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A week ago in the night of halloween some friends put up a bon

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A week ago in the night of halloween some friends put up a bon fire in a hill and since they are my friends i was invited, I wasnt expecting to drink since I got drunk the day before and i was kind of tired. Since I was tired i just put on a comfy hoodie and didnt go in the mindset of meeting girls.

Once I was there though everyone was drinking so I got myself some cups and some friends shared with me. I had a little weed but because it was so little I made an union with a stranger (we both put what little weed we had so we could have a decent joint) and went apart from the group so we could roll and smoke more calmly.

Of course we shared with some other friends and now we are sitting in a circle laughing. I noticed that a blonde girl appeared but since I wasnt in the mindset of looking for women (im 21 virgin but not kissless) I didnt pay any special attention to her. We continued talking and laughing and she ends being really cool and sitting next to me and rubbing my leg (which i know see is a obvios sign) and making comments about sex in a casual way.
This goes olympically above my head and I just continue to talk to her and just trying to make myself to have the best time I could. After a few comments and being touchy for a while she says nevermind and closes ups her legs (she was sitting indian so our legs were always touching) and starts speaking to some other people. I didnt do nothing and continue cracking jokes with my other friends in the circle but eventually we start talking again and then we just talk about life for the rest of the night.

At some point we stopped talking and I went to my friends and she to hers, when I tried to go talk to her again she said they were leaving and I told her that i forgot her name because i did and i also got a fact about her that she told me about earlir wrong (this is all in the goodbye). we didnt exchange numbers or anything, i only know her name.
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zeus mano.jpg
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my question is: was she just looking for sex or something casual and i fucked up for not catching it?

I have been beating myself up because i think there was a clear interest but i didnt do anything and since she was so upfront in her moves (in retrospective) I dont think she really likes me but she just wanted something to do in the night so i dont know if i should look for her in facebook or anything.

Also, if we happen to find each other in another party or event, can i be real direct in my approaches?

pics are tattoos i've been thinking of getting, what do you think?
You already posted. /adv/ can't read her mind and know if she just wanted to have some fun or something more. You probably blew it. If you think it's still worth trying, maybe ask someone else who was there how to contact her or what her last name is.
thanks thats what i thought but since nobody answered i said why not make a thread.

I already asked to a friend about her last name and actually one my college classmate was in the same school as her but he havent seen her since he got out (like five years) so he doesnt know how she behaves.

what do u think of the tattoos? i dont think i would get one in the hand because i think it would have repercussions later in life, do u think that is a real concern?
Don't go with ones on your hands. If you really want a tattoo, get one that can be hidden. That could end up with you not hired for a job or something.
Personal perspective though, I always thought tattoos would be cool. I thought I'd be into it if a guy got a tattoo.
But now, being in a long term relationship, it's not something I'd want. I'd rather just have pure skin to touch, if that makes any sense.
Guess it's the difference between something being attractive vs being intimate. And I wouldn't want tattoos for intimacy. Some people still do though, it's personal preference.

I imagine it might be similar for some guys, who might have sex with a girl who has a tramp stamp but not really consider her gf material.
what a loser, kill yourself.
what do u have against hoodies and weed?
Well, that and of course tattoos.
Who wears hoodies? are you 13? If your life was satisfying enough you wouldn't need to carry a bag of weed.
And you sometimes wonder why you're still a virgin?

And about the girl, she was horny and wanted a fuck, when she realized the clueless virgin you are she stopped seeing you as a potential fuck, and talked to you as a FRIEND.
Weed is about as normal as alcohol now some places. It's only bad when people don't use it in moderation.

>If your life was satisfying enough you wouldn't need to carry a bag of weed

yeah but it helps me have a interest in people. I have a hard time having fun with people if I'm totally sober

and how the fuck does the hoodie has anything to do with this? if you are going to talk shit try to say more hurtful stuff and dont choose something stupid


what do you think of the first tattoo? i really liked that one
First one I'd still say no. Because think of it this way... How would you feel about a girl you're dating who has a tattoo of another guy taking up her entire arm? Some people don't mind, a good amount will though. Also for jobs, still might be bad if you aren't allowed to always wear long sleeves.
I do like hoodies though.
Both tattoos are great and I'm sure they mean a lot for you, get them, you'll never regret getting a fuckhuge face you don't know on a place you see everyday, when someone asks you why on earth you got it you can say "lol dunno, it was cool"

you are probably right about jobs but i dont feel it would be a huge deal when dating because you dont really date someone because of their tattoos.

I have and idea of making a couple of blue roses in in the inside of the spot the eye is, do you think that would be better?


the tattoos means nothing, why should they?
Yes, those are the happiest places on earth
I'm amazed someone as you has the money to get such a tattoo, did you take it from the college savings or something?
Tattoos can still be a turnoff to people, or something they don't want in a long term relationship. Some people view it as really extreme.
Not sure changing it would help any, but if your entire reason is because you think they'd look cool, don't do it.
wow, just choke on your vomit already and stop being a burden for humanity.
dad's money


i dont think life is really important so if i like something why dont do it? it would be just another aspect of who i am


relax man and try to develop mroe your ideas
>There are 3 posters in this thread.
Why are you so pissed off? I can see why you're so against weed. Relaxing and not vehemently hating on thing just isn't your style.
Weed is just a part of what OP is.
>i dont think life is really important so if i like something why dont do it?
If this is what you believe, then why ask for advice? Do what you want. Just don't be upset if not everyone agrees with you.

i still need to live it though and that comes with some anxiety and some depression. you also need to care about what others think of you since you want to be social right? i sometimes have trouble with this.
Not sure what more you want then. Some people will be against tattoos, some people won't. Generally seems like a good thing to hold off on though. You'll always be able to go out and get a tattoo. But deciding you don't want it or trying to get it removed can be a bit more difficult.

i actually wanted advice on the designs
Still subjective. Some people will like it, some won't.
shit man i know its subjective thats why im asking, i want opinions and subjective advice so i can better my own view jesus
Turns out OP is indeed a retard, who could have guessed it?
Try /soc/ then. That's better for getting a bunch of views on your appearance. I already said not into it. But you're not going to get many more responses here.
i thought u were a different poster. thanks for posting on my thread

do you have any advice about what do to if i find this girl in a social gathering again? I don't want to date her because she had some personality traits i didnt like but i would like to bang her if i have the chance.

maybe some do's and donts? like dont try to seem over excited to see her and shit like that
There really isn't a one answer on this, because it depends on how she feels too.
You not responding before might have been enough for her to be done. But she might be open to hooking up if you take some initiative and show interest.
Only "don't" I can think of is don't bring up the bonfire and being awkward/not realizing what she wanted.
thanks, yeah I agree that bringing up related to that would be a bad idea.

also, does the world views that i posted before make me seem stupid?
Thread posts: 31
Thread images: 2

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