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I work a pretty stressful IT job with a good company. Good benefits

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I work a pretty stressful IT job with a good company. Good benefits and great teammates are very nice, but I have to work on a monthly rotation of days and a consistent 3pm-midnight shift.

It's killing my social life and I despite it. I had to cancel a date last night with an incredibly beautiful girl because of shitty timing and we can't do anything for a week, so that's fucked. This is the second time this has happened and I'm goddamn tired of it. I can't plan anything on a consistent schedule and I always have to cut things short to go to work if I do.

So what should I do? I don't know how asking about switching my hours is gonna go over; we're already strapped on the other shifts. I'm on the verge of finding something else, but I really don't want to leave the people here; I've only been working 5 months, but I worked with them as an intern for two straight summers and my entire resume history is fucked if I leave on a bad note. And I know it doesn't mean much, but I do like the people here and I really don't want to leave on a bad note. But I can't handle my social life getting fucked by this anymore...

>if i leave on a bad note

how could you though unless you threw a fit? you can try to ask for more consistent hours, but it does sound like they wont give that to you, so your only hope really is finding another job. but simply leaving your old job is not a 'bad note'.

considering the strange hours, it shouldnt be hard to find another job cuz you arent permanently blocked off during regular interview hours. so ask around and dont leave your job yet. if they try to schedule you during work just say
"sorry that time doesn't work cuz i do have work at that time. if i do get this job i would of course quit my old one, but in the meantime, could you possible move my appointment to Tuesday? (or thursday if ur a fagguete, whatever). the worse they can say is 'no' but it wont tarnish your reputation with them or anywhere else.

you just need to improve your social scheduling

you've got a good job and can get dates - you can call talk to her on the phone when you can't spend a few hours with her yes ? and if she is interested 1 week is nothing

get a clue pal changing jobs may or may not make your scheduling easier - your next job may be random overtime at 60/70hr weeks vs your current planned hourly changes

you must not be typing the whole story here because I really don't see what the problem is

people often have trouble maintaining lives with inconsistent scheduling, especially when everyone else is consistent. you are always that guy who is up at 3 am while all your friends are asleep. you're that guy who can't go to a friends bithday cuz you are working friday night or saturday morning, and who sits home alone cuz everyones at work monday afternoon when you get time off.

i live in the city and everyone has weird schedules, but im the only one with consistent hours.
>but simply leaving your old job is not a 'bad note'.
Leaving them when they're strapped for help isn't leaving on a bad note? I mean, I'd give them two weeks notice and such, but I'd never be able to ask any of them for a reference or anything, right...?

The main thing keeping me here at my current job is that it's a company I'd like to move up in, and I have a systems engineering section that I have something of an "in" from internship years. It's possible they'll have a position from me if I keep my current work up... But that might get shot if I leave now.

>might get shot if i leave now

it will DEFINITELY get shot if you leave now, you're leaving so you can't get promoted. but if this place is too killer for you to survive however long until you get a promotion, then you should leave. its your call, im jsut advising on what to do in the case of the calls you make

>they are strapped for help

doesn't really matter. they aren't going to be vindictive. it is completely normal to move on to bigger and better things. sometimes a boss may have ill will, but generally speaking if these people are as nice as you say they are, they will understand.

and if at first you don't succeed, lie, lie again.

by which i mean, have an excuse to leave the company. if the 'the hours aren't great here' dont work for you, then perhaps you need to lie a little bit so they understand why you are looking for other work. it should be something applicable to your life but if you are absolutely sure they will get mad then there is that.

but generally speaking for your 'references' you can approach a friendly higher up who isn't going to meltdown hearing you will leave, and offer to be a reference.

everyone is trying to get somewhere in the industry, its normal to say 'hey im applying for better jobs' even if its not actually better but more convenient. just play it up.
"Improve" my social scheduling. The girl asked me "oh, well how about sometime during the week?" That isn't a thing for me, man. I am at work Monday-Wednesday no matter what from 6-10 to hang out with her, and then Thursday and Friday are based on my schedule. If I'm off then, I have literally one night- Friday- to spend with them.

Well hey, I'm switching to Monday through Friday. Well, she's busy next weekend. So guess what, I'm Monday-Friday. Have to wait TWO WEEKS to see her now. You realize how stupid this is? I can't date people with normal, functioning schedules. I've missed countless parties, opportunities and general time because I'm busy when everyone else isn't every single fucking week. I can't goddamn stand it. This is within five months. I've tried all I can and it's horrible.

Just take your time finding something else that will really be a lot better than this. If you have a better offer and your current job can't match it for convenience of hours or money or whatever reason it is better for you and you give 2 weeks notice then it cannot be a "bad note". In fact you just rolling over and getting fucked over infinitely because of some misplaced sense of loyalty will cause all the management to slowly lose respect for you as a human being. They will say how reliable and how great of a guy you are to your face but continue brutally fucking you over because you will take it. Don't fall into that "good guy" trap. It's in fact extremely professional to advocate for yourself even if that means leaving the company.

Yeah you could ask them for a reference. It would be extremely unprofessional for them to refuse. It isn't your responsibility to make sure they're adequately staffed. But you can still look for a job now without worrying about their reference because you can tell the job that you're currently working at the job and do not wish them to contact them until you have the job.
Thanks for the advice, guys. I'm still new to the workforce and I don't get how to make people happy here sometimes.

Gonna bump for any more suggestions.

I think you should stay there and keep doing the best you can while at the same time putting tons of feelers out for a new position and like another anon said while you're looking you can just say you're working where you're at but you don't want them contacted. Then if you get the job you can go to your current job and be like "meet the pay and hours and I'll stay" if you really like your job. But this is your life, don't waste it on some weird loyalty to a place that is making your life hard.
>you just need to improve your social scheduling

ok so I was wrong here

otherwise idk

good luck !
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