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How do i get over something very small my girlfriend did in the

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How do i get over something very small my girlfriend did in the past?
She says she flashed and played with her boobs to a stranger on omegle.
This shit bugs the hell out of me, i can't stop thinking about it. I hate that she did it and i know it's in the past but it bugs me she did this for another guy. I think about it and wonder how it happened to the point of feeling like a kek, i'd never let my girlfriend sleep or do anything with another guy, but i want to know exactly what happened and how. Is this normal?

How do i just accept my girlfriend did this shit in the past and that's that? I see so many guys with girlfriends that have fucked 20+ men and the boyfriend won't even give a shit. How do i stop caring about this one small instance and why do i keep trying to figure out every detail of what happened, then jerking it to pictures of her flashing her boobs for me imagining how she did it for this random stranger?

There is nothing to accept, ditch the cunt.
This is a no bullshit answer, and if anyone argues with what I'm about to tell you, they will never be fully interested in embracing all aspects of a true commitment.

Listen very carefully.

Your girlfriend is a sexual being. Her sexuality is her own. She shares it with whom ever she wants. Consider yourself lucky that she only wants to share it with you. Treasure this, be the best that you can be in order to deserve her exclusivity to you.

>it bugs me she did this for another guy
She didn't. She did it for herself. She just used the other guy as a toy for her own psycho-sexual pleasure. Learn how to fall in love with the fact that she did this for herself and her own sexuality.

>Is this normal?
Yes, for insecure betafags. Climb above this and celebrate the fact that your girlfriend is blessed with being in touch with her own sexuality.

>still not sure how this works?
Ask me anything.
Just fuck off with your progressive mentality.
Yeah i pretty much understand this, I just struggle to follow it.
I want to just stop thinking about what she did over and over. I know people that think like you are out there, and people who think like me are classed as betas for not being able to deal with the fact their girlfriend has done something before.

How do i think more like you? The bitch of it is i've done a lot of shit on cam with hundreds of girls, i was a horny teenage guy with good charisma. I just cant get over the fact that my girlfriend did this twice, her showing her boobs to another guy and him enjoying them bugs the hell out of me.
Look, I don't know how old you are, but at a certain age you just kind of have to accept that the majority of people out there in the dating world (male or female) will have some sort of sexual past. My best advice is just to not ask about it and try your best to focus on your future with that person, instead of the past that existed before you knew one another. You just have to accept the fact that she's lived an entire lifetime before you two may have even met, and not all of the life is going to include positive things. You have to take the good with the bad in a relationship.

Most people make poor choices when their young. They shouldn't have to live the rest of their life paying for it just because they didn't have enough brain cells at the time to know better.

However, if you ever catch her doing this stuff while you two are together, it's time to make a clean break.
her showing her boobs to another guy and him enjoying it should make you feel proud t
I am 22, she is 18.
The bitch is I did this stuff myself, and i know i am lucky, most girls from my country have fucked 5+ guys by the time they hit 18 (England, London for any excited pedophiles out there)

How do i just gain this attitude of not caring? accepting that whats done is done, i 100% trust she would never do this whilst with me, but fuck i just can't shake that uneasy feeling that some other guy jerked it to her boobs.

This mentality sort of creeps me out as i don't want to turn kek.
you're not getting kekolded you faggot. she's not fucking someone else.
I've got news for you.

There is a very real chance that your girlfriend met other guys before you. Odds are that she spoke to some of them. You can probably assume she kissed one or two, and she might even have done more sexual things.

All this happened before you got together. It is part of the package you met and fell in love with. If you love the package, you can't start taking it apart and saying that this bit is unacceptable or that bit spoils all the rest.

Were you a kissless virgin when you met her? Who are you to judge?
Yeah that's what i wanted to avoid, understand that i know this behavior is not acceptable and want to change.

I was a kissless virgin so was she, she claims. But i did this shit online, she did too. That's all thats bothering me, i know it's not right to be bothered, im looking for advice on how to gain your sort of attitude, not be told what i already know.

Yeah, but wouldn't being proud that some other guy has jerked it to her sort of make me a potential kek?
This thread again?

Jesus, it's pretty simple. You can be proud of your girlfriend being desirable to others. It doesn't make you a kek. You are a kek if you like to watch her fuck other men and can't satisfy her. Fuck this meme.
You've put it in a better way here, the same way people who let guys fuck their girl in a threesome claim it's no homo or kek because they are the ones that set it up.
I'm back.

How to think more like me... Idk man, perhaps you need to go through the motions. When I was 23 I texted with the girl I loved, who broke up with me six months earlier, and learnt that she was seeing some new guy. It broke my heart, but i went home, bought a sixpack of beer and a pack of sigarettes, finished both and by the end of the evening I could go to bed content by the thought that this was the girl I loved, so anything I wasn't able to teach her, she would figure out by experiencing things with someone else, and the reason she needs to do it, is in order to become the girl I would love in the future. Everyone changes thrughout life, and we can't provide every experience for anyone but ourselves. A further six months later we were back together.

If you intend on staying with your girlfriend, you will have to accept the fact that you will have to learn how to love the person she's continuously turning into. To your advantage, you're still together, and there's no way of telling whether that will change, but there's no reason to deny that SHE will change. Retrospectively, what she has done prior to meeting you, is something she needed to do in order to become the girl you fell in love with. The only sad part about it, is that you weren't there to experience the changes she went to earlier in life. The fact that she did go through them, is something you should embrace, and furthermore, you should be proud of her being in touch with herself enough to confess doing sexual things before meeting you. In means she trust you, and want to have intimacy with you on other levels than the physical/visual and even psychological. She is showing intimacy with you by admitting to parts of herself that you can only imagine. If you want to take that and turn it into something bad, you are focusing on the wrong part, and you're being selfish. Personally I would rather admire my girl for exploring her kinks, instead of focusing on some dude's lost memory.
bait thread
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