories of what was, absorb your experiences and move on. Maybe she'll still be down for a casual fuck once in a while.
get out, fat art fuck.
wild cuntasaurus rex appears to support the other. I use shitposting. it's not very effective because people suck and no one cares.

They're both grown-ups who got what they wanted. As you say, I really don't care, and that's all I'll say about it.

Because I'm sweet, here's ur reply.
I'm not saying it was the right thing to do but I'm not about to say it wasn't what we wanted and that don't I wish we could still have it.

She was going to help me learn my part for a play. She was so awesome at it the first time. I still feel more for her than any other girl I've been around and it broke my heart and I know it's my fault. She wanted to transition into friendship which I was down for. It was going so well but we hugged and I couldn't stop myself from kissing her neck to make her moan.
I wanna kill all the sociopaths.

all of them. I wanna see how they respond to torture. i wanna see sociopaths exposed to the same fear, pain, anguish, and general anxiety they expose others to. if you lock a sociopath in a tiny cell for a long period of time with hallucination causing audio frequencies does it go crazy? I say it because sociopaths contribute damn near nothing to humanity and therefore cannot be considered part of said community.
A woman you need to fight for is not worth fighting for.
Just broke up with my long distance GF. We didn't visit each other in so long and I knew it wasn't going to get easier, so I figured why bother. She was on the same page and agreeed and the breakup lasted like 15 minutes. We were more like friends than bf and gf, so that made the breakup easier and a lot harder at the same time.
I feel emptier but lighter.
I was about to minimalize youre situation becuase ldr but I'm not going to cause just. fuck, man. you see that over there? fuck that. and this thing over here. and this stupid piece of shit that with all it's connectedness actually ruins the connectedness of communities. and fuck the little red lines telling me connectedness isn't a work.
If you don't someone else will. Then you'll end up with the easy boring ho who laid down and give it all up...too easily. I fought for my girl and she fights for me. Shame some of you bros will never have a top bitch.
what? are you retarded? or do you just like stds and are only in relationships for the sex?
He's just a bitch who cant fight
What are you talking about.....?
I did. She was able to be seen by the vet a half hour after it happened and the blood work was normal so they don't have any reason to think she has something severe. It could have been a one time thing and she may never need meds even if she has another one so long as they're far enough apart. But it's like having a child, I'm so paranoid about her wellbeing I keep expecting it to happen again or for their to be something really wrong with her.
hey it worked. congrats to me.
Her friends freak me out. I don't know how to deal with this. They're not mean to her or me, but the fact that she chooses to hang with scammers, criminals, people who date underagers, druggies, etc.... Kinda scares me. Should I judge someone by the company they keep?
See,guys like me, we don't get love
We don't get girls
We don't get sex
But I'll tell you what we do get
We get freedom
We get peace
Sure, it ain't always peaceful
But you ain't gotta pull off a talent show flaunting your feathers for the possibility of attention and your dick getting soaked
i change shape just to hide in this place.
But I'm still I'm still an animaaalll
Pulp fiction is a good movie but reminds me of my best friend OD'ing and dying. *chain smokes and drinks* it'll be a year In 3 days. I miss her
No need for the melodramatics. No need to drag me back into this endless cycle anymore. Freedom is refreshing.

Please don't leave our babby trolls behind. Plase
I've had the same gf for five years and it's fucking horrible. I'm miserable. We are so different now but 5 years of attachment makes it impossible for me to leave her. It would be a massive irreversible life change that I don't think I could handle at this point in my life. But again, I'm fucking miserable.
Holy shit you took a lot of some kind of psychedelic
God damn I wish I could get you out of my head.
I'm back with him and it's going so well but you still won't leave my dreams.
What I supposed to do? You won't answer my calls and ignore any messages I've sent.
I just want closure you jerk.

You ain't nothin' but a cry baby bitch.
Women never give closure, so fuck you. Enjoy.
>It would be a massive irreversible life change that I don't think I could handle at this point in my life

What if its an irreversible change for good? What if the actual change is happiness as opposed to misery?
Actually you're the jerk, to your now boyfriend. If you aren't ready to be in a relationship, don't be in one you cunt.
I'm not allowed to get annoyed at anything anyone does. They won't apologize. They won't feel bad. They'll just tell me to stop and victimize themselves.

They are all the same. They feign interest, then they ignore me until I am driven off the edge. My self harm issues resurface. I have to pound it into their thick skulls that I am a person with emotions and need to be treated as such.

I'm nothing but worthless garbage. They will pretend to like me for a bit, then throw me away. This one broke the facade already and I'm going to be kicked to the curb, once again..
My bad luck is never-ending.
dude this shit happens to me all the time...
depending on what time period you are in your life it defers but if your in high school just fuck it realy just... it sucks -_- but try not to give too much afection to ppl the like you more it you talk and then be a bit hard to get... yea i dont like dealing with others but i need it Q_Q
I had a penis inside me and it felt sooooo good. I'm sure I'll feel bad tomorrow oops!
I get so fucking close to shaking off the existential crises iv been going though for the past month

I'm so fucking close I can taste it

Go out drinking with friends

Get the wonderful reminder that while I have had sex, I have never had that "moment" with another human being when you can realize how good it can be and that I haven't gotten laid in a half decade

Back to punching objects and crying every hour again over shit that shouldn't matter!
I really like this girl I've known for about 3 months we've been snapchatting quite regularly and chatting on fb sometimes. She's invited me to study with her friends at the library twice, is she just being friendly and nice or is it something else. What should I do?
Ask her to somewhere casual, like coffee or something.
Just a dude with some paint and a beer... and dreams 'n' stuff
jesus the medical system in canada is such a huge pain in the ass
i read posts like this and i'm terrified that they are about my ex

as in the girl the anon has fucked/met/started seeing/whatever is her
I tried eating food with my family but my brother just lays on the sofa all day with this smelly-ass blanket and the smell ended up killing my appetite when I sat on the furthest end. It also didn't help that he kept putting his fucking toes near me and it doesn't fucking help that he was purposely stretching.

I try to be understanding since I'm the only sibling without autism but this takes the fucking piss. I just wanted to eat my food.

In all honesty, I stay in my room when I'm home from university because I can't deal with it. It's incredibly isolating and makes my depressive episodes worse. I can't speak to my parents about it because they just don't fucking understand what I'm saying.

People always say I'm funny, especially the girls, but nobody realises that humour is the way that I cope with things.

I'm going to look into moving out into the city soon.
I work in a school and I want to hate fuck one of the students so bad. I won't though.
Cigarettes and my Beautiful Wife.
somebody is mad they can't oust me from my ruse, but be aware that if the ruse is finished, then i no longer have a need for you.
File: anger.png (3KB, 409x259px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3KB, 409x259px
Fuck. I feel so beta right now. I want to ask this girl I'm into for her phone number, but I'm overthinking shit and trying to find the right way to ask without coming off weird.

Last time we talked was over [spoiler]Facebook Messenger[/spoiler] about a month ago before the convo died and I got caught up with work and classes.

I want to just ask for her number since it's easier for me to respond, but I feel weird about asking straight out after a month without talking.

Give me the words to just fucking do it.

U ain't nothin' but a cry baby.
File: 1446390466881s.jpg (9KB, 225x250px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 225x250px
Sometimes I wish I really had the courage to just disappear. I'm obviously not meant for this place sometimes. I can never do enough, and whenever I do try, it ends in failure.

I'm sorry.
File: 0044 - XBadzhx.png (198KB, 355x355px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
0044 - XBadzhx.png
198KB, 355x355px
... Fuck. Just... Fuck.
File: iu[1].1&f=1.jpg (7KB, 200x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7KB, 200x300px
>i smell madding
>shh it's only smellz
>your daddy watch my movies, you should not tell me zis
based rocco strikes again
There is a really cute girl in my class that I'm interested in asking out, but the problem is she doesn't talk. I can't find a moment where I can start any sort of small talk with her. Not to mention the nightmare would be attempting to start a conversation and only to have her completely ignore me and remain silent. I honestly don't know what to do, it's so frustrating.
If it weren't for all the people who need me to be alive right now (for support, rent money, the simple fact of me being alive), I would have killed myself a long time ago.
I had a dream some days ago that I was getting married to one of my teachers from college, it was weird as fuck (he's good-looking though so at least I have good taste). And yesterday I had a dream that I was dating a guy from some of my courses. I actually hate him and the fact that the dream was getting really explicit makes me want to never sleep again. wtf is wrong with me? Am I stupid?

ur surrender to my glory is accepted
why do i have the sensation that it's coming? i can almost feel it rubbing against my skin bbut logic tells me it shouldn't happen so soon.

i have no idea what is real anymore and this is driving me nuts. why does everything have to be a freaking game??
When I'm not browsing 4chan, YouTube, whatever other website I feel like or playing video games, I just walk back and forth in my room and do nothing but ramble in my mind all my thoughts, ideas, problems, plans, whatever the hell I can think of.
That's my life right now, every day, and I'm not sure it's going to get better any time soon.
associating with poo poo makes u poo but then they go poo poo but they proud of poo poo then poo poo grows up but poo poos dont like other poo poos so they put poo poo down but poo poo smell poo but do not know where it comes from so poo poo blames other poo poos but poo poos blame other poo poos so poo poos dont generally like each other but still think their own poos dont smell like poo poo but it does
I'm blue dabba
I desperately want to get back into a contact with a girl i broke up with 3 years ago, it just fell apart as if it was an unspoken agreement and i have so much i want to talk about regarding our relationship so i can come to terms with it.
This is the best thing I've ever read.
File: 1447096157418.jpg (100KB, 854x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 854x640px
It's amazing.
What's coming?

yes, it moved me

wish i knew iT myself
I just want to kill my college advisor for avoiding my emails, calls, and visits for the last month until a week after registration starts so now I'm stuck taking classes next semester at times nobody wants and with professors nobody fucking wants

this enrages me so fucking much i might transfer universities because of this bullshit
i know I need to clean, but I also know that once it's done it'll be a more clear indicator that this house isn't a home anymore.

anyone here ever have that moment where you don't really feel any emotion because you've cut it off and then you look in a mirror and you can see in your face the emotion you're trying to not feel?

had that today. weird moment.
Why is that one MLM filipino marketer so clingy anyway. Crabs in a bucket as usual.
would you either post something that makes sense or stop shitting up the board?
File: 1446511024523.jpg (17KB, 480x480px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17KB, 480x480px
I feel you in a way bruh, I hesitated in tellin her what was up and now she's in a relationship.
File: IMG_3429.jpg (65KB, 410x308px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 410x308px
I'm a total fool.

Dated this guy when I was like 13-15/16 online in an LDR, break up due to distance and being kids. Move on, date other guys.. now, like 6 years later I start talking to him, and he just.. has this weird effect on me. It's like nothing I've felt with my ex boyfriends or I feel with guys I meet. I don't know if I just built him up in my head to be something he isn't or what, but I can't date him, he'd probably not even be interested in me anyway, but even if he WAS he's halfway around the goddamn world. It's only been a couple hours since we talked but it's like sick how much I've thought about him today. I have no idea what to do. I guess I'll just be friendly, see where it goes, keep my feelings to myself and try and stop daydreaming about this dude.
So I have a problem. People think that I have Down Syndrome. I look retarded and constantly have a dumb look on my face. I get fucked with in school and at work constantly for it. But, I'm not actually mentally handicapped. Quite the contrary. In fact, I consistently outperform my peers at work and school. This makes some of them extremely extremely extremely angry. Like, I've had my car keyed with the words piece of shit and I have been intimated at school by various tormentors and even pushed around (I'm a senior in HS). They really hate to see someone they pegged for mentally handicapped show them up I'm assuming. Besides laughing at them (not to their faces of course), because I find it doubly amusing when they react so harshly to being beat by a "retard", I really have no way of dealing with this. I'm about to go to college, and although I bet that it will improve, I feel like I will face bias for my appearance my entire life.

About the dumb look, I believe it is a product of being introverted or light ADHD, but I don't know. I do it when I'm thinking, which is basically constantly.
I lost my wallet :(
Got fired from one of my jobs earlier. Saw it coming but wondering if whether or not I did the right thing in not talking to my manager about the cut hours sooner.
>you need to let people think they have won
>this leave the opportunity to maintain and revenge later
s-sure you w-win budday!
>it's only smellz
I feel so fucking alone at the moment. I'm not meant to feel like this?
There's no one out there for me, and I'm going to die alone. Surprisingly, I'm somewhat comforted by that thought.
Had I been born in another time or place, or at least to different people, I might have been someone worth being.
>been really depressed for the past 5 years and haven't told anybody
>been trying to find a quick and easy way to end my suffering
>turned to coke in an effort to overdose and now my friends are starting to take notice

I have nothing to offer in this world and don't want to be a burden on my friends and family anymore. Almost died a few months back but unfortunately my friends were there to save me.
You're such a strange person. You've been coming onto me for so long now, and I've always been fine with it because it felt safe. We're both in relationships, and honestly it just seemed physical. We've been best friends for like half our lives now, so I honestly didn't think this would change our friendship. And for a solid year, it didn't. We'd fuck around occasionally, but other than that our relationship stayed exactly as it always has. We wouldn't really talk about it, or flirt, or anything of the sort. Just go back to chilling and doing what we normally do. But these last couple times have been different. You were weirdly affectionate in a way that doesn't fit normally into our friendship. It didn't bother me, it was just unexpected. But now you're back to acting like normal again, and I'm really confused. I'm dying to see you again so I can feel out whether we're really back to normal, or if maybe you've started feeling something more.
I'm still mad at Microsoft for deleting their entire stash of 90s clipart.
File: i love choo.gif (478KB, 216x207px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i love choo.gif
478KB, 216x207px
(part 1/2)

>be 20 yr old hipster guy
>go to local hipster coffeshop often
>notice cute girl works there sometimes
>she gives you that nervous "i think you're cute" look whenever you come in, but you're too shy to do anything.
>pretend to play it cool and try to look mysterious or somehow vaguely interesting
>procrastinate asking her out because yous a lil bitch, but still come in regularly to do work and see her

>one day shop is very quiet
>you can slightly overhear her talking to her coworker "...I really want talk to that guy over there" and the coworker is encouraging her to do it
>does she mean you?
>a big group of people sitting near you finishes their meeting and gets up to leave
>you hear "aw now there's no one around him it would be weird"
>ok definitely means you
>your ego gets rock hard
>she doesn't come over to talk though, she just goes home
>but this gives you a big confidence boost and you promise the next time you come in, you'll make your move and introduce yourself
>you start daydreaming and getting really romantic about the whole situation

>fast forward
> two days later when she is working again.
>shop is closing up for the night (you usually study here until closing) and you know that you'll feel like shit if you go home without trying
>you go up to counter to make your move
>pussy out last second and ask for tiny cup of water instead. chug the water and sit back down
>convince yourself to try again, you're really determined (for no real reason)
>muster up some confidence
>immediately turns into arrogance

>go up to counter with no game plan
>ask for water again, because you are just that fucking smooth
>shes gorgeous
>you're nervous
>very nervous
>but she admires you from afar? how could anything go wrong?
>maybe you were just hearing things though?

what the hell is that?
part (2/2)

>second time asking for water
>she offers to give you a bigger cup
>you say "yeah"
>"yes.. thanks"
>as she bends down to get the ice you attempt to decide to go for it
>the height of hubris
>"so whats your name?" falls out of your mouth
>silence as she scoops ice in your cup
>silence seems forever
>am i dead?
>anxiety overtakes all your thoughts and everything about you that would once make you charming is now muted
>a million thoughts at once
>all incomplete
>after an eternity the silence is broken
>"Uh..it's blah"
>"Oh, uh, nice to meet you... my name is anon"
>you contort your face into what you hope is a smile
>you awkwardly reach your arm out across the counter to shake her hand
>the most incredibly nervous laughter comes from you and you stare hard at the floor, praying a trap door will open and take you to hell
>you said the phrases backwards, barely made eye contact, mumbled
>she nervously laughs too, but in a "oh no... hes crazy" way
>everything came out jilted and unnatural
>like you at birth

>she turns around to fill up the cup with water
>turns back around and hands it to you, her hand is very shaky (shes really thin but idk)
>"thanks so much!"
>you walk back to your seat, collect your things and head out
> a final, overly sincere, "thank you so much! have a good night" as you head out the door
>normally she replies "goodnight" very sweetly
> this time she doesn't even look up and keeps texting
>you imagine shes texting "really glad i remembered to pack mace in my purse, it makes me feel safe with all these psychos around"

>go home to research whether you have autism and lookup new coffee shops since you cant go to that one anymore
>wish you had a mental illness so you could at lest blame something beyond your control
>ask her name
>shake hands

Name part wasn't so bad but usually you time that after a bit of conversation or a joke. Don't shake her hand ffs. You treated it like a business deal.

But on the bright side you had balls to even attempt it and it sounds like she likes you or at least wanted to chat. She most likely is nervous as all hell too. You might throw in the towel or if you're a brave man go back in sometime and just make a joke. Don't beat yourself up man, we all fuck up sometimes.

She handed you gold with the ice question though. I can think of a few jokes I'd throw out.
I don't think anyone is going to understand this abstract feel but whatever.

I work at a hospital. Past few months I've been really making physical health my main focus. I just turned twenty seven, I am starting to make some good cash, get things paid off, etc so I wanna use the extra income I have to go out and meet people, perhaps find a gf.

Despite working out, getting a nice hair cut, getting toned, losing weight, and so on, I can't help but feel a hella bout of dread. I'm quiet and don't have much to say. I like to observe and am better at talking in a small group or even one on one. Very introverted. I'm not awkward, I've had years of experience dealing with people personally in my field. Just acknowledging the differences

Because of how my department and chain of command is set up, I don't really have a home base, or a group of people I frequently see. I'm one of two people in my position. The other guy I work with is great and seems like a bro, but we never hang out because we work opposite days.

I guess I'm just lonely and would like to have real life people to talk to and to relate with. As I work in a dictation room, I hear others talking about going out with so and so to celebrate stuff, but I don't really know how to get past just being a colleague to some people. I'd just like to be invited to stuff like that once in awhile too.

The other more minor thing is like, seems like all these average to below average women here are in serious relationships or married to guys that are much better looking than me. I just kinda feel overwhelmed on self improvement; I wanna become awesome and meet an equally awesome woman but the more I work on, the more there seems I need to accomplish
I do this too but also practice talking, jokes, topics, tone and cadence, fake conversations, etc.. Sometimes I use a mirror to fix my microexpressions and practice preferred angles. It's pretty weird but it helps me out in social encounters, it's also a good way to get off of the computer.

Public speakers and actors do this it's not too weird.

>get it off your chest thread

You stop shitting up this board.
He's got a girlfriend, and a fuck buddy. He's stated he's looking for another, I'd be in third place.
I don't want a relationship, just sex. But this seems like I'm the last horse in the race. Do I even bother?
I need to stop drinking. Been drunk almost every night for six weeks. I keep telling myself this night is the last. And of course it isn't.

Don't even know why it happened. Just drank one night and boom. Suddenly I'm drinking every night.
It's been two fucking years and I can't get over her. This is killing me. Before her, I never even believed in soulmates or anything. I was so happy.

Now I think about her every fucking day, and at least once a month I completely dissociate and begin having really dark thoughts. I feel like I lost my soulmate and fucked up my one chance to be happy. I don't understand why she won't talk to me. Did she never even love me at all? Am I just a bad memory to her?

It's getting bad. I'm really afraid that this is going to be the rest of my life. That at least once a day I will have to hold myself back from plummeting headlong into complete despair because of her. It's been two years, why can't I just forget her? Why can't I just stop thinking about her?

I fucking regret meeting her. She was all I ever really wanted and she completely abandoned me.
I want him so badly
/x/ here, looks like a sigil to me, but no clue what it does. it looks kind of intricate though.
File: 394448888845.jpg (48KB, 599x442px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>dat nostalgia
fuk u
Am I pedophile? I like cute little girls, but I don't have any sexual thoughts about them. I just like hugging them and have a strong urge to bite their cheeks.

I'm pretty much like this guy. (pic related) Sometimes when I hug or carry little girls, I tend to rub my cheek against theirs, and then the realization hits me that I might come off as a pedophile in front of other people, so I stop immediately.

I've had this habit since I was a teenager. My mom once told tell me that I really like touching my newborn sister when I was 4 - 5.
srsly fuck you fagit
File: nicholasboats.jpg (4KB, 142x150px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thanks bud! and you're right, i know im being hard on myself. i mostly wanted to vent to get it all out and see if i had the right perspective. i'm definitely going to try again, ive even been back since and i would have tried again, but she was not there :/

i know I can be charming when i want to be, I'm just bad at beginnings. I get too nervous and obsess in my head about making a bad impression, which leads me to be unnatural and overly formal. But once I get a read on someone's sense of humor and their personality, i can be pretty witty. and once I can make the other person laugh i stop being nervous and its all uphill from there

I've been thinking of how to redeem myself, should I acknowledge how weird the first interaction was? like "hey sorry for if i was awkward before when I introduced myself, what i really meant was just to say thanks for being so sweet and kind whenever i come in. "
or should I just pretend it didnt happen, hope she assumes it was a one time thing and just say something more casual after i order my drink like "hows your day been so far?" and carry on from there... I'm leaning towards the first option just so i can get a fresh start.
I'm being pushed away by the person I care about the most... And it sucks so goddamn much.
I still have feelings for her and i hate it.
And I still have feelings for her and I hate it.

And I hate that they're the only two women I've ever managed to have feelings for. I hate that I can't ever go on a date and feel anything other than mild amusement or the discomfort of trying to talk to a stranger.
He's growing a beard, he smiles big at me, my heart pounds whenever I see him, I can picture him clearly right now.

Does this ever end?
File: 1365291027046.gif (400KB, 488x519px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
400KB, 488x519px
I'm paranoid. Like really paranoid about my health. It doesn't help that for the past 1 - 2 years, I've had a few close or distant relatives dying. 2 of them was due to old age, 1 of them was cancer, and the other one was a sudden death of a friend I haven't kept in touch with for a while at the age of 25.

I really hate myself for constantly trying to find new reasons to be worried of my health. It's incredibly stressful and I wish I can just enjoy my semester holidays without thinking any of this shit.



No, you just like kids.

It's pretty natural. Everyone has somewhat of an instinct to play with kids and be affectionate towards them, and some people just get more of it than others.

But the sad truth is that if you're a guy, this instinct is probably going to get you into trouble someday. If you're a girl you can probably get away with it.
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This whole thread has reminded me how happy I should be to be happily married. Thanks, 4chan!
>your on 4chan
>you are by definition not happy.
>on /adv/
>bragging your 'happy'
did typing that out help convince you? Or are you still hollow inside?
When the communication is all light and fluffy you communicate, but the moment it's not, you conveniently fail to answer and/or disappear. This makes me trust you as a person and is really comforting. Thank you.
my ex posted photos of him with some other girls on his snapchat story and it's really bothering me. i know he's my ex, and i should probably delete him of social media for my mental health but no way in hell will i do that. he's my friend and we still talk and i still love hi
File: soa-illust03.jpg (140KB, 870x630px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>>>16457018 (You)
>"hey sorry for if i was awkward before when I introduced myself, what i really meant was just to say thanks for being so sweet and kind whenever i come in. "
>"hows your day been so far?" and carry on from there... I'm leaning towards the first option just so i can get a fresh start.

Ehh...I wouldn't do the first one. It seems really self-deprecating but in an awkward way and comes across as weird. 'Sweet and kind' is something a grandma or older lady would say to a stranger. I'd do the casual talk. You'll get a good read right away unless she's shy.

And as for getting in your own head, that's something that breathing exercises and time will fix. We all get nervous but the more you socialize the better you'll be able at throwing yourself headlong into these situations and coming out successful or not giving a shit about failure. This person you're trying to talk to is just that: another person. If you mess up there are quite a few other people you will encounter and either be successful with or fail..why let this one person trip you up?
what is that shit
I just really want to get fucked right now. Not any plain old fucking, I need a man too ravage me. To eat my pussy like his life deepened on it. To fuck me from behind, pulling my hair, slapping my ass. I want him to call me a good girl. I want to be filled with cum and unable to walk :(
I really want to interact with this girl, she's sweet and so quiet.

I usually help her out during our lab classes, I usually pay attention to her more, without making it obvious.

I just don't want to make her feel weird or anything, I really think she's sweet and I seem like a brash guy.
The self righteousness that people here are able to muster to voice their shitty opinions is amazing.

It's always

>Look. I'm 100 percent right about this because I'm typing in an authoritative manner. I'm the guy giving you advice and because you opened yourself up, I am completely correct, anything else is dead wrong. I'm going to readjust the entire point of this thread to being about ME, the authoritative guy here, giving you advice, rather than just giving you advice. Oh, and I'm probably going to call you a piece of shit and metaphorically spit on you through the Internet because fuck you that's why I come here to pretend to know what I'm talking about. Be prepared to get learned.

>oh yeah btw, initials? I know there's absolutely no way we know one another. I actually don't know that, I'm just an idiot.
I have no idea why but I have this burning in the pit of my soul. Like a fire the can't be quenched.
I don't know what it means. But I'm sorta quick to anger and rage. I try to hold my impulsive ways.I feel that I can't control myself. I want to to Boxing but I know I'll do something stupid like Mike Tyson.
This guy is blowing up my phone like a fucking child. A man well over 30. I very gently let him down after several dates with zero chemistry.

I'm trying so desperately to improve myself as a person, and date nice people, but I keep managing to attract giant man babies. I don't know what I'm doing wrong so I don't know how to fix it.
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>got my antidepressants
>had a great day at work for a change due to reduced anxiety
>new vibrator arrives in the mail
>tfw no feeling below the waist
>tfw dryer than California
>tfw i just want to end this great day passed out like a used slut in my bed
>just gonna go to bed mentally horny and physically unfulfilled
There's an awkwardness now, and it's you, not me. I'm not all of a sudden more fragile or sensitive. You don't have to explain your motives more or probe my feelings before proposing something. Nothing has changed as far as I'm concerned.
I've been wallowing in self-pity for so much of my life. I've spent most of my time depressed over trivial things, including missing a chance with a girl I had a crush over.

Now, I realize how all of this was bullshit. And that all I need right now is self-confidence and belief in myself to actually do things, and that I can improve myself.
So I'm a 19 year old burn out. What DL I do now?

I have no major desires other than those based on narcissistic hedonism. I seek pleasure and attention, and I find most people to be very boring. Their philosophies are often poorly thought-out, their goals are simplistic, and their lifestyle is nearly identical to that of millions of others - but this is a symptom of the greater shallowness of life itself.

The most interesting people are generally mentally ill, and they are the people I talk to. They are the only people I have an interest in interacting with, and my career aspirations are driven towards helping them.

In ten months, I'll be back to college after an absence; however, by the time it's over, my youth will be gone and spent. I can't handle that. I can't handle continuing to be an ugly ghost.

I'm kind, and fascinating, but I get very little attention offline due to my lack of desire to reach out to normal people and also due to my unattractiveness.

I want to put an end to this. I'm really hopeless and driveless and have been for years; the only way I can raise the money to be attractive would be to spend the next ten months selling my body to gross older men. I've seriously considered it and it seems like a logical best-move for me. I could have surgery, take care of myself, buy myself nice things, and live at a standard of living I've never known - I grew up extremely poor.

However, life seems very shallow. I see ordinary people, ordinary goals, and I try to think of what my life will be like after I've achieved mine - how boring it will be to be smart, attractive, and outgoing while having so little interest in most of the people around me. I'm concerned about what it will be like to lead a normal life.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I feel extremely lonely. I don't know anyone who is very much like myself, nor do I have a group of friends, or any place where I feel like I fit in.
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I've been depressed over the past six months and haven't even realized it until a couple of days ago.
I broke up with this girl and actively tried to forget and move on, and after a month or two I thought I managed to do just that, haven't thought about her for at least the past three months.

However, after speaking to one of my good friends I've realized I never went back to my life before her.
I lost my job, I stopped going to the gym, I stopped eating healthy and started consuming a lot more junk food and stopped socializing and going out with my friends.

Sure my line of work doesn't leave much free time but I managed all that beforehand, while still having time for hobbies and family, but now I just... dropped everything.
I lost the will to live, and now that I know that, it's not coming back to me either.

Still don't "feel" depressed though.
If/after I fuck her, I'll basically have to kill myself as that will be the peak of my life
I'm in love with my good friend
Hey, my dog has seizures, it is not a big deal so long as you can figure out what is triggering them. My dog gets them when he overheats, so in summer we are cautious about letting him run for too long in the sun.

You can get medication for your dog if it is recurring regularly, take him to the vet regardless though.
Trade school I hate
Teachers I hate
classes I hate
final project with people I hate
Friends I hate
Job I hate
I hate myself
I don't even enjoy video games anymore
>have pencil dick
>two girls want to fuck me tonight
Welp, this may be embarrassing
What's the reason why you broke up with her? 3 yrs is way too long ago
It's weird, I tell myself I've never felt this way. I've told myself that before. But this is so strange, because I realized why I avoid your eyes. That one day, months ago, I looked into your eyes. Everything disappeared. In them, suddenly, I saw someone I've met before in some other love.

Who knows if you buy into the old soul thing. I do, because I don't believe in much else. You are an old soul. I've known you before, and I don't know if you feel that too.

Maybe it's just the way you carry yourself. Maybe it's the immense intelligence I picked up in your eyes. Maybe it's the way that, every time I see you, my heart starts pounding and my hands start trembling.

I wonder if you notice. You seem to notice a lot. I'm going to try and let this pass over my head.
topkek, whats up mate?
File: unknown.gif (460KB, 492x497px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
460KB, 492x497px
Today I got bullied by random bystanders and got my hair pulled and verbally abused.
I'm a guy, Is this how women feel when the get harassed sexually?

I think violent abuse and sexual abuse have two very different feelings attached to them
Well the abuse was more on the sexual part.
I have shoulder length hair in pony tail.
He said how about a blowjob pretty boy.
Which I replied with go fuck yourself, then he and his buddies surrounded me and started shoving me around, and pulling my hair.
A fight would have broke if some other bystanders haven't intervened.
I'm having a lot of doubt about having you come visit. You're way too clingy without actually being clingy. You stress me out and we're only just talking. I'm a busy woman, and you're always acting like it's a crime that I don't often have time to talk to you.

It's my nature. I'm basically a cat. I only want affection on my terms, and I can mostly take care of myself. In your own weird, subtle way, you've always tried to change me, to make me dependent on you. It won't happen. In this life, I've learned the only one I can really depend on is myself.

Besides, you're not at all the kind of guy I'd stay with. If the guy I want ever gets around to me, I'll be off the face of the earth for the rest of my life.
I fucking hate YouTube so much some times. I work hard to make these free videos for a bunch of whiny kids and they can be the most ignorant people sometimes. I have to constantly remind myself that they are just kids who have no real struggles so they make them on YouTube. I have come to a point where I regret my decision to have ever started this damn hobby to please a bunch of edgy tweens. I laugh about it sometimes though. How frustrated I get over people on the internet and how seriously I take this channel at times. However I sometimes do wonder how different the internet would be if there was some way enacted that prevents kids and most teens from making comments at all. It's just a thought though.

>inb4 post your channel.
I refuse.
So our roommate was a violent drunk and we had to move, and moving is so expensive. To top things off, my debit card stopped working because my bank got bought by another bank so my boyfriend is having to cover the expenses while I wait for a new card.

The reason I have to wait so long is that we're in another country and I have to get my parents to mail it to me. We're in another country because he's from here and I'm trying to make it work even though I'm really unhappy here.

I'm frustrated because he doesn't seem to give a shit that our stupid roommate is the one who cost us all this money, time and effort because the eviction process in this country takes too long to be effective.

I am miserable and it's kind of to the point where I'm questioning why I'm in this relationship, but we just signed a year lease (which I don't even know if I'll be able to stay here, I'm on a tourist visa and we have to apply for a residency permit for me - another thing he's shown little to no interest in doing) so I'm trying to make it work just so I don't stick him with the lease for our place.

I don't know what to do. I have no friends here because I can't legally work for an employer in the country (I work online to cover my share of the rent and buy all the food/cook everything/clean the house for us).

I don't know what I can do.
>today is one of those days where I just want to stay home and enjoy the quiet and calm peace of the place with my gf
>my ex was like that too

My new gf on the other hand wants to go clubbing. I hate clubs. We found a common ground on bars. Thing is I still don't want to go out. I'm feeling a huge feeling of repulsion towards the idea itself, but I'm going for her.

I just hope she wont want to do the same tomorrow.
It doesn't sound like your new gf is the gf for you.
I know those feels!!
Everything seems to be only about you and only you. I don't work that way anymore nor seek that in the future. Thanks for making me grow as a person. I regret a lot of things, a lot but moving foward will not be one of them. Thank you.
It's okay, Pewdie, we know your fanbase sucks.
Yes, it's kinda like that (except you probably didn't feel like they were going to gang rape you and ditch you in a random hole).

All in all, what an asshole. No one should be harrassing people like this.
My dubs!
>This guy is blowing up my phone like a fucking child

Put your foot down, be honest and a bit of a bitch if need be. It's the only way to shut down manbabies since they're persistent and often delusional.

Maybe step back and look at your hobbies, personality or where you're meeting these guys. Maybe you're subconsciously going for these types due to a certain trait. There's gotta be a connection or you're just having bad luck.
he annoys me so much sometimes, it's crazy that I'm still into that prick
Notify the police.

Learn to spell, dude.
Old souls- definitely a thing.

tell them.
I'm in the same boat, before I even looked into his eyes, just talking to him online, it's like I knew his soul from long before.
I can barely bring myself to look into his eyes because I know he doesn't feel the same way, or let on that he does, or feel that I think he's worthy or whatever.
>tfw she doesn't respond to you
Damn, I've been obsessing about this girl for months. She doesn't know, wouldn't care, isn't interested, I KNOW it but I can't stop. We only text occasionally, but it's enough to keep me hoping that she feels the same way. Maybe she just has too much shit going on to deal with it. But I can't keep tricking myself, she probably barely remembers my name on a good day. Whatever. Hope you can be happy, that'll make one of us
File: thubearerer.jpg (94KB, 1280x853px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
94KB, 1280x853px
I'm worried I don't have the ability to change myself. It's possible that at some deeper level I refuse to change. And I need to change, badly. I just don't know where to start.
Didn't see one in the catalog.
This will be the first winter we don't spend together in five or six years.

It is supposed to be as bad as that first winter we met.

Why do you have to be the way you are?
Glad I'm not the only one!
I've been told throughout my entire life I am one.
I want to, someday, maybe if I ever get to know him better, see him outside of our usual meeting place, you know, the typical excuses. But just coming out and saying "I've known you before" would probably have him turning tail and running
File: bjenet-entrance.gif (318KB, 179x146px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Friday night, it's cold, nobody to cuddle with, there's nothing to do and I'm near broke till next week. Time for cheap booze, blankets, snacks and horror movies. I hope all you anons in this thread have some nice things happen next week or sooner. Cheers!
she probably thinks you suck.
For a moment, I thought maybe I was right about you being initially, a great guy. But then you proved me wrong again, and again and again. You are a monster.
I just want some fucking sleep! I mean like 6 months work of nothing but sleep eating shitting and sleeping.

Holy fuck I'm shot. Between dumb cunts that repress shit like 6 year olds even though it's not a big fucking deal, a job that is so mind numbing that it's borderline pointless for both my own achievements and the business itself, and a bunch of friends that are nothing more than self rightous and don't want to lend anyone a hand if it means they may need to put a miniscule amount of work into it or feel any sort of responsibility.

Holy fucking fuck then everyone just smiles and keeps talking shit behind their backs and hating things that can EASILY EASILY EASILY be fucking resolved just by opening their god damn fucking mouths and saying, "Look you know we love you but you're being a fucking idiot and here's why... " It takes almost no work and it has the capability to get through when it comes from more than 1 person, but god forbid someones feelings get hurt... no no no just let the bus them it's fine we have cameras. I mean what a load of fucking cunts.
>It's not your problem
Helping someone is never anyone's problem but we do it because it's the correct thing to do yet you want to snub your nose at me for doing it? fuck the lot of you assholes. If you could argue and prove me wrong that would be one thing but to blatantly agree with me then condem me for saying it. Straight to fucking hell with you.

Do you play videogames? If so you could probably make some money streaming games.
I hate everything and there is no point in any of this bullshit and it's sad that things had to be this way cuz I love life I really do, I have so many things that I wanted to do but shit happens and I actually know I'll never be satisfied cuz there's just so much. See you in Disneyland
to BB:

I'm really trying so hard to make things better. It's just awful now because you're not there and you said that you stopped caring. I wish you'd say something on what's really going on. The malls are field with Christmas decors now and I really want to send you pictures. Last year I told myself that we'd start decorating as soon as the plane arrives, whether it's me or you visiting. My heart hurt so bad when I didn't hear from you last wednesday which was supposedly our anniversary. Thursday was just as worse because that was supposed to be my interview day in the embassy.

I can't keep on choosing you. I want you to choose me but you'll hate me even more if I force it.

The whole LDR thing was scary but I still did it because we were together. Because it was you.

God I wish you can read this. That box with the small christmas tree, snowflakes, and reindeer ornament is still there. I can't open it without you.

from PB.
this sounds ridiculous but I feel like I'm still going through the honeymoon phase with my boyfriend of 3+ years.
This would be great if I wasn't the only one who felt this way.
I miss being able to think about the future and knowing he was going to be apart of it.
I'm so helplessly in love with him but I know I'm not that big of an influence in his life. He doesn't think about his future with me anymore.
Fuck, it hurts.
part 1

tfw I've liked the same dude for a couple of months and not even talked to him. The thing is I can't even say I like him because I don't know him and I'm not going to be that delusional, so I'll just say I'm attracted to him. It was weird as hell because I had a dream about him before I even met him and then I saw him and I swear my heart fucking stopped. It just kind of went on with me seeing him a couple of times and just thinking "wow he's really attractive" and thinking nothing of it. Then a couple months ago he got a girlfriend, and I was like well who cares I didn't know him. Then, I realized he was best friends with my close friend's longterm boyfriend so I started hanging around with their group of friends, but I didn't make a move because he still had the gf. I know this is a dumb, most likely insignificant fact, but while he was dating the girl he would always be looking at me, even while he was with her. Some days he would stop and smile at me, or my friends would catch him staring and he would get embarrassed. I feel like a dumb school girl right now, but who really cares. He and the gf dated for like a month or so but then he realized she was cheating on him with his best friend and they broke up. I decided I wasn't going to be a rebound and go after him right after they broke up so I waited. My best friend started talking to him so she could try and become his friend then help me start talking to him, but it's a weird situation. I feel like a coward because I won't talk to him, but I just get so anxious.
part 2

He and my best friend are kind of friends, but not super close. She mentioned setting him up with a friend (aka me), but he ended up getting confused and just kept asking what I looked like (because she said my name) and she just never said what I looked like. I'm definitely not unconfident with how I look, I just get really scared. He always makes an effort to show off whenever me and said best friend come around (I'm hoping it's not for her because he knows she has a boyfriend), and other things like that. I just don't want to turn into one of those stupid girls who goes "oh he looked at me once he wants me!" I just don't know how to approach him or if I'm being stupid.

sorry for this being super long but I just had to let it out.
How am I supposed to meet people, if every time I do something to meet people and it doesn't work it just drives me further into depression.

Even bartenders ignore me. I see them talking to everybody else, but I just sit there alone, and they don't even try and get tips out of me or anything. I'm a complete non-entity.
All I want is a qt russian boyfriend who will fuck me daily and look at internet stuffs with me
I've been seeing this girl from uni that I really like for a few weeks now. Earlier today her and I wanted to have sex but I couldn't put the condom on properly, and in the end it killed the whole mood and I made everything awkward.

She doesn't want to talk to me or see me anymore. Is this seriously that big of a deal?

Like jesus fucking christ, I know how to have sex, my ex gf and I did it all the time. But we just never had to really use a condom because she's been on the pill for a long time.

What should I do?

I feel as if though she has a legitimate reason to be embarrassed of me (already am ashamed of myself), but as she has said she likes me a lot too. How can I fix this? I feel like the biggest autist on the face of the earth right now.
Fuck you.

You build me up and I'll never forget that; it got me through some very dark times. You'll never know that.

We were so close before. We used to talk a lot. I used to keep you company on those long nights where you were stuck working on boring things alone. I made you laugh when you were stressed out. I encouraged you when you didn't think it was going to work, when you were just starting out and really unsure.

A year later and it's completely different. I think you're shallow. You won't talk to me much anymore, and it's gotten worse and worse. You don't even say hello to me anymore. Now that you've found some mild success, you apparently don't need me anymore. I don't make you laugh anymore. You're too busy kissing the asses of people who are "famous" in order to get ahead. You pretend to be Mr. Too-Cool when I know how you are deep down. To me it's extremely obvious.

I get it, I totally understand why you're doing it. It's a business. But does business mean to cut off your earliest supporters? Your friends? Apparently it does. It hurts. I want to talk to you about it but I know you won't respond, you'll be too busy to care, or you'll tell me you'll talk to me later on. It hurts a bit more because this has happened before, and it was one of the more painful things that have happened in my life. But you wouldn't know that because you don't care anymore.

I need to move on, sadly. It's just so hard to invest so much time into someone and then just have to drop them one day because they changed.
I want to help my sister. She's 15 and heading on a downward trajectory and I don't even really know what she's going through or how to help. I wish I was better equipped for this.

I did. Now he's threatening to follow me around and i have to get a restraining order on monday. What is my fucking life.
He's threatening to stalk you? Any texts, e-mail, etc... that could function as evidence?

Either way, call the non-emergency line of your local police station, explain the situation, and how you fear for your safety.

Start the process now, literally. You may even be granted an Emergency PFA. This is not to be taken lightly.
>>16460547 here.

You have evidence as he is blowing your phone up.

Call now, and update us.

I called a while ago while it was happening. He lives an hour out so I wasn't sure if he had made the drive or was effectively shitposting over text.
The sheriff and a deputy showed up and the sheriff talked to me while the deputy searched the area. They said that while they could keep an eye on me before I go to work tomorrow, they couldn't do anything else besides call his employer and hope they tell him not to be a shithead.
Im hoping I get some money patched through so I can pick up a gun in the next few days, luckily I live in an open carry state. On monday I'm going to file a restraining order and hope to god this doesn't make everything worse.
Sometimes I feel like I'll never be happy because I wasn't born a cute/hot girl. Not that everybody doesn't have their own problems, but they get to just skip all the problems I have.
You're going about this the right way. The officers did not explain about an Emergency PFA? You qualify, as you had a relationship, he is harassing/threatening you, and you fear for your safety.

Any chance you have a friend that could stay with you until Monday, or that you could stay with?
>Any chance you have a friend that could stay with you until Monday, or that you could stay with?

No unfortunately, I only have one friend here and I don't want to involve her in this, also she may be able to lend me some weaponry for the time being.
I also have my dogs to worry about. They're crated inside while I'm gone but I can't go anywhere with or without them. They pitbulls so I'd hope in theory they'd protect me but A they're also huge sweet babies and B I don't want them to get hurt
With the dogs, you should be fine. They will alert you, and they would protect you if it comes down to it.

Not wanting to involve your friend is understandable, but would she arm you without knowing the reason?

Chances are nothing will happen, period, but better to be cautious.
It was good you learned to turn a blind eye to those deemed corrosive to anyone's well being. Let us handle this, we do it for a living.
I'm tired of so much violence and evil in this world.
Obsessed people who are frustrated they can't get what they want.
Hateful people who just gotta purge the world from everything they deem as unworthy.
Egotistical people believing their selves and their desires are the only ones that matter.
I'm tired of all of it. Sometimes I hope I die in my sleep so I dont have to wake up to such a world. Oftentimes I cry over things that shouldn't directly affect me, simply because I'm seeing innocents suffer over the violence of the wicked.

You can call me weak, but that's who I am. Someone who cares way too much. Someone who just wants to see the world become a better place.

But heh, that'll never happen, right?
You will face your demons all by yourself. I have faced mine and found clarity and my true honest path in life. You are not dependant on me and I am not dependant on me. You will not acknowledge me and I will not acknowledge you. I believe in the paths and lessons set for us as individuals. May you help those around you as I will with my life.

Let's see how this whole getting things off my chest things goes. Got high enough to break down my usual barrier keeping things on my chest, so here goes.

>I think I'm either dealing with depression or am just self-indulgently sad
>Some days I feel human. Other days I go to some dark places (Like, "I am feeling complete understanding for people who commit suicide, and wow, I should just jump in front of this train, "kind of dark)
>Currently don't have a job so I have no excuse to talk to anyone, and I'm too socially to speak to anyone now that I'm back from college.
>My best friends live all over the country
>Think life would be better full of revelations and leaps forward like in stories instead of the stagnation I find myself in.
>And when I smoke pot in a bid to escape it, I just open myself up to just how awful I feel.

On the brightside, I have a family who cares about me, so that's good.
My boyfriend cheated on me with a teenager.
It makes me think about how even attractive men have to play their notes just right to get to sleep with a girl, but if I cheat on him in revenge it means nothing. Men will fuck almost any woman. There is no game of seducing, no feeling of "winning" a rare young guy. I can't even let it out on camsex because I'll get capped and spread all over /b/. I hate myself.
My "boyfriend" treats me as a novelty and I'm disappointed in myself for having tolerated a second of it, let alone a month.
i'm throwing my first show and my friend is helping me out so much with promoting. hes so nice and this is the first time i've had a friend who is a real friend and not just expecting me to fuck him or something :')
on the other hand
its still pretty hard, even with all the hype to sell tickets especially when ur expected to sell out the show to make all the money back
im really not even expecting to make all of it back at this point
I wonder if its ever occurs to anyone that these people promote their own concerts through 4chan
they don't leave out any social media if they're doing it right
I was suicidal for years and years. I feel like all of 2014 I couldn't think about anything but different ways to die, and hating myself so so much. Last year on Christmas Eve I tried to commit suicide by cutting my femoral artery. I just bled in my shower for a while, then I panicked and just clamped down on my leg and cried until 4 in the morning.

I don't really think about suicide very much anymore, but I just feel dead inside a lot of the time. Like I was actually supposed to die last year, and now I'm just a ghost of that other version of me. I started cutting myself again a little while ago, and I don't even think about why I'm doing it anymore. I'm just fucked up, I have no clue what's wrong with me...
>Error: You seem to have mistyped the CAPTCHA. Please try again.
I shouldn't need to pay twenty FUCKING dollars to properly report garbage threads.
>terrorist attack in my country, I live in a big city so I'm scared it'll happen where I live eventually
>failing at everything in college because of my fucked up schedule, shitty health and people in my courses who won't help me know what I miss just as they promised me at the beginning of the year
>start feeling more and more anxious in general, combined with my poor health it makes me pass out more and more often
>scared of guys and look underage, and I've been told that I seem scary at first
I don't even know what to do anymore, at this rate I'd rather give up on everything, just work in a shitty fast food and die as a kissless virgin.
It's a man's world. No wonder feminists are so angry.

Men can do whatever they please and leave scot-free, but dare a woman do any step over the line, they're labeled as whores, sluts, impure and deserving to die.

To make things worse, said line is actually a very small circle drawn to surround and entrap the woman, making it really easy for her to step out and be seen as filth.

If it serves you any consolation (or if you're the type to bask on the tragedies of the ones who knowingly or unknowingly caused you harm), that teenager (assuming it's a teenager girl) has stepped over the boundary and will be forever tainted as a slut.
I might have a date tonight. Where should I go? A movie seems a bit passive, you cant communicate in a club..Maybe just go to dinner and visit Bangtown USA after that?
Alone again on Friday. I get it.
Start a camwhore/request thread on /b/.

Edit briefly in paint, and no face.

Bam. Revenge for you and I get to bust a nut.
>she doesn't realize he's playing the long con
>as if he isn't stacking brownie points and waiting until you're drunk

Remember this post, as I am right. Unless he's closeted.
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