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Adv, yesterday i got way too drunk and ended up making out with a very nice guy i sort of knew for a while now (friend of my best friends brother). As history shows, i'm not very good at handling things maturely. So please, help me out! How do i proceed now? Im still confused and a bit hangover, so i don't even know what i want to ask you guys... But i need somebody to help me sort this out.
Do you want a relationship with this dude? If you do try to get more one on one sober time and make something out of it.

Do you want to never deal with this so it fades away to obscurity? Just never mention it, bring it up, or acknowledge it happened.

Do you just want to be friends? Text him something to send him to the friendzone like "Sorry about last night, I was drinking way too much and don't want things to be weird. You're a nice guy, but I'm not looking for anything right now."
How do you want to proceed? A little more information would be helpful.
Do you regret what you did? Excited? Worried?
What's the deal, OP? Hand out some info, you hungover wreck. :)
Yeah, i kind of don't know where i want this to go. I guess in the direction of getting more sober time together. But i feel like it would be pretty awkward now, since we skipped a few steps due to alcohol. We do have a lot in common and i guess we match pretty well. Ah, i'm absolutely overthinking this, but i don't want to fuck this up even more cause we'll be seeing each other in the future anyways and i don't want this to make things weird for anybody.
Nah, i don't regret it. It was awesome. I just don't want to cause awkwardnes in this group of friends, cause we are a very fun bunch and always have a great time together. Would be sad to ruin that, cause the two of us start tiptoeing around each other.

Yup, lot's of water and fresh air for me.
Skipping a few steps due to alcohol consumption isn't always a bad thing. It can help (not always) get over that awkward meeting phase.
I would assume you two had already known each other for at least a short time before what happened, so things are only going to get awkward if you guys make it awkward.
But, that being said, be sober next time. It'll make things more real, alcohol distorts things, as you know.

Water, fresh air... anything with vitamin C will help rid the hangover. Vitamin C helps with water retention, and being drunk is like being extremely dehydrated. Eat an orange or something. :)
Yes, we actually had a bunch over very good and long conversations before and there always was some sexual tension. Yesterday we were all watching a movie and then one after another went home/to bed untill only the two of us remained. So the situation was pretty predestined. I'm just a bit scared of the first time the two uf us will be all alone and sober after yesterday.
Eh, i guess i just needed somebody to tell. So thanks alot anon!

Going to eat a grapefruit now. Good suggestion :)
No worries, my dear. I really don't think you have a whole lot to worry about. Sounds like the booze just sped up what was going to happen at some point anyway.
Enjoy the grapefruit. Good shit.
Thanks so much anon! It really helped to talk about it. Nooow, should i text him? He sent me a good night yesterday when i got home.
Question just solved itself. He already texted me :)
Well, there you go. You didn't even have to text him back first.
To be honest, texting would probably be for the best for right this second. It'll help restore that normality.

are you female?
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